Big moving day mistakes to avoid

Moving is a difficult process. There are so many things you have to worry about. Things such as scheduling everything, packing, getting reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale are all things that can make your moving process hard. In addition, hard things are usually prone to getting harder if you do not pay attention to how you do them. Mistakes are common in moving and you should not be offended if you find yourself doing them. There is still time to correct it! In this article, we will talk about big moving day mistakes you should do everything you can to avoid. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Moving day mistakes – what’s to know?

When it comes to moving mistakes, we will now start talking about them in-depth. Do not think that you got everything covered. Read this article just in case and you may read something new. So, let’s see what are the most common moving day mistakes!

everyone makes moving day mistakes - a sad boy
Do not worry, everyone makes mistakes!

You need to start on time

One of the biggest moving mistakes is when you do not start preparing for the moving process on time. It has been statistically proven that doing things in a hurry is reducing the quality of the things in question. If you have an assignment, start doing it on time and do not postpone it. You may end up with just two days to prepare your whole house for moving.

Packing can be really hard and you want to do everything correctly so do not wait! There have even been situations when moving companies Plantation Florida come to a house and the customers did not even start to pack.  While this is okay if you had requested packing services from the moving company, if you did not, this will be the rise of a plethora of problems. So, start preparing for your move on time and avoid doing things in a hurry!

Not getting a reliable moving company

Many people get lured by a cheap price some moving companies offer. However, moving is not that cheap. This means that many too-good-to-be-true prices may very well be a scam. Scamming companies have many methods of baiting customers into their web of lies. Cheap prices are just one way. They can even leave fake reviews on websites such as BBB and Yelp and therefore boost their rating on the platform. They may not even be scammers. The movers may very well just be irresponsible. They can get your items and stack them in a way that half of your fragile items break.

reliable moving company trucks
Get a reliable moving company!

Scamming companies also like to take your items hostage. This means when they take your stuff and do not want to deliver it to the destination because you have not “allegedly” paid the full price of the move. This includes hidden prices that they conveniently do not mention. This can make your move very costly so make sure you get a certified moving company. Check out BBB, and only call the companies with the BBB Seal of Approval. These companies are reliable and trustworthy and will not even think of scamming you.

Checking your insurance

There is a big chance that something will break during the move. This may not be your or your movers’ fault. But, whoever’s fault it is, it got broken and you wonder who is going to pay back for it. Your moving company will surely not if their insurance policy does not cover it. That is why you need to ask them about their insurance policy before the move. This will help avoid disputes with movers. They will probably weigh the broken item and then give a fixed amount for the number of pounds the item weighs. Today’s TVs are very lightweight, so this will probably not cover the full price, and you will have to get another one.

If you ask your moving company about their insurance policy they may offer full coverage for a higher price. This is totally worth it because you will get full coverage without having to check with your insurance company if they cover moving mistakes. So, one of the most common moving day mistakes is not checking your insurance policy. If the movers’ additional price for insurance is too high, you better check with your insurance company and get things settled with them. Better safe than sorry!

Not packing properly

The previous paragraph was dealing with situations when your movers make a mistake and break your item. However, your tv can also break if you do not pack it properly. Packing is a very important part of the moving process and it is vital to pack everything correctly. You need to get a lot of packing supplies and not be afraid to use them. If you use up all of them and you did not pack everything, go and buy more! It is better to spend a bit more cash on packing supplies than risking something breaking during the move.

right and wrong
There are two ways to do things, right and wrong!

In addition, getting the wrong type of boxes and not labeling them properly can also lead to damage to your items. When getting boxes, make sure to get different sized boxes. This will lead to great space efficiency when your movers pack the truck. They will use the bigger boxes packed with bulkier items as the foundation for the smaller and lighter boxes. They will also be able to fill in the gaps with smaller boxes and therefore prevent any sort of tumbling inside the truck. We call this the “Tetris” technique, and not using it is one of the biggest moving day mistakes you can make.