Fun activities in Hollywood, FL

This sun basked city is located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It’s a part of the Miami metropolitan area and the 12th most populous city in Florida. Year-round lovely and warm weather and long beaches that stretch for miles make Hollywood a perfect place for everyone who would like to experience the summer vibe of Florida. If you are looking to move here on a permanent basis feel free to check out movers Hollywood, FL for professional assistance during relocation. If you are here, however, as a tourist and looking to find out what are some of the fun activities in Hollywood, FL stick with us as we have prepared a short guide for you.

Picture of downtown Miami with its harbor and sailing boats
Miami is one of the best cities to live in the United States with Hollywood being one of the most interesting parts of the greater Miami area

Hollywood has recently seen an increase in the number of residents. This is mainly because Hollywood is a part of the greater Miami area, one of the country’s most powerful economic and financial centers. Fantastic weather all year round coupled with lower prices compared with Miami, Hollywood has become a quite interesting place to live in.

Fun activities in Hollywood, FL with a focus on exploration and beaches

Well this was an obvious choice, wasn’t it? Everybody coming to Florida has a picture of beaches and palm trees on their minds. Hollywood has miles of long sandy beaches that attract thousands of tourists every year. Spend a relaxing day on the beach, hire a jet ski, or walk along a two-mile Hollywood Broadwalk. One of our advice to you would be to simply pack your bag, grab a map and go and explore. Yes, you heard us right, there is plenty to discover. If you fall in love with this place check out packing services Miami to help you organize a stress-free relocation.

  • Segway tour of Hollywood. This is a great way to explore without getting too tired. The best thing about segway tours is that you will have a personal guide who will tell you about the city’s history while you enjoy the city’s flavor firsthand. Fill your lungs with ocean air, and don’t forget to put on some sunscreen.
  • Take a tour bus around the city. While you will be looking at the city behind a glass window, this is probably the fastest way to see all the important landmarks. So if you are not staying here for long and you would like to see most of the city, take a bus tour. You will also have a personal guide for the trip. Don’t forget to prepare your camera!
  • Hop on a cruise boat. There are several options available if you wish to explore the city by boat. Tours usually begin in the morning but you have afternoon and night cruises also. Interesting guides will provide you with fun facts about the city while you soak up sea air and sun. Those tours can last for a couple of hours so will probably have some sort of meal included.

    Picture of a beach where a lot of fun activities in Hollywood, FL take place
    For daily fun activities in Hollywood, FL we advise you to visit its beautiful beaches and enjoy the striking nature

Relax in one of many bars and eateries

Like most of Miami, Hollywood is packed with tourist-friendly attractions. You looking at an endless list of hotels equipped with state of the art supporting facilities. Go shopping in one of many stores Hollywood has to offer. High-end fashion boutiques, surf-themed indie shops, stores with local products and trinkets can be found here. When you get tired of shopping we advise you to grab something to eat. You have a plethora of bars and restaurants with various international cuisines to accommodate all those tourists. So no matter what kind of food you like, you will find it here. 5 O’clock Somewhere and Coconuts Tiki Bar are some of the places to feel the unique taste of Hollywood.

For art lovers, there is a lot of fun activities in Hollywood, FL

If you are looking for fun activities in Hollywood, FL and learning a thing or two in the process don’t worry, the city won’t disappoint you. For example one of the venues we have selected for you is the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. The building was private property up until the 1990s what it was bought by the city of Hollywood. It is also marked as a significant historical building by the state of Florida. Today it serves as a venue for contemporary visual and performing arts. Here, you can find many interesting exhibitions, shows, and concerts. Florida, in general, is rich with museums, but you will have to go bigger distances to visit other museums. You just have to check the schedule to see what is on.

If you like movies the place you absolutely have to visit is Cinema Paradiso. Carrying the same name as Giuseppe Tornatore’s masterpiece this cinema offers a broad selection of art house and indie films. With enough seats for just 82 spectators, this is a place for true movie buffs. For modern street-art displays visit downtown Hollywood Mural Project. It includes many colorful murals that cover different topics. You can even observe artists working on new murals. With

Hot glass blowing is one of the top fun activities in Hollywood FL

You probably didn’t know but Hollywood has a rich glass production history. Visit the Arts Park for live demonstrations of this interesting practice. If you would like to try it on your own you can drop by the Hollywood Hot Glass Studio and book a class. There is also a nearby gallery where you can buy bottles, sculptures and other beautiful pieces made from glass.

Picture of a graffiti on a brick wall
Hollywood has a lot to offer in terms of art content: Indie cinemas, museums, and street art

So there you go, those are just some of the fun activities in Hollywood, FL. We hope that you will find our guide useful and that you will have a truly memorable time while you are here. So let go off your computer, pack a bottle of water and a camera and go outside. Hollywood awaits you.