Hiring long distance movers

Moving is a difficult process to do flawlessly. It will test your resolve, and your wits. You have to be fully prepared for the moving process in order for it to go smoothly. Creating a stable moving environment is of utmost importance and that is why you should do your work only with the most reliable companies. Moving is something that paves the way to your new life at your new home. This is why you need to avoid all possible complications. Complications are a bad sign when you want to start your new life. Being ready for any problem will allow you to make possible solutions for them. In this article we will talk about hiring the best long distance movers and how to pick the right ones. If you are looking for good long distance movers in Florida, make sure to check this link out.

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Hiring long distance movers is a serious task to take on.

Do your research

The first thing you must do is research the potential companies. You need to find a company which will suit your needs and avoid being charged more than you can afford. To do this, you need to go to the company websites and:

  1. Take a look at their offers and decide if it fits your needs
  2. Read the reviews before hiring long distance movers

Offers may include packing services, transporting fragile items and more. Before you decide upon a company, you have to see if something you have will make the move cost more and require additional services. If you have valuable paintings or robust musical instruments, such as a piano, seeing if the company specializes in transporting this kind of items will make the move a lot easier. Then you need to look at the company reviews. However, there are some companies that put on fake reviews in order to bait customers in. You should take the company with the most positive reviews, but do not forget to take everything with a grain of salt.

Some reviews may be fake, and that is why you need to go on other reviewing websites and try to find the most objective reviews. Pro Movers Miami is a company that does everything correctly and will offer the best services possible for a reasonable price. If you want to hire a reliable moving company be sure to check them out!

Making an inventory before hiring long distance movers is a smart move

In order to decide on a company and know what special services you may need, you first need to make an inventory. Making an inventory will make your job a lot easier and potentially root out any chance of being scammed. During packing, make an inventory of each box you have, and the contents on it. The organization is key. That is why you should mark each box and divide the contents by room or by any other factor you see fit. By making an inventory, you will know which item is where, and the possibility of losing them will diminish. Another important thing is not to pack smaller items that either mean a lot to you, or are used in bureaucratic means. This includes items like jewelry, passports, ID and more.

A checklist like this one can come in handy when hiring long distance movers.
Making an inventory will make the job a lot easier!

Moving estimates

Now, we will move on to how the moving companies charge you for their services. The main part of the price is the estimate. An estimate is when the company representative comes to your house, looks at everything that needs to be moved, and gives you an approximate cost for the move. This is usually done by weight or distance. When hiring long distance movers, the best idea is to get an estimate which is set upon weight. This way you will avoid potential overcharge if you are moving to a location that is very far away. There are three types of estimates and you should carefully consider which one suits your needs the most:

  • Binding estimate:

This kind of estimate is when the moving company issues you with a price which is fixed even before the actual weighing. When the weighing comes, and the overall weight of your items is less or more than the estimate, the price will not change. This may be a bit more expensive, but it is also a sign of a reliable moving company. All the services rendered by your company will be included in this estimate.

  • Non-binding estimate:

This is when the company gives you an overall estimate which may change, should they deem it necessary. When unloading your stuff, they may charge you with some additional services you had not agreed upon, such as fuel expenses. This looks like the cheaper option but it may prove to be a lot more expensive than you first thought it would be. Many scammer companies use this kind of estimate because they can add charges for anything they see which can get more money out of you.

  • Binding not-to-exceed-estimate:

This is maybe the best option because the price is flexible, but unlike the non-binding estimate, it favors you. They will give you an estimate for your move, and when the weighing day comes, if the overall weight is more than the estimate, the price will stay where it was first agreed upon, and if it is less than the estimate, the price will be lower. This is the best option, but not many companies will offer it. This is because it will render less profit for them. But, if a company offers you this, it is a good sign that they are reliable.

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Make sure you create a financial plan. before you start thinking about hiring long distance movers.

Hiring long distance movers means finding licensed ones

You also need to see if you will move interstate or intrastate. There is a list approved by the FMCSA which lists all the companies who are eligible to do an interstate move. Be sure to hire them if you are moving interstate. There are some companies that claim they are approved but are actually not. You have to carefully research this and contact the FMCSA in order to check these claims. When hiring long distance movers this is a must. You do not want to work with a rogue moving company that does not apply to the FMCSA standards.