Packing furniture for a cross country move

The packing process was always the hardest part of each relocation. People simply do not like it because it is boring, costly, time-consuming, and sometimes, even dangerous. Of course, it depends on the content you are moving and the condition it is in. But next to packing, you must create a plan, work on your legalities, calculate your budget, and find one of the interstate moving companies Miami to relocate you. So, there are many tasks to complete and if you let packing consume all your free time, you won’t have a pleasant moving experience. Therefore, let us help you with packing furniture for a cross country move and make it more efficient. Let’s go!

How complex your move is?

First, you must evaluate all your belongings and furniture. This way you will realize how complex your relocation is. Create a moving checklist where you’ll list all your moving-related responsibilities. Also, you will add the inventory list to it. So, take a tour of your home and inspect all your belongings. The goal is to calculate the number of packing materials you must purchase and to note down all furniture pieces that are hard to handle. Some furniture is maybe ready to be replaced while others should be repaired, refurbished, or need special packing materials. Just inspect all areas of your home and note it all down. Do not forget to take a look at your attic, garage, and basement as well.

a woman holding a light bulb drawing
Figure out the best way to organize yourself and list it all down on your moving checklist.

While inspecting your belongings, check the environment as well. You and your Miami movers want to know if there are any staircases, doors, hallways, or narrow corridors that can make problems while relocating. Once you have it all nicely written down, call your movers and obtain quotes. After they evaluate the situation and provide a finalized moving plan, you’ll be ready to purchase packing materials and start packing furniture for a cross country move.

Find movers to relocate your furniture safely

Now when you know everything about your home and your moving cargo, you should start looking for movers downtown Miami. You will find them in local papers or on the internet. Obviously, the internet is a much better solution. So, sit down and start browsing the moving offers. Compare prices, services, and try to find movers that suit you the most. Implement your search criteria and guided by your preset requisites, you will narrow the search down greatly. Also, you should read reviews and check one of the related social media groups. There you can find references, comments, and confirmation if your company is good or bad. And when you are ready, call your movers and check on their offer. And remember, do not hire the first one you find. Call several moving companies and then choose the one you like the most.

You should gather supplies for packing furniture for a cross country move

Ok, once you have your moving logistics in place, you should start gathering packing supplies. The first step is to check your local hardware store or a home depot. You should find all moving-related supplies there. If not, you can ask your movers if they can provide any of it. Most of the moving companies offer packing supplies and packing services. It can be convenient to purchase everything from them especially if you are time-limited. So, for the everyday home relocation you will need the following packing materials:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Plastic wrap and blister packs.
  • Packing tape and packing paper.
  • Labels.
obtain enough packing materials for packing furniture for a cross country move
Obtain enough packing materials to cover your furniture and other belongings in your household.

Yes, there are hundreds of variations and different packing supplies out there. But to pack your home and your furniture, you will probably need just what we mentioned above. Although, if you possess any special and valuable items like artwork or antiques, then you should purchase a bit better packing supplies. There are customized boxes, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, padded dividers, corner pads, etc. The same goes for your furniture. If you have anything you want to protect with stronger and better materials, go for it. Just make sure all your packing supplies are delivered on time so you can pack before the moving day.

Find more helpers to help you with packing furniture for a cross country move

If you do not want to pay for the extra packing service, you can ask your friends and family to help you out. In case you are moving alone, it can be tricky to pack everything by yourself and on time. Packing furniture for a cross country move is not an easy task at all and you can’t do it alone. And you should try to find help in any way you can. Therefore, ask your friends, coworkers, neighbors, relatives, etc. Give them some time to respond because moving is tedious and no one likes to participate. And you can’t blame them, especially if they have no time to do it as well. But if you have just one friend that can spare a few hours or participate over the weekend, it should be enough.

two people crossing the street
Ask your friends to help you relocate. It means a lot to have an extra pair of hands.

Pack your furniture and get ready

As soon as you have your packing materials delivered, you should start packing. You can do it slowly or dedicate a weekend to cover it all. We suggest you slowly pack over the upcoming weeks and speed it up a week before to finalize everything. This way you will reduce the chances of getting late or missing something. As for the packing process, you want to be sure your furniture is empty, stable, and cleaned before you start packing. Once you are sure all pieces are ready, you can start wrapping one by one and securing with padded dividers, cardboard, or whatever materials you have purchased.

For almost all furniture inside your home, bubble wrap should be enough to protect it from bumps and bruises. But again, if you have extremely valuable pieces, protect them a bit better. Or consult with your movers and if necessary, purchase a white glove packing service. As we mentioned before, your movers can cover everything affordably and safely. Think about it.

And that is it. You are ready for packing furniture for a cross country move. Just purchase packing materials on time, find a reliable moving company, and supervise the process. If necessary, purchase the moving insurance as well to be sure your items have another layer of protection. Good luck and stay safe.