Pack and move large area rugs with ease

It is only when we start packing for the move, that we realize how many items we actually own. We are surprised by the number of things that should be moved to our new house. So, do not worry, we have all been there. We have designed this useful guide with plenty of tips on how to pack and move large area rugs. Although it may seem hard to move these large items, the principle is fairly simple and soon you will be able to enjoy them at your new home. Of course, Pro Movers Miami are here for you whenever you decide to call them.

pack and move large area rug - a large greay rug and a dog laying on it
Before you pack and move large area rugs, make sure to clean them thoroughly.

Should you pack and move large area rugs in the first place?

Large area rugs require large areas where you will be able to place them. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before undertaking this project. And if you decide to move them, Coral Springs moving company will help you.

  • Will you have enough space to accommodate them? – If you are downsizing this may not be the case, so make sure to measure the carpet and the floor to see if it will fit.
  • What is the condition of the carpet? – Is your carpet new, and you absolutely love it? Then you should definitely pack and move large area rugs to your new house.
  • Are they worth it? – Old, heavy and large is definitely not a description of something that you want to move abroad or across the street. If the price of moving the carpet is greater than the price of the carpet itself, you can think about buying a new one in your new town.

Clean the rugs first

Rugs are the one place in the house that can get really dirty, no matter how often you clean them. Crumbs, dirt, dust, even smaller insects can get on the rug. This is why it is so important to clean them thoroughly before you pack and move large area rugs to your new home. Otherwise, you would be moving all the things mentioned above in your dream house. If possible, clean them with water and get them out in the sun. Drying carpets in the sun is the best way to get rid of all the dirt. The high temperature will assist you in getting rid of the dirt. With a freshly cleaned rug, you will feel at home in your new apartment.

Get packing supplies

In order to pack and move large area rugs, you will need the right packing equipment. You will decide on the amount based on the number of rugs that you want to move. Here is what you will exactly need to pack your rugs like a professional:

  • Packing paper – You should find the biggest pack of packing paper you can find. Note that some people simply use plastic bags for garbage or any kind of plastic material, but this is wrong. While plastic material will protect your carpet, it can damage it as well. When you leave your rugs covered in plastic, the material cannot breathe, so it will develop a bad scent and destroy your rug.
  • Packing tape – Find wide, brown packing tape of good quality to prevent the carpet from opening.
  • Rope – Rope is an essential part of the packing process and will also prevent the rugs from opening. Check out the best places to find packing supplies in FL, and you will not regret it.
fibres on a rug zoomed in
Once you determine the direction of the nap, it will be easy for you to roll the rug against that direction and avoid the damage on a rug.

It is time to roll the rugs

After you have obtained the packing supplies that you need it is time to start packing your rugs for the move. Before you do this, there is one important thing that you should check out.

What is the direction of the nap?

Large area rugs have a direction of the nap against which you should roll the rug. You can lift one side of the rug, and with fingers go up and down the rug. If there is resistance in the flow, this is not the direction of the nap. So, it is the opposite way. Once you easily determine the direction of the fibers, you will be able to proceed with rolling the rug.

Roll the rugs

When rolling the large area rugs it is essential that you turn them upside down. The front part should be facing the floor so that it comes first when rolling it. If you do the opposite thing, rolling it with the rugs` back on the front, it can damage the rug and create cracks due to the pressure. Roll the rugs tightly and move on to the next step.

Tie the rugs

Use the rope, or any other string that you have, and tie the rugs. With packing and relocating large area rugs it is not enough to use the packing tape only. They need to be tied with a rope to prevent them from unfolding during the move.

a rug, a coffee table and a couch
Determine whether you have enough space for your rug in your new house before you decide to move it.

Cover them in paper and tape them

The final thing is to cover the rugs in packing paper with each side. In this way, you will protect the fiber from dirt, and rain. Once covered in packing paper, use the packing tape to tape the rugs once again. This is a protective measure that will keep the paper tied to the rug. All that is left to do now is carefully load the rugs into the moving truck by placing them horizontally on the floor of the truck.

We have seen all the steps that you should undertake when you pack and move large area rugs. If you cannot handle it on your own, remember that professional movers are just one phone call away. Good luck!