Short distance moving guide for beginners

Organizing a relocation for the very first time can seem a bit complicated. You aren’t really sure where to begin, and how to plan it out. Don’t worry! That’s why your trusty Florida movers are here. We know what it takes to conduct a smooth and easy relocation. Many people seem to think that short distance moving is much easier than long-distance moving. Therefore, they may not prepare as well and they won’t ask for professional help. If you get too relaxed about the move, you can run into so many moving disasters! Short distance relocation is just as important and needs to be taken as seriously as an international one.

calendar and a pen on a to-do list
Arranging a smooth relocation is equally important with local moves, as are with long-distance moves. Detailed plans are crucial in both situations!

Short distance moving – should you do it without movers?

Moving within a town or a city definitely has its perks. First of all, there are fewer documents that you need to obtain. There is no need to worry about customs or shipping your belongings across the border. Then, of course, the distance between your old house and your new one is smaller. And you already know the city inside out! So, when you think about it from this perspective, short distance moving is a piece of cake, and you can definitely do it by yourself. Right?

Well, that’s when things can go south because it is not as simple as it seems.

Moving locally on your own – what you need to know

If you’ve concluded that you don’t need professional assistance, it’s okay. There isn’t always the need for movers and we agree. However, in order to avoid moving day mistakes and unexpected situations, it is important that you approach it seriously. Of course, every relocation is different and needs a different approach, but take a look at your own first. Start planning your move on time – this is the best piece of advice you will get. When you begin a few months in advance, you can see along the way if there are additional tasks that you need to complete. When you’ve got enough time, anything can be done without rush and panic. Make a proper and detailed moving checklist and tick things off one by one. If you section your moving plan in pieces, it will look easier and completely doable!

Decluttering will make short distance moving much easier

One downside of not having a professional moving company Fort Lauderdale assist you is that you have to carry all the moving boxes by yourself. It will take more time and effort. Moving boxes can get heavy, but are fairly easy to move and load on a trailer or into your car. However, when you’ve got bulky and heavy furniture, that’s where you definitely need assistance. First of all, you need to see which things you really want to take with you. If there are some that you no longer need, here are a few ideas about what to do with them:

  • Organize a yard sale and earn a little bit of money along the way
  • Donate items that are in good condition to a local shelter
  • Let your neighbors take something if you no longer need it, and can’t sell it.
  • As a last resort, throw items away but make sure you dispose of them properly.
woman smiling behind a wrapped-up headboard
Let your movers take care of the packing and handling bulky furniture. They know what they’re doing!

Beginners, consider hiring professional help for short distance moving

Since this article is aimed at beginners, then you should think twice before dismissing the idea of professional moving help. If you haven’t moved before, and you aren’t really sure what lies ahead, give a moving company a call! When you know you’ve got a team of movers you can fully rely on, then this won’t be as stressful as you may already think. Instead of overthinking and getting anxious about the upcoming local relocation, let others take care of it. This will lift such a big weight off your shoulders and show you how relocation can be simple and smooth. There’s no need to make it complicated and difficult if you don’t have to!

Movers can even help you pack your moving boxes

Packing your items is often the biggest hassle in any relocation. No matter if you’re moving across the country, or thinking about short distance moving, you have to pack the same. If you think this will take away too much of your time, you can definitely leave it to our team! Experienced movers know all the tricks of successful and efficient packing for relocation. In order to save money, you can opt to rent out moving boxes and bins. It saves the environment too because you’re not throwing away so much cardboard! Also, if you think that you might not need to use everything right away, storage facilities are always a good idea. Many people use them to keep their belongings safe, and there are plenty of storage units Miami to choose from.

empty storage warehouse isle
If you think that there is no need to bring everything to your new house right away, consider renting a storage unit.

Short distance moving is as serious as long-distance moving

In the end, you will plan out your relocation according to your own needs. Not even your next-door neighbor might have the same needs and wishes as you! So, get in touch with the moving company of your choice to discuss the short distance moving plan. If you’re a beginner at this entire story, don’t risk it by trying to do it all yourself. You will be doing yourself (and everyone around you!) a favor by getting reliable, professional assistance. Take it seriously, make a detailed moving plan and go step-by-step. Nothing can go wrong when you begin on time and plan things ahead, with the help of someone who’s gone through it all a bunch of times.