Choose the right movers in the state of emergency

Although we want to think that relocation can be perfect if we just try really hard, it’s not always the case. Unexpected situations arise often, and we can’t plan for those. Or can we? Knowing that everything you’ve planned for can go to waste isn’t a pleasant thought, but we should keep it in mind. There are various kinds of emergencies that can come up. Many of them will disrupt the normal flow of the moving process. One thing to bear in mind is the following. No matter what life throws at you, you can still finish your relocation. It just might take a bit of rearranging and a lot of patience. You will still move to Miami like you wanted to – it will just be under different circumstances. So, let’s begin with a few tips on how to pick the movers in the state of emergency

person looking at a watch
Moving on short notice or delaying the relocation is not something you plan for. However, you should definitely have a plan B in case something unexpected pops up.

What can the movers in the state of emergency really do?

Are there some limits to what a moving company can do in a state of emergency? That’s a question many people ask when such a situation arises. However, there is no single right answer to this question. Every company will approach emergency moving in a different way. Of course, it will all depend on the type of emergency. Some people might be in a rush and would like to speed up their moving process. Others have had unexpected events happen and need to postpone their relocation. Or, in some cases, there is a third aspect that none of us saw coming – like a world-wide pandemic, for instance.

Relocating during a COVID-19 pandemic is one of the possible challenges

This period of the year is definitely tough on everyone, and all of us at Pro Movers Miami understand. Everyone has put a stop to all activities which are not considered essential. In many countries throughout the world, relocation is not considered an essential activity and many have had to postpone their moving date. However, if you currently live in a place where it is not, here is how you can make sure you have the right movers in the state of emergency. 

  • Movers will conduct a virtual survey and hold all their meetings online or over the phone instead of in person.
  • They will take care of their employees, ensuring all hands-on workers have the proper equipment and are protected.
  • The company might offer free storage and other discounts for their moving services.
  • There will be exceptions to your moving contract, and you won’t lose your security deposit.
  • Movers will be more flexible with date changes and other things they will have to adapt to.
woman wearing mask and having a video call
Moving during the COVID-19 pandemic requires a lot more thought and care. Make sure your movers have taken all the precautionary measures to protect both parties involved.

Moving on short notice – will the movers be up to the task?

As we previously mentioned, emergency moving can also mean that you have little to no time to properly prepare for it. That’s when you want to have someone by your side who you can completely rely on. In this emergency situation, it is crucial to have a team that is experienced in these short-notice moves. The moving company you want to hire for your emergency move will be understandable, approachable and most of all, reliable. If you get in touch with an unreliable moving company and say that you have a very short timeframe for the relocation, they might start offering all sorts of things. If they keep promising to do things that seem sketchy and impossible, it’s time to move on and find other movers.

How do you know if you’ve got the right movers in an emergency situation?

Organizing an emergency move isn’t easy. Even though most moving companies really try to be efficient as well as swift when moving your family, some just aren’t up to the task when they’re in a rush. It is either due to inexperience or negligence. To avoid this, keep a tab on a few other things during the process. For instance, if they take days to respond to you, or to give you a proper moving quote, it is very likely they won’t be efficient during transport. The last thing you want when moving in an emergency is slow and unreliable movers! Another way you can check their reliability is to read online reviews. Perhaps there are some people who also had to move in a rush, and they will tell you whether the movers offered the right service. People will leave a negative review if something went terribly wrong!

four people bumping fists over a table
In case an emergency happens, you will see whether you hired the right movers based on how their reaction.

Delaying your move due to an emergency – will your movers understand?

On the other hand, sometimes there will be other factors which will delay your relocation. For example, losing your job, a family member passing, separating with your partner, etc. We do hope none of these happen to you, but we would love it if you knew what to do in case it does. If you’ve done the right job when picking a moving company, they will likely be sympathetic. The company will understand that you are in a very unstable situation and that you need their assistance. A good mover will not give you a penalty for pushing your moving date and will work with you to find another one that is more suitable. In either case, you should read really carefully through your moving contract before signing it. A proper moving company will state exactly how they will react to an emergency or an unexpected change of plans.