How to pack fishing equipment for an interstate move?

Moving interstate is one of the greatest challenges that you will ever undertake in your life. Hiring a quality moving company such as one of the moving companies Miami offers, planning a moving schedule, dealing with all the paperwork… There are many tasks that you will have to go through and take care of during the moving preparations and packing your belongings properly is definitely one of those. Each type of item requires special care and packing and fishing equipment are no different. Here are a few key tips on how to pack fishing equipment for an interstate move.

Having an inventory list is the crucial element of an effective move

You may hear some people say that you do not need an inventory list, but they are wrong. Inventory lists are incredibly useful tools for a lot of things, and moving is definitely one of them. Whether you are hiring movers Pompano Beach FL to help you pack or you are doing the packing yourself, an inventory list is a must-have. They are useful for organizing your packing schedule as well as for figuring out which items to group together into boxes. Furthermore, they are especially useful for packing special types of items such as fishing equipment.

a person writing a list
Inventory lists are extremely useful tools when preparing for a move

All those fishing rods, hooks, and lures need to be properly inventoried before you start packing them. Now, you may be thinking that there is no need for that because you know all the pieces of equipment you have, but there is always an extra couple of items that you have misplaced or forgotten about during the years. Inventorying them is also a great way to see what you may be lacking and how you can improve their state. Most importantly, this way you will be able to estimate which types of boxes you will need to safely pack fishing equipment for an interstate move. After all, they are probably precious to you and you want to be perfectly safe when one of the interstate moving companies Miami starts loading them up.

So, how to pack fishing equipment for an interstate move?

Keeping things simple is the way to go. This equipment is sensitive and overdoing things is simply not the best move.

you must safely pack fishing equipment for an interstate move
Every piece of equipment must be packed properly
  • Remove the reels of the rods. They are additions to the rods and as such, they are just at unnecessary risk if you leave them on it.
  • Take bubble wrap and put it around each rod separately. – The rods are the most important elements of your fishing equipment and they must be protected as best as possible. That is why the next step is to take the rods and put them in cardboard tubes or pipes.
  • As for the fishing hooks, lures, etc, you need a couple of quality plastic containers. When you pack all of those, but those small containers in a larger one or in a box. Just to be safe, wrap these boxes into bubble wrap too.