Tips to make your new place feel like home

It is very hard to move to another place and act like it is your home. That is why many people feel like strangers once they move. No matter how hard you try, you need time to adapt to new conditions. But there is always a light on the end of a tunnel. There are some things you can do to make your new place feel like home. It all depends on your taste and decision but we hope that we can do something to help you adapt faster!

First thing you have to do is to unpack

This is the first step towards your new life. Unpacking is boring to most people but it has several purposes. The most important on to you is that it will make your new place feel like home in no time. If you procrastinate, you will feel sadder that you have moved from your previous home. Also, you will feel less organized and that will certainly affect your life. But in order to complete this, you have to know what to unpack first in order to spend less time on this job.

  • Start big- What we mean by this that you should start with large stuff that requires more time to unpack. Furniture and big appliances belong in this group, so in order to make your new place feel like home, put these stuff where you feel that they will feel more like home…
  • Essentials- These things are very important when you move because once you lose them, you are in big trouble. In order to check whether you have lost anything, unpack them and then move on.
  • Clothes- No matter how much clothes you have in your possession, they will take the least of your time. You just have to make a plan where everything is going to be.

Clean the place thoroughly

If you want to make your new place feel like home, you have to clean it. We understand that filthy and dusty apartment of a house has a negative effect on you, and that is okay. But that is not the reason why you should not try everything you can to feel like home. The good thing about cleaning your new place is that you can make it smell like home. What we mean by this is that you should use the cleaning products you have used at your previous home. It is proven that we remember a lot of smells and there is a low chance of forgetting it. Also, smells cause an emotional reaction if it is connected to something important in your life like a home.

dirty glass
Clean your new place

The bed can make your new place feel like home

It is enough to say this one word in order to know that the bed is home. We all have different kinds of beds but what is common for all of us is that it is the most important part of a home. That is why moving your bed is important. Of course, if it is in the right condition. If that is the case, hire Kendall movers that will help you transfer it with ease to your new place. It is important to choose the moving company well since you surely do not want any damages on your bed. The best tip here is that you should look for those that have this kind of service in their resume. Of course, moving company reviews have a big role in your decision because there are so many companies out there. Find the company that will fulfill your needs.

Enlighten you place with art to make your new place feel like home

We can all agree that monotonous gray walls are very depressing. Even cave people would not like to live there because it sucks all your energy. That is the reason why you should move art from your home to your new place. You should be very careful about hiring art movers because some of those paintings can have a big value. We understand that you surely do not want your art to be lost or broken somewhere along the way. The key is to be responsible if you want to get the best service. After you move your art, put in on the walls just like it was in your previous home. That will surely make your new place feel like home!

Familiar paintings will make your new place feel like home
Transfer your art to the new place

Put some plants

Even though it may not seem like it but plants are very important if you want to make your new house feel like home. Plants give that warm tough which you will definitely feel. If you do not know that much about plants and do not know what plants to put in your new place, relax. You can choose whatever you like. After all, we are all different so we do not want to recommend to you something that you do not like.

hedge - Choose whatever you like and enjoy the feeling seeing it grow
Put plants in your new place

On the other hand, you do not even have to buy them. You can plant seeds and get to see your plant growing more every day. The good thing is that if you already bought moving boxes Miami and used them for your move, you can use them again. Of course, only plastic moving boxes can be used for this purpose.


Yes, moving away is hard. You go away from your friends and family and that sure can’t be easy for you. But you can do some stuff in order to make your new place feel like home. This way, you are one step closer to your home even though you are several hundred miles away. Even though you are not at home, maintaining contact with your loved ones will definitely make you feel closer to them and it will not be that hard to be alone. Use these tips to feel like home and we assure you that the time you spend at a new place will make your new place- a home!