Reasons to retire in Florida

Ah, retirement. After long years of working, you’ve finally gotten out of the rat race and you are ready to relax. You can finally afford to take an easier pace at life and start enjoying it properly. Luckily, in today’s world, there are many ways in which you can do so. You can travel the world, or you can help raise your grandkids. Still, what many people opt to do is to retire in Florida. But, what makes moving to Florida as a retiree such an attractive idea? Well, that is what we are here to discover.

Why is it a good idea to retire in Florida

In order to figure out why so many people decide to move to Florida, we have to take into consideration what most elderly people look for. Most elderly people no longer look for the fast lifestyle and exciting events. What they look for, and what you are most likely looking for, is a warm, relaxing place where they can enjoy their twilight years. That is exactly why so many people hire long distance movers and move to Florida to retire.

A lady enjoying retirement
Warm weather, clean air, and quiet living are what retirement should be all about.

Warm weather

The first thing that elderly people like about Florida is the warm weather. Sick of suffering cold, windy winters where you can hardly get out of your apartment and not catch a cold? Well, move to Florida. The lowest temperature that you can expect here is around 16°C (61°F) with daily sunshine around 10 hours. There is not a state in the US where you will find such warm weather and amount of sun. There is a reason why people call Florida the Sunshine State. So, if you are sick of being cold, Florida is the place to retire to.

Not expensive

Next thing to know is that Florida is not expensive. Sure, it may not be cheap when you compare it to the rest of the US. But, it is by no measure expensive. Cost of living and real estate in Florida is slightly above the US average. This is great when you factor in that most of that cost is influenced by big and expensive cities like Miami and Jacksonville. But, once you retire, you probably won’t look for the biggest cities to retire in. Retirees mostly look for smaller, calmer cities where they will have a lifestyle that is just exciting enough. Plus, in those cities, the home cost is quite low which makes it excellent for retirees who are looking to buy a home, and not spend their whole life savings on it.

Good living standard for retirees

Once you move to Florida you will soon realize that it is just perfect for retirees. The most stressful thing about moving to Florida, as a retiree, is the move itself. However, moving can also be stress-free. It seems like everything is tailor-made for an enjoyable, senior life. Just look at the ads on the TV. They are mostly about insurance, Lifeline, and elderly lifestyle. In fact, by some estimates, in 2030 there will be around 6 million people living in Florida that are over 65 years of age. That is almost double from the current number of 3.1 million, which in itself is not small. And, with such a high number of elderly people come services and companies that cater to them. It is always a good idea to move to a place where there is a lot of people your age.

A bench on a Florida beach.
Having access to the beach can be greatly beneficial when moving to Florida as a retiree.

Our pick of the places to retire to

Now that you what makes Florida such an attractive place for retirees, we feel like we should give you our pick of the top places to move into. Mind you, there are many places to retire in Florida, and you best do your own research before you hire local movers Florida and move there. So, in order to give you an idea of what Florida has to offer, here are some nice places to retire.

Vero Beach

Start your search by checking out the Vero Beach. Moving to Florida without considering living on the beach is madness. It really does sound nice to get yourself a beachfront properly and enjoy your morning walks while listening and breathing in the ocean. Plus, being close to the ocean can be quite beneficial for your health, which is always a good thing. Finally, there is no better motive for a young person to visit their grandparents then enjoying both them and the sunshine. So, if you want a nice way to have a warm cozy life, and motivate your family to visit you, move to Vero Beach for your retirement.

Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is another nice little town for you to check out. There you will have access to the Gulf of Mexico which brings all the aforementioned benefits of living close to the sea. But, Punto Gorda has more in store for you. Here life is quieter. You’ll be able to get beachfront property and enjoy the calmer lifestyle that 19,000 residents of Punto Gorda live. If you are tired from the hustle and bustle of mingling with a lot of people and would like to move somewhere where you’ll enjoy peace and quiet, then Punta Gorda is the place for you.

The Villages

You cannot talk about places for retirees in Florida without mentioning the Villages. Ever since they were founded, 30 years ago, the Villages have been an excellent community for retirees.

Keep exercising when you retire in Florida.
For those that are going to live a more active lifestyle, The Villages is the best place to retire in Florida.

Here you can have an active life and enjoy numerous activities. Almost every part of this beautiful little town is organized around elderly people and their life. So, if you plan on being active and staying healthy, you better relocate somewhere where you will be motivated. If this sounds good for you, then there is no better place then the Villages to retire in Florida.