How to avoid and overcome moving day disasters

So you’ve finally decided that it is the right time for you to move. That’s great news! Now, it’s time to start the preparations. Many get intimidated by the entire moving process. This is because there are so many things that need your attention. The biggest mistake that many people make is not giving each aspect of the relocation enough thought. Because of that, many moving day disasters happen. In order to prevent and avoid them, we’ve come up with this article with a few of the most common moving mistakes. If you’re not moving last-minute, then you can definitely have enough time to take care of it all. Why wait? Read on and learn how to properly prepare for this big task!

Illustration of a man carrying boxes in a truck
Each relocation is unique, but all of them require a lot of your attention and thought so that everything can go according to plan.

What are possible moving day disasters that can ruin your relocation?

Let’s be honest here. Any moving day is bound to be stressful and hectic. However, there are ways to reduce this chaos. We don’t want to scare you, but there are quite a few mistakes you can make. Relocation is a complicated task and shouldn’t be taken lightly. These Florida movers have got years of experience. In those years, we have learned the most common things that can go wrong. Thus, we’ve decided it is best to educate you before you even begin planning a move, so you can know what to expect.

1. Hiring a wrong moving company is a big mistake you can easily make

Unfortunately, there are many scams in the moving industry today. Anyone can advertise themselves on the internet, but not all movers will respect their customers in the same way. One way you can check if your moving companies Davie FL are reliable is by looking at their online reviews. Honest thoughts from previous customers really do say a lot about a company. Depending on the services you hire them for, there will be different things you have to pay attention to. Also, it is best if you double-check the company’s credentials and see if they have proper licenses. Look up the company by using their USDOT number and see for yourself.

2. You can avoid many moving day disasters by simply starting on time

Even though this may be the most common advice that movers give out, we have to repeat it anyway. Simply, because many people don’t take it seriously. But, if you really do start your relocation preparation on time, all of moving day disasters (if not all!) can be avoided. For instance, if you contact a moving company about 3-4 months before you wish to move, they will adapt to your needs much better. You could pick almost any moving date you wish, and a truck that can fit all your belongings. You will have more time to pack your boxes and even get your movers to assist you when you realize you can’t do it on your own. Additionally, you could arrange your movers for more services if need be. There will be enough time for you to make a moving checklist and carefully check the boxes step by step.

Tablet and a notebook on a wooden desk
A great organization is half the work done. By starting your relocation planning on time, you will avoid a lot of moving day disasters.

3. Items get damaged during transport

Transporting your belongings in the truck is the basic task of your movers. Any long distance movers Florida will tell you that unexpected situations can come up any time. For example, weather conditions can greatly impact their ability to maintain a certain speed. They will need to drive more carefully in the winter months. Or, in the summer, there may be a lot more traffic on the road. In any case, experienced movers will try their best to protect your belongings in their trucks. On the other hand, if the boxes aren’t secure, the items inside can easily get damaged.

Research proper packing techniques before you start relocating

In relation to the previous moving mistake, here are a few tips to secure your items during transport:

  • Wrap anything fragile in bubble wrap and blankets. You don’t want your antique art to arrive at the destination in pieces!
  • Make sure that you separate belongings in their own boxes. Don’t mix clothes and kids’ toys! Have an individual box for every category and that will make it so much easier and safer for you. If you put a sharp object with, let’s say, some electronics, it can easily get scratched.
  • Make sure you don’t transport any dangerous substances! There is a list of hazardous items that no mover will load onto a truck. Anything that can easily explode or combust is not welcome in the moving box. Inform yourself about these items, so you don’t run into a problem on your moving day.
  • Labeling boxes is just as important. If you label your boxes in detail and know exactly what is in each one, you will avoid one of moving day disasters. Also, when your movers know what is in them, it will make it easier for them to arrange them in the truck. It will help with the unpacking as well!

    symbols for hazardous substances
    Do your research about what you can and cannot move with your movers.

Avoiding moving day disasters is easier than you might think

Now that we’ve listed some of the most common moving day disasters, you see that you can avoid a lot of them. If you’re lucky enough to start your relocation a few months in advance, you can adequately prepare for the moving day. Good research and reliable movers you can trust really go a long way! Make sure you’ve crossed all the T’s and dotted the I’s along the way. Thorough relocation will have no disasters happen! Get in touch with your moving company of choice and work with them to figure out a plan that suits your needs.