How to write a helpful moving review

You have an upcoming move and you would like everything to be alright? There are many things that you have to do in order to accomplish this. The first thing that you have probably done is that you read many moving company reviews which helped you decide what moving company is perfect for you. There are so many local movers Florida but not all of them are good enough. That is the reason why you should write a helpful moving review that will help someone else with their choice. It takes so little to do this but it means a lot for someone else.

Where to write a helpful moving review?

This is the first question and it is very important. Not all people have a social network and not all have friends that are in the moving business. It would be best if you could write a moving company review on several platforms…

  • Website- Era of the internet has brought us many good things and the possibility to get all information in one click is just one of them. Every company, no matter whether it is a moving company or not, tends to have the best marketing and presence. Every moving company has its own website where there is a space where you can write a helpful moving review. This way potential clients can read whether it is smart to hire that company and the company can see what are bad things about their service. If they want the best, they will change bad things…
  • Social media- Just facebook has over a billion accounts all around the world. You have to admit, that is huge. That is why this is the best way to find certified moving companies. Even though someone does not follow you, the topic is enough to bring you together and share experiences.
  • Local chat forums
  • Newspapers etc.
social media - write a helpful moving review
Social media are the best place to write reviews

How to write a helpful moving review?

There are certain aspects that are important to any potential client.

  • Service
  • Staff
  • Price
  • Punctuality
  • Things you noticed


In the moving business, everything spins around service. All movers Hollywood Florida offer same classic services but some of them offer more. It is always good to write what are the services you have used because only this fact will help a lot. Someone that is not interested in the service you used can quit and look for something else. On the other hand, you may help someone that is looking for a specific service which he or she can’t find. It is a time saver!

Also, if you want to write a moving company review, write about how movers performed the whole job. We all tend to have the best for the money invested. Sloppy service will not attract anyone and you should be the one that is going to inform them.


The crucial aspect of the decision about moving company. Of course, the actual service and the quality of the work are the most important. But who would want cranky and negative movers that do not listen to you? After all, people want the best for their money, even if it involves movers’ mood. Movers’ attitude can be crucial to tipping them. It is in their own interest to be the best they can be.


When you write a helpful moving review, always include the price. Not all moving companies offer the same service so the prices can be different. It would really be a shame that you get interested in some company and see that you can’t afford it. Of course, comparing moving quotes is the best way to select the company that you are going to hire but sometimes the quality comes over quantity. Sometimes it is better to pay more for better service than to pay less for worse.

Write about the costs of the move


Be sure to address punctuality if you want to write a helpful moving review. Someone can afford to lose a day or two but many people can’t. Busy times require punctuality so you would want the same from your movers. On the other hand, it does not matter whether you can afford to lose a day or two. You are paying for the service so the company should do everything in order to earn that money. You want the best for the money provided.

Write about the responsibility of the company

Things you noticed

There is one thing that you have to understand. No matter how many things you included in your review, there will always be something that you did not mention. But there are also things that you would not think that can happen but they happened. For example, anything out of the contract should be mentioned in your review. Whether it is the unexpected charges, unusual way of providing service, etc. These are all minor things but can be crucial to the decision about hiring a specific company. This is one of several red flags when hiring a moving company. No one wants to pay more than they are told. Be sure to include anything out of the ordinary when you write a moving company review.


Moving company reviews represent a very important part of moving business. It shows you the unbiased opinions about the service provided so that you can make the perfect choice for yourself. In order to create some balance, be sure to write a helpful moving review so that you can influence other people’s decisions. It is always good to have all the information for yourself, but it would be good if you could return the favor. The only real question is whether you feel like writing a review. The things are that you can do that whenever you want. You do not have to do it as soon as the move ends. Unpack, move into your new place and then take some time to write a review. Some people may be free enough to contact you for more information. Be open to communication and help someone else make the right choice!