How to pack a garage?

Moving requires a lot of work to be done correctly. It is a hard and stressful endeavor that needs your full attention. Every single thing matters. From the beginning to the end. After you decide where you want to move and which company you should hire for the job, the next thing you need to do is to pack your belongings. One of the most dreaded rooms when it comes to packing is the garage. The garage has many items that can cause damage to other things in the moving truck. It also has many items that you do not want in the house. If you are not comfortable with packing your garage you can choose some of the best Miami packing services there are on the market, and our team will do the job for you. However, in this article, we will talk about how to pack a garage. Step by step. Let us begin, shall we?

garage tools
There are a lot of small tools in the garage.

Organizing your stuff

Before you start packing you need to properly organize your stuff. We have already mentioned that a garage is a place where you put things that you do not want inside the house. Maybe you do need that stuff altogether. If that is the case try to consider ways to get rid of them. You can do so in a couple of ways:

  • Having a garage sale: this is probably the best way of cleaning up your clutter and extra things, and also earning some money on the side! A good garage sale can help you pack a garage a lot easier. For a good garage sale, you need to properly advertise it, so people actually come. You can use social media for promotion or put up posters and hand out flyers around the neighborhood. Also, do not put up fixed prices. Be ready to barter! Selling something you do not need at a lower price is better than paying your moving company more for a bigger package.
  • Selling online: You can sell the stuff you failed to get rid of during your garage sale online. There are many websites that offer such services. There is always someone who will want to buy something online. You never know what various people may need! So, go on eBay or some other website and list your things at a reasonable price.
  • Donating your items: When you donate your items, you will get rid of stuff, and also do a good deed. There are many people that could use something you do not need. You can use Charity Navigator to know where to donate. Also, asking your friends or neighbors if they need anything, you can give it to them!
  • Throwing the stuff away: this should be your last resort because the ways listed above are better even though they require a bit more work.

Packing and moving supplies

Before you start packing, getting some packing and moving supplies is crucial. You do not want to run out of boxes or packing paper midway through your packing process. You should get boxes of different sizes because that helps the movers pack the truck accordingly. Other than that, get some packing paper, tape, cloths, and plastic wrap. These things are used to help secure the boxes and avoid any damage being done. You can ask your local Florida movers to help you with some supplies, or the whole packing process. They are one of the best packing and moving companies in Miami!

Pack a garage like a pro

You are probably wondering how to pack all those shovels and rakes and other weirdly shaped items. You need to take items of similar size and make bundles of them. Take a couple of shovels, put them so they face the same direction and then tape them together at the top and the bottom. Take a cloth and wrap them and then secure the cloth with a rope.

A car
The garage is known for its clutter, and that is why most peole don’t know where to start and how to pack a garage

Packing power tools

When packing power tools, you should use the original boxes that came with them. If you threw them away, get boxes that will fit the power tools. Wrap them in packing paper or a cloth and then put them in a box. Secure the box with tape and put it in your moving truck.

Packing your toolbox

If you have to pack a garage for your move, it might be the good time to organize your toolbox. When you do so, you can tape it to secure it from opening and wrap it in moving cloth or packing paper.

Pack a garage like a pro!

Machinery like your lawn mowers and chainsaws are tricky because people think that you should just put them in a box and be done with it. Actually, you need to empty the fuel tanks first before you put them in their original box. If you do not have it, put it in a similar sized box and tape it.

Packing bikes

Disassemble the bikes to the smallest piece. This will help your movers a lot. Just make sure not to lose smaller pieces such as pedals or breaks.

Flammable materials

Packing flammable materials is very risky. Most moving companies will refuse to put them in their trucks. They can spontaneously ignite and wreak havoc. This is why propane tanks, aerosol and other flammable materials rarely get moved. The best idea is to give them to your neighbors and friends because throwing them can cause environmental hazards. This includes everything with fuel. Be sure to empty the tank before packing it!

Label everything

Make sure to label everything correctly in order to avoid mixing things up. It is a real pain when you want a specific piece of equipment and then have to search all the boxes to find it. You can label them with a marker or colored stickers. Just make sure to write down which color corresponds to which type of item. This will make it much easier for you and our movers. The movers will be grateful because they will know what boxes they should put in the truck first. It is not recommended to have fragile items at the bottom because they can break.

Are you feeling tired already? Let movers pack a garage!

That should cover everything concerning your garage. Good luck with your move!