L Leslie S.
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January 21, 2016

Igor and his crew were fantastic! Courteous, punctual and extremely hardworking. They arrived at 9:30am, didn't leave until after 8pm- and they hardly broke for lunch! We had a complicated move but they were patient and professional. I have moved a lot and this is a very good group of guys. Highly recommend them.

S Sveta Z.
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October 7, 2015

We have hired Promovers for our last 3 moves and every time the staff surpassed our expectations. We are not very good at packing. The movers and packers were very patient and helpful while thoroughly packing everything we didn't.The movers always arrived on time. All 3 times they finished their job within the given time table and nothing was lost or broken. They are polite and willing to go an extra mile to accommodate us.The management is professional, has good response time and efficient communication. I highly recommend Promovers and will use them again in the future. Thank you for the 3 smooth moving and packing experiences!

M Margaryta S.
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December 25, 2015

Great company. Great service. Great price. What else you need from any movers company? I hired Pro movers for moving and packing of both my office and house thingies as we were moving from Miami to Hollywood, FL. My daughter moved with them last year and suggested me to go with them. She was quite happy with her moving experience. Since I have much higher expectations, I still had to check their reviews and I found them on yelp, also I checked their website and google for complaints. In any case, I was ready for disappointment, but it never came. They were there at my place as promised at 8AM. They even had packing boxes delivered to me a week in advance and I saved a bunch on packing service since I did most of it myself. Price was very reasonable at 550$ for 3 men with a truck on Sunday! I am eternally thankful for delivering boxes for free to me. This saved me at least 300$ in moving service time. I packed all smaller things and it added up to like 50 boxes... Took me 5 days but it was well worth of money saved.
I liked the fact that sales manager Rey actually offered me this to save money. First time I hear of a company that actually thinks of a customer first - not profit! I also asked movers to deliver a small furniture item from Aventura to my office in Sunny Isles. This company is bookmarked in my phone and I will call them if I need any more help! Thank you!

C Collene S.
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October 23, 2014

I am moving to San Francisco to watch after my grandkids. I got in touch with Pro Movers last month. I packed everything myself at my condo. They were so kind to deliver boxes ahead of time and they did it for free! I simply had like 3 weeks to do everything myself. I have a lot of fine china, which i would not trust packing to anybody! Anyway, I saved whole lot by doing packing myself. Guys showed up and simply took care of large furniture items and flower pots. Everything was put in one crate with lucky number 105 :) I am flying to SFO tomorrow and hope to see my furniture delivered in 2 weeks! Thanks a lot for a great job today!

A Azucena M.
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May 6, 2015

We moved from Doral to Dania Beach a couple of weeks ago. I requested the movers to be punctual and they were. They did the move under the total time quoted. The movers were friendly and careful. The Yelp deal is really good. You can buy up to $200, but you only pay $150 :)

N Natalia P.
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November 21, 2014

Few days ago, we had to move our office in Miami from one floor to another. Promovers arrived a day prior to start packing everything. We had about 20 cubical a that needed to be taken apart and put back together. Movers did a great job. Most importantly, everything was put together the right way. Also, we had about 300 binders with documents. Everything was moved and not mixed up! Great job and thank you!!!

C Cordie C.
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November 24, 2014

Wanted to compliment you guys for such a smooth moving experience! 2 stories, 6 bedrooms, garage, guest cottage plus a storage bin - all nicely packed and moved from Coconut Grove to Hollywood in just 2 days! Thank you guys. Thank you for paying attention to the detail! I specifically wanted to thank you for such a perfectly orchestrated packing job! Thank you for providing 2 trucks! It was a huge move and we anticipated at least 3 days of work. I will definitely let all my friends know about your quality of work.

L Lesli D.
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My roommate and I needed some help getting furniture that we purchased from IKEA to our condo in South Beach. I am writing this review because I wanted to let everybody know, how good those guys really are. They treated us like royalty! True gentlemen! They even got a parking ticket for leaving their truck in front of my building and did not complain at all! Max and Alex took everything out of the truck, got the parking ticket. Had to park their truck like 10 blocks away, than come back and put IKEA stuff together for us. We just watched them work. Not sure but for a girl putting IKEA anything together is a challenge but thanks to promovers we got everything done in one shot. Thanks a lot guys and sorry for that parking ticket :) Love u!

A Alex E.
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August 13, 2014

Company did a great job overall. However, I wish I knew that boxes and packing would get so expensive... If I only knew, I would probably do all the packing in advance to save money. Anyway, guys were good and I cannot complain about their work. However, if you talk to their sales, ask exactly how much is per box and other packing material, so that you know this prior to your move

S Sergei V.
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April 21, 2014

Super fast and professional. Friendly, hard-working guys who got the job done on time with zero losses! Would definitely use them again. Thank you!!

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