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Moving supplies - Buy Boxes

Book Box 17x12x13 $2.50
Linen Box 18x18x16 $4.50
China Box 28x18x18 $5.50
Wardrobe Box 24x18x48 $15.00
Wardrobe Rental   $8.00
Picture Box 40x32x4 $5.50
File Box 40x32x4 $3.50
Liquor/Record Box 18x14x14 $4.50
Mattress Box K.Q.F.T   $16.00
TV BOX 28x22x22 $8.00
Commercial Box 48x28x24 $25.00
Packing Paper Bundle 25lb $25.00
Bubble Wrap 12 (Per FT) $0.25
Craft 48 (Per FT) $1.00
Blankets   FREE


Should You Buy Boxes From Pro Miami Movers?

 When you think about moving within or outside Miami through Pro Movers Miami, you’ve got to think about packing up your things properly. To organize them well, you need boxes. Boxes will help you organize your possessions well according to category. Your boxes should also come with the right padding, too. Without padding, it will be difficult to transport them safely, whether it is near in Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale, Aventura or as far as Hollywood. We provide the boxes according to the items listed in your inventory. Make sure that your inventory list is the final one that you will be taking with you during the move. It will be up to the crew of the moving company to arrange the items.

You can also make the arrangements yourself without the aid of the professional movers, even if you hire Pro Movers Miami to transport all your possessions for you. You can find a lot of boxes to pack up your possessions properly, but you need to make sure that these boxes are still in good condition to carry items. Keep in mind that small boxes should contain heavy items while medium to large boxes is where you place the light items. This is to ensure that when lifting heavy items, it will be convenient and easy to load them up in the transport vehicle.

There are few sources to get free moving boxes.

Your first choise for free boxes is your family and friends.

      Well, you obviously want to save! You also most likely want to recycle. So why not do both dueing your moving in Miami? Call your contacts and we are sure that you will be able to gather a decent amount of used moving boxes.

Check out any extra boxes lying about in your own house.

      Look for old electronics boxes. Check your closet. Shoe boxes are very effective in packing small items prior to your moving date.

Supermarkets offer used boxes

         They have lots of unused boxes that were used to deliver stuff. When the products arrive at the storage area, the people there just unpack                  everything and keep the boxes, but most of the time they do not use it. Management is often happy to give out free boxes to avoid removal fees        The library is also a good idea to find empty, unused boxes You can also check out your neighbors that just recently moved out You might be              surprised but you can also find empty boxes at liquor stores. They even got dividers used for cushioning the bottles so that it doesn’t hit each              other. This is especially perfect for homeowners that are moving out with bottles or win collections to take with them. The sources of boxes                  suggested by Pro Movers Miami above are for free. However, you must be extremely cautious of used boxes since they might not be that sturdy        to carry your items during transport. It would be acceptable if the move is just a short distance, but for long distance moving, it is highly                        recommended to buy brand new boxes instead. We have boxes for sale that you can use. Depending on the service package that you booked            with us, your move already comes with boxes and padding materials to be used for storing all your possessions. And this is based upon the                inventory that we request of you. You can also buy additional boxes from us if there were any items you forgot to take inventory of during our              crew’s visit there. Don’t forget to notify Pro Movers Miami about your decision whether you are going to buy the boxes from us or you’re going to pack the things up yourself.
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