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Fort Lauderdale can be both a very quiet and relaxing place, as well as a very lively one. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will be able to find something pleasing. Plus, Florida is famous for its very warm and pleasant climates and access to the ocean. What more can you ask for? Except for our movers in Fort Lauderdale to help you execute the relocation, of course. And there’s no better place to find Fort Lauderdale movers than Pro Movers Miami, one of the best moving companies South Florida has to offer. Our movers will make your move worry-free and memorable. So, contact us today and get your free moving quote.

A moving truck ready to transfer your items.
Why would you want to spend your time doing the hard work when you can hire professionals and enjoy the beautiful beaches?

We wish to take all the difficult parts of the move, allowing you to spend time exploring Fort Lauderdale and enjoy its full glory. In the meantime, Pro Movers Miami will be bothering with logistics and all the heavy lifting. You shouldn’t be dealing with all of that alone. This is why we are here!

A word about Fort Lauderdale Movers

Being a part of the big Pro Movers Miami family, Fort Lauderdale movers partake in the vast experience and knowledge. Our moving company Fort Lauderdale, consists of a group of highly trained and professional individuals who work diligently to provide the very best service out there. Years of doing business have taught us the importance of a well-organized group. And that is what we are. A group that puts the efforts of each member into a single goal. That is to make your relocation into a memorable experience. We know just how crucial your input is for a successful outcome. That is why we view every move as an individual case and act accordingly, choosing only the best options.

Pro Movers Miami strives to have you enjoy your relocation. It is a huge event in your life, and it should be a memorable one. But not memorable by the bad. You should be allowed to enjoy this transition with your loved ones. This is our primary objective. All accumulated years of experience, training, the high-end equipment are there to attempt to make your relocation less of a burden. And if you lay your trust in our hands, we guarantee that you will remember your relocation as a pleasant experience.

Movers in Fort Lauderdale – what we offer

Before anything else, our philosophy is to keep you at the forefront of everything. Often, moving companies put the move itself at the forefront, but this is a mistake. We wish to keep you as the most important element of everything that is going on. We are here to focus on your wishes, fears, and everything else. Furthermore, our movers in Fort Lauderdale are here to make this entire ordeal in order to allow you to enjoy your relocation. Instead of driving a van or a truck – you can enjoy exploring the local restaurants and having lunch with your family. Sounds much better, doesn’t it?

In order to achieve this, we have made a very vast selection of services for you to choose from. These services, if chosen all together, allow you to do absolutely nothing about your move and leave everything to us. On the other hand, if you wish to be more engaged yourself, you have this option. But how do you know which ones are right for you?

Our movers doing their job as they are instructed.
Open and honest communication is what we encourage. Only by vocalizing your wishes and needs will we be able to respond to them in an adequate manner.

Consulting services provided by movers in Fort Lauderdale

In case you are uncertain about any element of your move, which services to choose from, or what the costs are – our consulting services will be able to provide you with all the answers. Simply give us a call, and one of our trained experts will explain all of the perplexities that you may have.

In addition, be ready for our moving experts to ask you some questions as well. You should attempt to answer these as precisely as you can, for the clearer the information you give – the better the estimate will be. Our moving experts will attempt to understand what type of move you are dealing with and suggest some of our services accordingly. Also, based on your needs and the services recommended, they will attempt to create a moving quote or an estimate of all prices you will be facing. This way, you are able to understand from the get-go what you are getting yourself into. No surprises along the road.

Fort Lauderdale movers think about your financial possibilities

Vast experience in every kind of relocation, be it local or long distance, has shown us that every person has a unique perspective on the amount of money they are ready to allocate for a relocation. In short, every individual comes with different budget possibilities. Some may not have the luxury of their finances meeting their requirements and wishes but are still in need of our help. That is why we do our best not to disappoint anyone who walks through our doors. If you have ever thought about hiring a moving company Fort Lauderdale residents trust, never let your budget hinder your decision. Do not hesitate picking up your phone and give us a call.

movers in FOrt Lauderdale conducting a move
Fort Lauderdale movers pay attention to the slightest detail

We work in accordance with your budget

Our experienced staff will go above and beyond to find the best solution for your situation. Carefully planning each step and acting accordingly will make everyone a winner. We are well familiar with the stress a relocation can bring, especially when the person in question feels like he or she is alone in such an undertaking. When you work with us, you will feel like a part of a well-coordinated team. Know that your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will work as hard and as diligently as we can to relieve you of any troubles a move can bring.

Contact our company as soon as you decide that a move is imminent, and you will receive a free estimate right away. After your talk with our agent, a representative from our company will visit your home or office and provide a free quote. This quote is based on the number of valuables that you plan on transporting to a new location. From that point on, we can further work together and create a moving plan that will be perfectly fitting for your individual situation. And don’t worry about hidden fees. It’s our company’s policy to keep everything out in the open.

What services do we offer

The list of services that we offer is extensive. We are able to offer something entirely basic – relocation of your belongings. This means that our moving experts show up at the moving site, load everything into the trucks, and take it to the final destination. This is as basic as it gets. From this,  you may purchase plenty of services based on what you wish us to do for you. In essence, you can choose not to do anything yourself and have us take care of everything. However, if you wish to get involved – this is also an option. Years of conducting business with many different people and solving various individual situations have been helpful in our customers’ needs reaching through. Our service is fully adjusted to your needs, possibilities, and desires. Pro Movers Miami team of movers in Fort Lauderdale offers the following:

  1. Local moving
  2. Long distance moving
  3. Storage services
  4. Emergency moving services
  5. Packing services
  6. Commercial moving

These are the most common moving services to opt for. However, you can also choose the services tailored to your commercial move, for example. Besides, you can opt for luxury movers or white glove moving services. Besides, fine art and antique moving services are also at your disposal.

