Pros and cons of living in Davie, FL

There are many reasons why a person might decide to relocate to southern Florida. The year-long sunshine, the long beaches, and the proximity to Miami – what’s not to love? If you are unsure which area or town will be the right one for your family, read on. We’ll list all the pros (and cons!) of living in Davie, FL that you ought to know. It’s always best to inform yourself of the potential place you’d love to move to before you hire any of the moving companies Davie FL to relocate you. We’re living in 2022 and the winter is coming which isn’t that good for many reasons, while experts say that 2023 will be even worse. Before all of that happens let’s see why Davie can be a beautiful place to live and raise your family!

What’s living in Davie like?

Moving to Davie has its perks and we as one of the most reliable moving companies Miami sure know that. For instance, this town is close both to Ford Lauderdale and Miami, so you always have options if you want to go to a bigger city. It’s also close to the shore, and a beach is only a short drive away! The best thing about this is that it doesn’t have big city crowds. You will have all the peace of a smaller town, with a lot of fun things to do. Simply said you’ll enjoy big-city vibes in a suburban-like area, what else can you ask for?

graduates throwing hats while thinking about pros and cons of living in Davie, FL;
One of the biggest pros of living in Davie, Fl is that it’s full of young well-educated professionals, families, and students.

Davie is also a popular place for college students to live in. Being the host of the South Florida Educational Center, it has campuses of many big universities. Some of them are Florida Atlantic University, the University of Florida, Broward University, and others. If you’re looking into any of those schools, definitely get in touch with school movers Miami – they will help you relocate in no time. Statistics show that 30% of all people in Davie have Bachelor’s degree which is above the national average while 24% have a Master’s degree. One extra tip is that there are no income taxes in Florida.

Things to do in Davie after relocation

Where do we start? There are so many great activities you can experience when you’re living in Davie, FL! Having a reputation as a “Western town”, Davie offers a bunch of outdoor activities for the entire family. Some of them include:

  • Flamingo Gardens is  where you can see a lot of exotic species in one place
  • Bergeron Rodeo Grounds is home to monster truck shows, concerts, and various other entertainment
  • Tree Tops Park has a plethora of fun things for families like picnic spots and trails
  • Buehler Planetarium & Observatory is the best place for people interested in space
  • The Butterfly Pavillion at Flamingo Road Nursery is good for nature lovers and biologists
  • At Bar-B-Ranch they offer horse and pony rides for all!
Young people sitting in a park;
There are numerous outdoor activities that you can find in Davie.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, trust us. Since more and more people are coming here we’ve designed a white glove moving and storage service. This is for our VIP clients, so our team can pay even more attention to cleanliness and moving of goods.  Some of our clients also nicknamed this service “moving perfection”.

The cost of living in Davie is another pro

A lot of people are moving from Miami just for this reason. On the other hand, if someone gets fired and or has to move there is always an emergency moving around the corner. But for now, let’s stick to numbers. First of all the median home price is $322,300 which is 25% below the national average which is $428,700. We would like to say that most homes or 67% to be exact are owned by people only 33% are rented. Thus the rent is $1,558 a month which is a bit higher than the national average of $1,326 a month. Moreover,  rent in Miami is $2,307 and the median home price is $560,169, which is double! This is relevant for 2022 since the post-pandemic inflation is pushing people out of big cities. Furturhemre the global fossil fuel crisis has affected the prices of everything.

Now let’s focus on other aspects of the cost of living. The median household income is $74,523 which is $10, 000 above the national average. For those of you with kids, the American average cost per year is $15,853/ year compared to $14,151 in Davie. Healthcare cost for adults it’s $4,266 nationwide which is similar to $4,037 in Davie (but again it’s a bit cheaper). Transportation costs and fossil fuel prices are below the US average. Most people are commuting and the average time for Davie is 25.9 minutes which is almost the double US average of 52.2 minutes a dayIt’s also not expensive to move to Davie, just try to avoid hidden costs, that unreliable moving companies will try to charge you. Always check your moving company online before you hire it.

Man in black suit calculating living costs;
The cost of living is one of the major reasons besides great schools and a clean environment.

Diversity and retirement in Davie, Florida

Racial diversity is one of the things that you can find. There are a lot of African Americans and Hispanics, with a small number of Asians. This is important because that reminds us what is America about. You can see all these different-looking people in one city, or in a street takes us back to the Found Fathers and the Fourteenth Amendment. But when you see that they are all working together and helping each other that’s the day you’ll want to stay in Davie. The First Amendment you’ll see because Davie is not only racially but also religiously diverse. When you see a Christian, Muslim, and Jew walking in a bar, and it’s not a start of a joke; that’s when you’ll know that you’re in Davie, Florida.

A group of diverse people standing together;
Diversity is the core of Davie and you’ll truly feel the difference once you move here.

The Elderly also love this place, well who doesn’t? It’s got everything for everyone in Florida, just like in California the weather is the key thing. Nobody likes rainy days and cold winters, here it’s spring and summer all year round. These are just some of the many reasons to retire in Florida.

So, are there any cons to living in Davie?

Of course, no place is perfect, and southern Florida has its cons. For instance, when you want to move to southern Florida, you have to know that temperatures can get pretty high in the summer. So if you want to visit a beach, you should know that the sand is pretty much like the surface of the Sun. The humidity can get too high for some, and there are a plethora of insects all year round.

Another con would be mold, again it’s caused by the weather. There are many tips for handling mold in your home in Davie. Don’t get too obsessed with that because mold is common in places like Florida. While there are many ways to deal with this, you’ll just have to adjust to it; and probably hire someone and clean it now and then. These days you could have heard about these storms and hurricanes, but that doesn’t happen that often in Davie. On the other hand, it’s one of the places with the lowest possibility of an earthquake and there isn’t any volcano in the vicinity.

Cheese, grape and wine;
Mold goes great with cheeses and wine, but it doesn’t mix well with walls and pipes.

If you are ready to make some changes and are sick of the cold winters, moving to Davie is the right choice for you. You can always give us a call at any time to get more info on Davie and the options of relocating to its lovely neighborhoods. With the small-town vibes and all the content you can get in a big city, this relocation is a good move. Also, it’s one of the rare cities that fit all ages and races of people. So the overall cost of living is comparably lower than Miami and other cities in Florida, not to mention other states and bigger cities. Davie is also close to Miami and airports (1o to 50 miles) but the rents and house prices are double the prices in Miami. Just watch out for that mold and insects.

We hope that you liked the pros and cons of living in Davie, FL that we discussed today. Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you’ll find some of the information useful. In the end, there are more pros than cons so think about it. If you need any moving services Miami, or anything urgent or not we’re at your disposal.  For more tips and advice you can check our blog section. Have a great day and we hope that you’ll have a stress-free move.