Most popular museums in Miami

The prettiest gem of the Sunshine State is, well, you guessed it, Miami. Located on the southern part of Florida, it lies upon the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The huge beach spans for miles, and it is a heaven for everyone looking for a place to relax or to party. If you want to move to Miami, it may be one of the best decisions you made in your life. Walking on the beach lined with palm trees will make no one indifferent. But there is also a part of Miami that is more for someone who is into art or history. Besides the historic Art Deco architecture of Miami, there are a lot of popular museums in Miami. Here you can satisfy all your artistic or historic needs.

In this list we will talk about the most popular museums in Miami, and what they have to offer. In this art-driven city, there is a plethora of them. So, let’s dive in!

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Many notable sculptures and exhibitions can be seen in Miami museums.

The Bass

The Bass is a contemporary art museum located in South Beach. You do not even have to enter it in order to enjoy the beauty it has to offer, because the sight of the Miami Mountain by Ugo Rondinone. It is a brightly colored stack of stones, resembling a rainbow. It towers above Collins park and it is 42-foot high. Upon entering the museum, you will be greeted by a myriad of contemporary art pieces, some of which are permanent, and some are rotating, but every single one of them will make you tingle.

The building was renovated in by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, which gave the place a complete makeover, and even a cafe in which you can sort your impressions after going through all of the art pieces inside. The interesting thing is that they did not expand the building space at all. Aside from presenting different art collections and galleries by different artists, there are many recurring events happening in the Bass. One of these events is the Winter Art Camp.

It may sound strange mentioning winter in Miami, but this did not drive the organizers of the event away from giving it this interesting name. There are also group tours going from 10 AM to 3 PM which will guide you through everything the museum has to offer. There are also self-guided tours, which are a good idea because it lets you set the pace and go according to your own desires. A must see!


This is the place for all of you history geeks. The building is built in a Mediterranean style, and it is hard to miss. This place will show you everything about the history of Miami. From the days of the first European settlers, up to the current age, it offers insight on how the city has developed. This is one of the most popular museums in Miami, not only for history lovers but for everyone. The museum offers pictures, paintings, and artifacts of the days long past. The museum features a lot of Pan Am memorabilia (short for Pan American Airlines) such as plane models, uniforms and some water transport vehicles, such as boats.

It also has vessels that the Cubans and Haitians used when they migrated to America in the past. It has annual events such as the Miami International Map Fair, which is the longest running map fair in America, and it will reach its 25th consecutive year in 2019. The fair exhibits antique maps, rare antiquarian books, and intriguing atlases. There is also the annual Miami CultureFest, which is all about Miami culture. Traditional artists and musicians dominate the scene during this event.

Yes. You can move to Miami and with ease!

Miami Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum is located on Watson Island. It is one of the largest children’s museums in America. This is one of the best museums where you can take your kids. It will spark their imagination like no other place in Miami. The museum boasts a full sized cruise ship, where your children can act as captains and shipmates, all while learning everything there is to know about sea travel. They will also learn about how the ship is operated and every part of it can be closely examined.

The museum is very interactive, which means that you can navigate your way through it as you wish. There is a huge part of the museum dedicated to nature and wildlife, both land and marine. Children need to visit places like this because it may intrigue them to research even more on their own. When they see something with their own eyes, and not on television, it seems more real and interesting to them. You can even book birthdays or other types of events at the museum. The options are limitless.

Museum of contemporary art

This one is located a bit north of Miami Beach. It is great for people who like quirky art and the idea of being challenged to find out the true purpose of the art piece. There are many art pieces in this museum that are way beyond the regular persons’ notion of art. Every piece has a lot of space for itself, and it is because each piece should be viewed as separately as possible from another. There are monthly jazz events which bring larger crowds and the music can be a great addition to the viewing of some nice contemporary art. The jazz music and quirky art compliment each other because both are unpredictable and deal with the unknown. This is for everyone who wants to see something different and enjoy the limitless possibilities of the human mind and soul.


Going to museums is a very important part of a person’s life because it can affect how you view the world and educate you in a field you knew nothing about. If you live in Miami, or even visiting this is a must for you. If you decide moving to Miami is the best option, contact Pro Movers Miami if you want a smooth move. Using your free time to visit museums is a great idea. Learn about the world and also enjoy pieces of other people’s worlds! Diving into the world of art and exploration has never been more exhilarating!

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There are many museums in Miami!