Tips and tricks for moving during a rainstorm

When you are planning a move, it is a good idea to be prepared for all scenarios. We can hope that the sun will be shining on our moving day, but it may happen that there is a rainstorm as well. Luckily, there is no reason to panic, as moving during a rainstorm is also possible. You should be extra careful, and try to protect your belongings as much as you can. We have prepared excellent tips and tricks for this kind of move, so there is no reason to worry. Furthermore, we can recommend the moving company Fort Lauderdale, as they are specialized in moving your belongings no matter what the weather is like.

moving during a rainstorm - a woman placing bubble wrap over the arm chair
Moving during a rainstorm is a challenge, but you can easily overcome it by protecting your belongings.

Wear the right clothes when moving during a rainstorm

Although it is very important to protect your belongings, it is also vital to protect yourself when moving to Florida. If you are not properly dressed for the occasion you can get a cold, or injure yourself. Wearing a raincoat is a must, as you will not get soaking wet after five minutes in the rain. Additionally, you should find some shoes that are not slippery. Rain can make access to your house really slippery, and there is no reason to risk falling down.

Protect your belongings

Moving during a rainstorm requires some extra measures. We will mention the most important ways in which you can protect your valuables.

Moving boxes

The biggest part of your items will be the moving boxes which are made of cardboard. Although cardboard moving boxes will not fall apart that easily, secure them with duct tape. If possible, use plastic containers for your items, as the water will not be able to get through to them. Remember, it is possible to avoid and overcome moving day disasters.


Moving large items and disassembled pieces of furniture is not easy even when the weather is great. Be extremely careful not to injure yourself. Cover the furniture with plastic sheets. Do not use linen or moving blankets as that will just soak the furniture. If possible, do not move wooden pieces of furniture if you cannot cover them properly.

Household appliances

We can tell you one thing, household appliances do not like water. So, if you are moving during a rainstorm, try to postpone moving this type of item. If the water gets to any appliance, chances are it won`t work properly when after you unpack in your new home. Make sure that you wrap them in a protective sheet, and then place it in a moving box to prevent any damage.

a stove and a dishwasher
Household appliances are the most vulnerable items when it comes to rain, so cover them with a protective sheet.


The situation is a bit different when it comes to clothes, as they will simply dry off in a few hours. However, you do not want to see your favorite jeans soaked up in the rainwater. Use garbage bags and put your clothes in them. As we mentioned, plastic will perfectly protect all of your items from getting wet.

Take care of your home

When moving during a rainstorm, we are often completely focused on our items. However, it is very important to protect the floor in our home as well. Entering the house several times with wet, dirty shoes will ruin your floor. Cover it with some old rugs, towels, and blankets. Anything that you can find is useful. Also, bring all the boxes that you can near the entrance door so that you do not have to move throughout the whole house.

Furthermore, an excellent suggestion is to make a chain of people inside and outside of your house. Two people can be inside the house, and two people can be outside. The first person inside will hand over the moving boxes so that no one has to re-enter the house. The last person outside will load the moving truck. The same thing should be done in your new house as well.

Unpack as soon as you can

When you arrive at your new home and unload your moving truck, try to unpack as soon as you can. This is vital because even if some of your items are wet, they will dry faster. Also, in some cases, you will not know right away if the items are damaged, so open every box and see if you need to dry things off. This is one of the big moving day mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Hire professionals to help you during a rainstorm

Moving is not a piece of cake, even if the weather forecast is perfect. By hiring professionals, you will take a huge burden off your chest. Here are some advantages of hiring the pros.

  • They have moved thousands of houses in all types of weather. Although we think that our move is unique, the truth is that movers have seen it all.
  • Professional movers are trained to operate in all situations, but most importantly they will assess the conditions and postpone the move if necessary.
  • They have the right equipment – You will not have to worry whether there will be a rainstorm or not, because movers have all the right equipment.
  • Insurance – With licensed and reliable movers, you will have insurance, which is always an advantage.
the interior of the car and rain outside
Rainstorms do not usually last for a very long time, so consider postponing the move for a few hours.

Postpone the move

Rainstorms do not last for a long time, especially in the summer. So, if you happen to be in the middle of a rainstorm, it may be the best idea to simply wait for a few hours until it passes. You will not lose a lot of your time, and you will not risk damaging your furniture or appliances. Moving during a rainstorm is yet another challenge you can face while moving, but it is certainly not something that you cannot overcome. Good luck!