Useful tips on how to pack and move designer clothes and shoes

When planning a move, it is important to keep in mind some things that will need some extra attention. Those things can be items such as designer furniture, a piano, a pool table, collectibles, and even designer clothes and jewelry. You will need to give extra care to these items because they are usually more fragile, and you do not want to risk them getting damaged. The first step in the process will be contacting a reliable moving company, such as Promovers Miami. After that, there are some tips and tricks that you should know to pack and move designer clothes and shoes.

Pack and move designer clothes
The best piece of advice is to leave the designer clothes in the closet if you are planning to move the entire closet.

Where to start to pack and move designer clothes

If your designer clothes are already hanging nicely in the closet, it is best to leave them on the hanger. An additional step you could take is to purchase a wardrobe box, or a box specifically made for clothes. However, it is really important to notify your residential movers Miami that your expensive and/ or fragile pieces of clothing are hanging in the closet. This way they will know to be extra careful with the closet in the transportation process.

What about your designer shoes?

The best tip on how to pack and move your designer shoes is to keep your shoe boxes and then pack your shoes in them for the move. After you have put all of the shoes in their boxes, you should pack all of these boxes in a larger moving box. A great piece of advice when putting the shoes in the moving box is to put the heavier pieces, like boots and heels, on the bottom so you have a sturdier base. This will help stabilize the box. If you have any doubts about the process of your move to Miami, or any part packing and moving, you can always ask for professional services, such as packing services. This way, you will be sure that everything is done professionally, which will remove a ton of stress.

Pack and move designer shoes
It will be the easiest to pack and move your shoes in their shoeboxes.

How to keep designer clothes and shoes fresh while moving

There are some tips on how to keep your clothes fresh in transit. This can be applied even if it takes months for you to move into your new home. Any clothes that you will not unpack right away should go in plastic containers. They are the best in minimizing fabric damage because they do not allow the fabric to breathe. Another useful tip is to invest in mothballs. Being transparent with the moving company you choose out of moving companies Davie FL  is also really important. After all, it is their job. They will surely have some helpful advice on how to pack and move designer clothes and shoes.

All that is left is to learn how to unpack after a move to make this process easy. The most important thing in the moving process is to remain organized and to know when to ask for help, be it professional or help from your friends and family.