Packing Materials

Studio - $165One Bedroom - $265Two Bedroom - $349
6 Book Boxes15 Book Boxes20 Book Boxes
4 Small Linen Boxes8 Small Linen Boxes10 Small Linen Boxes
2 Large Linen Boxes6 Large Linen Boxes8 Large Linen Boxes
2 Small Wardrobe Boxes1 China (Dish pack) Box1 China (Dish pack) Box
1 Tape Gun4 Small Wardrobe Boxes1 TV Box (up to 70 in)
1 King Size Mattress Bag4 White Packing Paper (10 lbs)6 Small Wardrobe Boxes
1 TV Box (up to 70 in)1 Tape Gun1 White Packing Paper (10 lbs)
3 Rolls of Tape6 Rolls of Tape2 King Size Mattress Bags
1 Packing Instruction1 King Size Mattress Bag1 Tape Gun
1 TV Box (Up to 70 in)10 Rolls Of Tape
1 Packing Instruction1 Marker
1 Label Kit
1 Packing Instruction

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