Pros and cons of buying a home in Hollywood FL

If you are thinking about moving, Florida is one of the best places you can move to. With its constant summer weather, long beaches, and vibrant nightlife, it is one of the most perfect locations for your move. However, Florida is not a small state. It has a lot of small towns and a couple of big cities. If you are a big city person, we suggest that you think about moving to Miami, or Tampa. But, if you are more of a small town person, Hollywood Florida is probably your best bet! And, no, it is not as glamorous as Hollywood in California, but hey, only a few places in the world can compete with that. Here we will list the pros and cons of buying a home in Hollywood FL. The experts have agreed on these points. It would be smart if you did the same!


This is one of the best things about Florida. You can go to the beach for more than half a year. During the other half, you can still go to the beach and have fun, but skip on the bathing in the ocean part. The climate is subtropical, which means hot and humid summers and mild winters. Living in a state of constant warm weather can be amazing for your well being. Another pro about the Florida weather is that you will never talk about the weather. Ever! This is because it almost never changes. If you currently live in Tennessee, or some northern state, this is probably one of your main conversation starters. Well, forget about that when you move to Hollywood, Florida!

Buying a home in Hollywood FL can be one of the best decisions in your life
Hollywood, Florida can be one of the best places for home-buying.

One of the biggest cons of Florida’s climate is the humidity. Rainfall is something that happens often, and that includes thunderstorms. High precipitation is directly related to high humidity. This can pose problems for some people with certain medical conditions. However, these thunderstorms usually last for about an hour or two, so it is not that big of a con anyway. If you finally decide that Hollywood Florida is where you belong, hire professional movers Hollywood FL to make your move easy and seamless.

Costs of living in Hollywood, FL

This is a big question if you want to move to Hollywood FL. However, there is an even bigger question you need to answer first. Should you be renting, or buying a home in Hollywood FL? The rent prices in the city are around $1.500, according to RentCafe, which is a bit higher than the national average which stands at around $1.400. However, you can probably find a place in the price range of $1000-1500. This is the second highest percentage in the rent ranges.

This is why you should consider buying a home in Hollywood FL. If you do this you will have your own space without a landlord. In addition, the big price you paid will pay off throughout all the years you and your family live there. The average house price in Hollywood FL is $279.000 according to Zillow. It may seem a lot, but that is how the real estate market works. Compare renting a house and paying every month and it is not even yours, to buying a house with your savings and getting your own property. Pro Movers Miami can probably tell you which neighborhood is the best to buy a house in. Their expertise and knowledge can guide you to get the best deal possible!

person counting money
Costs of living are ranked as a con in Hollywood FL, however, with smart saving techniques, this can be deducted by a big margin!

Bills have a range of $100-$3000. However, with smart saving techniques, this can always be on the lower part of the spectrum. This one depends on you and your family alone, and, however expensive it may seem, it can be deducted. That being said, we will still rank the costs of living as a con, as they can get higher than usual.

Education in Hollywood FL

This is probably one of the bigger pros of this city. Florida is known for its exceptional education system, and Hollywood is no exception. If you are moving with kids, this is a very valuable piece of information. Hollywood FL comes under the Broward County public school system. It is one of the better school systems in the United States of America and it ranks at 6th place.

There are 315 schools, 141 elementary schools, and 42 middle schools. There are also a couple of private schools if you decide to enroll your kids there. In addition, there are many high schools, of which three are one of the most successful ones in the county. These are McArthur High school, South Broward High School, and Hollywood Hills High School. Your children are your future, and it is crucial to give them the best possible education. Buying a home in Hollywood FL is a sure way to do so!

two people studying
Further your qualifications at the Broward County University!

If your children are older and ready for college, or you want to expand your knowledge and qualifications on a subject, Hollywood FL has got you covered. With its university which includes Key College, Broward College, and the University of Fort Lauderdale, you will have no shortage of options for improvement!

The job market in Hollywood FL

If you are a healthcare worker, buying a home in Hollywood FL can be one of the best decisions in your life. Other than that there are a couple of more industries that are well developed. These are tourism, and aerospace and electronics manufacturing. The unemployment rate is getting lower by the year and sure makes this city a lucrative job market for moving your business. However, these are the only industries that are actually well developed. If you are a worker in any other industry, the difficulty of getting a job here will increase. This can be marked as both a pro and a con, depending on your job. This does not mean that it is impossible to the a job in other industries though. Florida is known for its great growth in the employment rate.