How to enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family

Moving to Fort Lauderdale can be fun, depending on your perspective. If you find good and reliable long distance movers Florida, you will relocate in no time without any problems. And you will be able to enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family and make the most of it. Although this will be your home, you can use the first couple of days after the relocation and enjoy your time here. Fort Lauderdale is quite interesting and can offer you a lot of different and interesting things. We can assure you that you will love it here. And you will enjoy the relocation with your family.

What to do to enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family?

Well, first of all, you should know that Fort Lauderdale is one of the most kid-friendly cities that you can imagine. Although a lot of people think that Fort Lauderdale is a great place only for a spring break – that is not the case anymore. The whole family can enjoy Fort Lauderdale. Now, this is a city that can offer a variety of opportunities to have fun for the whole family. Depending on what are your preferences – do you and your family like nature, museums, playgrounds – we can assure you that you will enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family.  It really is a place that can offer you a lot.

view of places to enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family
Your whole family can enjoy Fort Lauderdale

And, do not focus too much on relocation itself. With a good and relibale moving company Fort Lauderdale, you can be worry-free. You can even get some good advice from them about what you should visit. You can enjoy nature, adventure, and culture in Fort Lauderdale. 

Where to eat in Fort Lauderdale?

When you arrive in Fort Lauderdale, you can go to a great family dinner or lunch. Luckily, this beautiful city can offer a lot of different options. If you want your kids to really enjoy their first meal here, you can take them to Peter Pan Diner. They offer a large menu and great food that even the pickiest kids will love! Also, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants, so you can choose whichever you like. And if you like burgers, you should definitely visit Le Tub. You can sit on the river, enjoy the view of the boats that go by and eat one of the best burgers you will ever have!

Where to shop in Fort Lauderdale?

Once you have moved you will probably need some additional things that will make your new house a home. And in Fort Lauderdale, there are places that you can enjoy with your whole family. The best place to go to is Sawgrass Mills. There hundreds of stores, and so many different amenities that you will enjoy your time here. You should also know that a lot of people from different places in Florida come here to shop. So, once you have settled in this can be your place for a family shopping.

shopping bags
We can assure you that shopping will be fun in Fort Lauderdale

What to visit and enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family?

Well, as we previously mentioned this depends on what you and your family like. Do you like nature or you like museums better? Either way, we will give you different options so you can find what is best for you and your family. You will need some time to relax from the relocation, especially if you had to do all the packing. We advise you to consider to hire professionals to pack and unpack your belongings since you will have time to enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family.

Visit Butterfly world

This is one of the most interesting places for most people. It is a rather unique experience and you will love it, no matter how old you are. It is located in Coconut Creek, since 1988. You can enjoy walking through the aviary that looks like a tropical rain forest. Here, you can find more than 2 thousand butterflies and caterpillars. Outside, you can find a really big and great gardens filled with roses. You can even find a small pond, a gift shop. Maybe, int his gift shop you can find something that will help you decorate your new home. While you are enjoying family time in Fort Lauderdale you will also learn a lot of new things!

Butterfly that you will wee and enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family
You will see rather interesting and colorful butterflies in the Butterfly world

Use Fort Lauderdale water taxi

One of the most interesting things about Fort Lauderdale are the waterways.  There are over 300 miles of boating avenues that you can explore with your family. You can use water taxi to go sightseeing or for transportation – it is up to you! We can assure you that your kids will love it and that it will be rather interesting experience for them. The captains will often inform passengers where to dine and where to go to enjoy Fort Lauderdale with family.

Visit the BB&T center

This is one of the most popular attractions. You should know that this is the home to the Florida Panthers Hockey Team. Besides that, this is a place where you can visit events ranging from music concerts to political rallies. It was known as Broward County Civic Arena, so make sure to remember that. It is a rather large entertainment venue that will not disappoint you. There are so many different events during the year, so we are sure that you will find something that you love and that you can enjoy.

If you want to enjoy Fort Lauderdale with your family visit  Everglades Holiday park

Everglades Holiday Park is a rather unique experience. We can assure you that your whole family will enjoy this experience. You will get to see alligators in their habitat and enjoy the beautiful Everglades. Also, you will enjoy a great view of Everglades, and you will learn a lot. You will be able to see a lot of exotic birds, besides the alligators that will be right next to your boat. But do not worry, this is a very safe ride. And after the ride, you will have a rather unique opportunity to hold and take pictures with young alligators.