Best ways to find certified moving companies

Are you looking for ways of making your upcoming move easier? If so, you should take into consideration hiring a moving company! Having a moving company by your side during the move will help you enjoy your move. However, there’s a catch! We’re living in a time when so many people are trying to benefit from moving scams. This is why it’s important to learn how to find certified moving companies! Fortunately, just by reading our guide, you’ll get the necessary knowledge on how to find reliable movers and stay away from scammers.

Why it’s important to know how to find certified moving companies?

Making sure you’ve hired a certified moving company is a necessity. Even when you need to find movers to handle your last-minute move, you’ll have to check their info to make sure they’re reliable. After all, the people you’ve hired will be the ones who’ll enter your home and transport all of your precious belongings. Therefore, there’s no room in your home for movers who don’t have the necessary experience to handle your move.

A confused woman that doesn't know how to find certified moving companies
There are so many people who aren’t aware of the importance of hiring only reliable moving companies.

Learn how to recognize moving scammers

As we have already told you, fraudulent moving companies exist. And unfortunately, people who don’t pay enough attention end up being their victims. One of the main reasons why some people decide to hire a company without looking them up is because that company offers moving services at an affordable price. In case you stumble upon a moving company that offers its service at a suspiciously low price, don’t fall for that! It’s true that some moving companies are pricier than others. However, one of the red flags for a moving company should be a price much lower than the competition. 

We hope you won’t have to deal with fraudulent companies. But, you should know how to act if you become their victim. In case something bad happens during your relocation, make sure to file a moving fraud complaint after the unfortunate event. By doing this, you’ll keep other people safe from these scammers.

A step-by-step guide on how to find a certified moving company

In order to help you find certified moving companies, we’ve written a comprehensive step-by-step guide regarding this topic. Make sure to read each of these steps carefully and you’ll easily find reliable movers in no time! So, let’s find out more about these steps you should follow.

Ask for recommendations

You should start your search for reliable Kendall movers as soon as you choose the moving date. This will give you just enough time to go through all of the steps we’ve written. So where should you start your search for movers?

The first thing you’ll want to do is to ask the people in your surroundings whether they can recommend to you a company that’s good. Ask as many people as you can. Friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors… ask all of them! Even if they have negative experiences with some movers, ask them to give you the name of that moving company. This is the company that you will want to avoid hiring so you’ll want to remember its name!

Blackboard with drawn smileys on it
Online reviews and ratings will help you find the best moving experts in your area.

For the next thing, you’re going to need your laptop. It’s necessary to read online reviews and rating from people who have hired the company you want to hire. this will give you an idea about whether you should go for that moving company or find another one.

Check the company’s information in order to find a certified moving company

This is one of the most important steps for reliable hiring movers! Before choosing a company you need to check whether the information they’ve provided you with is legit. You should check their address, phone numbers, and their presence on social media. You should also try to find out whether the company has changed its name recently or more than two times. If there has been the name change, this might be a red flag because moving scammers do this often.

Compare moving companies

After you find certified moving companies, compare them! This way, you’ll hire the one that suits you the most! Find at least two or three moving companies you like and that are reliable and start comparing them. One of the first things you’ll want to compare is the price of moving services. You can get a free moving estimate that’ll allow you to do this. Next, compare the services these companies offer. In case you’re in need of a company that offers help with moving seniors, don’t hire a company that doesn’t offer this. The easiest way to compare companies is by creating a list of pros and cons of hiring these companies.

Meet with the company’s representative before hiring them

Last but not least is scheduling a meeting with the company’s representative. It’ll be best to avoid scheduling the move only over the phone. It’s always better to have a face-to-face interaction. When talking with someone in person, you can learn all about them. And in this case, you’ll be able to see whether these people are professionals or not. In addition to this, you can use this chance to ask the company’s representative whether they can provide you with some additional services, such as Miami storage facilities.

Two men shaking hands
You can recognize moving professionals from afar

You’re just one click away from hiring a certified moving company!

There you have it! These are all the steps you’ll want to follow in order to find certified moving companies! However, you can make your search for a reliable moving company in Miami even easier! All you have to do is hire Pro Movers Miami. We have been long enough in the moving industry to learn how to handle every kind of relocation! Therefore, by hiring our movers, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong during your relocation. Forget about stressful relocations and let us help you enjoy your upcoming relocation!