Simple decorating tips once you relocate to Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you are not gifted in the art of design, there is no shame in seeking help. Those that have a natural eye for design will most likely not read this article. However, if you are here, it means that you help. So, we have talked to some experts who do have the gift and compiled a list of simple decorating tips for you to try out after moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city and that will inspire you to change the look of your home. Let’s see what the experts have said!

symmetrical windows
Symmetry is a great way to decorate your rooms!

Consider what you want to use the room for with simple decorating tips

This is important because every room needs its role. And we are not talking about whether it is used as the living room or kitchen. We are talking about whether you want the room to be the main room for social gatherings. You need to decorate the room to fit the purpose. You cannot just put a sofa in your kitchen and call it the main room for social gatherings. Some decor on the walls is also a good idea. And besides that, the decor also needs to fit the aesthetic of the room. In addition, if you, for example, want to make your bedroom more calm peaceful, you need to decorate it with the aim of it becoming a sanctuary. You can even think about this during your long distance move!

What is the focal point of the room?

When you enter a room, there is always something that draws your eyes on it first. This is the focal point of the room and you need to think about what can that be. This can be the fireplace, the windows, or even the coffee table in the middle of the room. Adding some eye-catching decorations on your fireplace can make it seem more lively and enticing.

Other experts suggest that you should always think about pairs. If you have some kind of decoration on one side of your fireplace, consider adding the same thing on the other. People that want to decorate their home often underestimate the power of pairs. It can draw the looks of your visitors and really tie the room together as it adds to its symmetry. When you finish unpacking with the help of your local movers Florida, consider what is the focal point of your rooms.

You can also do the complete opposite if you are feeling artsy. Make the room seem completely asymmetrical, but do so in a meaningful way. We do not have suggestions for this one because it is based purely on your imagination. Go wild!

Lighting is very important in simple decorating tips

Lighting is something that many people forget about when decorating their rooms with simple decorating tips. However, this is an aspect of decoration that can change the complete feel of the room. It can totally change the mood and that is why you need to learn how to layer your light. There are three types of layers you can add to your lighting. There is the ambient, or general lighting, focal, or task lighting, and decorative lighting. The ambient lighting should be the main source of light in the room which has the simple purpose of illuminating the room. The focal, or task lighting, is focused on a specific area or decoration that you want everyone to see or notice. The decorative lighting is if you want to add your personal artistic decoration to the room to express your style.

concert with focal lighting
The best example of focal lighting is a concert

How to set up the lights

When you have thought about where you want to put the lights (also very important depending on the purpose of the room), now it is time to decide the brightness of the light source.

There are two key aspects of choosing the type of light source: color temperature, and lumen output. Color temperature decides the color of your light. When putting lights in your bedroom or living room, you should put lights with the lower temperature. Lower temperature gives out a warmer light and it ranges from 2000K to 2700K. When putting lights in your bathroom, consider the temperatures between 3000K to 3500K for a more white, bright light. The lumen output is the strength of your light. More lumen equals more light, so consider how bright and strong you want your light to be depending on the purpose of the room and also the ambient and mood. One of the best simple decorating tips you can find!

Put in different textures

You do not want your rooms to seem sterile. Except for your bathroom of course. One of the best ways to breathe in new life into your rooms is by mixing the textures. You can do so by adding a fuzzy pillow on your bed next to the metal table. Fuzzy and smooth metal are complete opposites and will make the room feel more lively and interesting. This is one of the best simple decorating tips you will find out there! You can also add wallpaper on one of your walls. They are cheap and easy to find, and even easier to apply. You will probably not have to ask your moving company Fort Lauderdale to do it for you.

One of the great simple decorating tips
Putting some inscription on the walls is a great simple decorating tip!

Proportion is also important

This is something you can do without spending a dime. You need to look at your room and your furniture and relocate everything accordingly. If your room is small, by having smaller furniture, you will make the room seem more spacious. Consider adding smaller coffee tables, or even those layered tables you can put next to each sofa or chair in your room. This will make the walkways bigger and make it easier for people to move around. You also need to have a rug that sits under all the furniture. If there is space between your walls and the furniture, then the rug should be a bit bigger so there is some left beyond what the legs of your furniture reach. If the furniture is hugging the walls, then your rug should be smaller. So, it should not reach the walls, but be just a tad bit shorter.