Stress-free moving tips

When you decide to move you will realize that it is very stressful. From the beginning to the end. However, there are some ways to have a stress-free moving experience. We have hired experts to create a comprehensive list of tips for you. This will not only make your move stress-free but also make it a lot easier. When you follow these tips, you will also look forward to the move and feel positive about it. A positive mental attitude goes a long way when doing anything. This applies to relocation, as well. So, follow this list carefully in order to avoid problems.

Making proper organization

The organization is vital to stress-free moving. You are probably aware that you need to be organized to do anything in life correctly. This applies to moving as much as anything. So, creating a moving checklist will be crucial to reducing stress during your move.

stress-free moving is possible with proper organization
The organization is the key step in having a stress-free move

When you are organized you will be much more prepared for any problems. You will anticipate them before they happen, and you will have devised possible solutions for them. Your checklist should contain everything from hiring a company to packing your belongings and getting rid of extra stuff. The checklist should be organized by the temporal distance leading up to your move. This way you will have time to do everything properly. This is step one for stress-free moving.

Hiring a reliable moving company

Another “trick” to having a stress-free moving experience is to hire a reliable moving company. There are a plethora of them, and everyone is seemingly offering perfect service. However, there are some that want to scam you and just take your money. There are ways to find reliable movers and you should pay close attention to this part of the article.

Hiring scammers will halve your budget and get nothing accomplished. You need to research every single company you find before signing the contract. Ask your friends or family for recommendations. If they do not have any, you should search online. There are websites such as BBB where you can find a lot of moving companies. When you find one that you think will be a good fit, check their reviews. If they have good reviews they are probably good.

Google search on a phone
Use Google Search to find a reliable moving company

However, there is a chance that these reviews are fake. If you are suspicious, call the number provided and check everything. Check if you are talking to an official company representative or a broker. Brokers may try to scam you by telling you lower prices and then redirecting you to a company. Then it turns out that the prices of the services are higher than the broker stated. So, be wary when dealing with them. Check this and then do the same for a couple of companies. After that, you should compare and see which one fits your needs best. Good residential movers Miami will help your move immensely and reduce stress while providing professional service.

Decluttering your home

There are probably a lot of things in your garage or your attic that just sit there, collecting dust. It is not wise to conduct the move while you are in possession of items like these. You obviously have no use for them and they will just increase the stress and the price of your move. Movers usually give you an estimated price based on the weight of your belongings. So, it is vital to get rid of stuff you do not need. There are a couple of ways of doing so:

  • Making a garage sale: This is the best way to get rid of the stuff you do not need. You will even get some money in return! The most important thing when having a garage sale is to advertise it properly. You should advertise it on social media, and hand out flyers around your neighborhood. You can even put posters up on notice boards around your home. A good advertisement goes a long way in creating your clientele. Also, do not be afraid to barter. It is much better to sell something at a lower price, than having to move it with your other belongings. So, be flexible with your prices!
  • Selling online: if you do not sell everything during your garage sale you can do so online. There are websites such as eBay that deal with this kind of trade.
  • Donating: You can also donate your things if you do not manage to sell everything. Ask your friends or family if they need something, and you can also use these items to “bribe” your friends into helping you do a stress-free move. Everything is more fun with friends. You can also donate the stuff to charity organizations. They know who needs it the most, so do not be afraid of doing a good deed, even though you will not get any money in return.

Packing process

This is the time when you should reach packing on your moving checklist. Packing is an important part of the whole deal because it can determine if something gets broken or lost. You should get different sized boxes and get packing supplies. Packing supplies include stuff like tape, packing paper, plastic wrap and so on. Fill one box with these supplies as it will make the packing process a lot easier. It is not fun when you lose your scissors while packing.

different kinds of boxes
Get different sized boxes to make the packing easier

You should also take different colored stickers and use one color for each room, or item type. This will make creating an inventory and unpacking a lot easier. If you are not sure how to pack properly, consider hiring a packing company. Pro Movers Miami are one such company and will be happy to take over the packing duty. With their ability and expertise, you can be sure that they will do the job correctly.

Take your time for stress-free moving

One of the most important things to consider if you want to have stress-free moving is to take your time. Do not rush anything as it can make the process harder on both you and your movers. When you take your time to consider each matter carefully, the stress levels will be at a minimum. Good luck with your stress-free moving!