1. Local moving

Movers Fort Lauderdale FL are able to take care of your local move in a matter of just a few hours. Our trustworthy team will take care of everything from packing, transporting, and unloading in an efficient manner. Whichever FL destination you choose, you can count on our Florida local movers. They know each location as the back of their hand. Besides, our well-maintained vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS systems to ensure timely arrivals, while our dedicated customer service representatives are always available to address any queries or concerns you may have throughout the process. Not only are our team members well-versed in navigating through various FL locations, but they also adhere to the highest industry standards for safety and reliability.

2. Long distance move

Planning on moving anywhere in the continental US? It’s important to emphasize that our reach isn’t just local; we also specialize in long-distance moves. You can count on the premium moving company Fort Lauderdale offers. Our well-maintained fleet of trucks is equipped to handle journeys of any length, ensuring that your belongings arrive in the same condition they left in. Besides, we understand how big of an effect this transition can have on you. That is why we take it upon ourselves to sort out everything that is in our power. Our long distance movers Florida residents love, will do our best to make this move as seamless as possible.

A truck ready to cover all distances.
Local or long-distance, it is the same to us.

3. Storage services

This is a rather neat solution for various problems that might occur. Say that you are renovating your current home and need to store your furniture in a safe place for the time being. Or, perhaps, you are in need of a secure location for your vehicles. Maybe you’ve found yourself in between selling your current home and moving to a new one with no room for your belongings. Our storage facilities will prove to be the perfect aid for such instances. You can find our private and secure storage facilities are just off I95 in Miami. There, your items will be carefully crated and sealed for as long as you decide is best. The moment you say you are ready, our movers will deliver your belongings anywhere in Miami, South Florida, or the USA.

4. Emergency moving is possible with Fort Lauderdale movers

If you have found yourself in quite the pickle and are in desperate need of an emergency moving service, Fort Lauderdale movers are your go-to solution. Namely, we are offering emergency moving service for people who need to move on extremely short notice. However stressful this venture can be, our team will surely make it less so, all with the guarantee of success. Our emergency movers are skilled and equipped to meet even the most tight deadlines in a successful and calm way.

5. Packing services at its finest

This is probably the most arduous chore of many who have a move upon them. Luckily, you can hire movers Fort Lauderdale FL, to come to your aid. Our full packing service comes with a variety of packing materials, all intended for safe and secure transport of your belongings. Each of these is designed to make the move easier on you.  Local moving companies in Florida wish to have you enjoy the moving process and not shiver at the thought of it.

Our packing services extend to packing supplies provision, including moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. This makes it incredibly convenient for you, as you won’t have to worry about sourcing these materials yourself. Our team will expertly pack your belongings, categorize them for easy identification, and then carefully unload them at your new residence. Given the breadth of our services, you can opt for a package that meets your specific needs, whether that’s just transportation or a full-service move that includes both packing and unpacking. So, when it comes to moving within Florida, consider our Fort Lauderdale team as your go-to for a hassle-free experience. We hope that, after everything is over, you have us and your move in positive memory. This is why our list of services grows with each year. The more we understand your needs – the more our list grows.

Regarding Fort Lauderdale

You can find the city of Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida, just 28 miles north of Miami. This rather popular tourist destination is the principal city of the Miami metropolitan area. And it’s not hard to see why. The average year-round temperature is 75.5 °F, accompanying 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. A lot of people who visit tend to stick around and make Fort Lauderdale their permanent home. With the trusted moving company Fort Lauderdale locals have by their side, such an undertaking is considered a swift, routine business. While the movers come with more than affordable deals, housing and transportation costs in Fort Lauderdale are considerably higher than the average in the US. However, the utilities and health costs are below it. The city itself is populated by diverse individuals. People are known for their kindness and welcoming nature.

Movers in Fort Lauderdale packing belongings.
You will enjoy your life here.

Why choose us?

Fort Lauderdale Movers treat every customer with fairness, dignity, and respect. This will be clear to you upon making the first contact. We invariably go out of our way to meet your requirements, needs, and possibilities. It is our goal to help you start this chapter in your life on the right foot. However, no matter the knowledge our experience grants us, we always yearn to learn more and strive toward perfection. Your review is a lesson we like to learn from, whether it is a positive comment or a word of advice. Never refrain from communicating with us before, during, and after your move, and feel free to turn to us for your next adventure. Whether you need to relocate your business, your family, or your whole business, you can count on us to make your move a walk in the park. Yours is only to name the date and leave all the rest to us. Fort Lauderdale Movers will make this big change in your life into an overwhelmingly positive experience.

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Contact us and move like a pro!

Steps to hiring movers in Fort Lauderdale

To hire movers in Fort Lauderdale, first, reach out to us to discuss your moving concerns and specific needs. This will help us understand the scope of your move. After initial discussions, schedule an in-home inspection to assess the volume of items, special care needs, and potential challenges. This inspection will allow Fort Lauderdale movers to provide a more accurate moving estimate. Next, decide upon the range of services you’d like to use. Do you need packing, transportation, and unpacking, or just transportation? Make this clear so it can be factored into the quote. Once you’ve received the moving estimate and compared it against your budget, proceed to book the service. Finally, with everything in place, all you have to do is sit back and relax, knowing that your move is in capable hands.


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