Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are beautiful cities located in the south of Florida. As a matter of fact, they are bordering each other, with Forth Lauderdale just north of Miami. Consequently, both share breathtaking waterfronts and warm climate. However, once you put those geographical facts aside, certain similarities and differences seem to appear. The text that is in front of you will focus on the certain points you ought to consider when moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.

The differences you are bound to feel

Although not the capital of the state, Miami is still cultural, economic and financial center of South Florida. While Fort Lauderdale is undoubtedly a popular tourist destination, Miami takes precedence over the sheer number of people that visit it. The difference is palpable and best seen in the atmosphere the city has.

Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale - Crowded street.
If you are sensitive to crowds, Fort Lauderdale will prove to be more tolerable for you.

The financial aspect

Wherever you choose to live in Florida, the costs of living will beat the US average. And even if you hire Pro Movers Miami when moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, the overall price you will pay at the end of the month won’t differ much. The overall costs of living are virtually the same in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Having said that, certain financial aspects do vary:

  • The price of housing is higher in Miami than it is in Fort Lauderdale. Further meaning that the median cost of an average home, for both buying and renting will turn out to be higher. This, however, does not include property taxes or utilities.
  • The median home cost will have a pleasant feel on your wallet when moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. You will be richer for no less than $20,000.
  • Transportation will also make a difference in your final bill. Once you include all the costs, like gasoline, commuting, and auto insurance, Fort Lauderdale turns out to be a cheaper option.

More to transportation than meets the eye

Still, the price of transportation is not the only difference between these to cities. A survey conducted 3 years ago has found that 72.3% of the working city of Miami residents commuted by driving alone. People who live there tend to complain about the lack of parking space and the annoyance of traffic jams. Fort Lauderdale, however, has a local bus transportation system provided by Broward County Transit. In addition, there are four railroads that serve Fort Lauderdale. Besides making the commute much cheaper, this aspect of Fort Lauderdale transportation allows the non-driving folk to reach their destinations without much trouble.

A traffic jam.
One of the advantages of moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale is the pronounced reduction in traffic jams.

When moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, be prepared for:

1. An abundance of restaurants

Even the movers in Fort Lauderdale will be very vocal about the variety of choices you can choose from. Anything from open-air dining on Las Olas Boulevard to crowded Beach Place restaurants and old-Florida style seafood places is available and ready to satiate your appetite. Residents claim that the dining scene in the city has taken an enormous step forward, as far as sophistication goes. One can even assert that Fort Lauderdale is starting to give Miami a run for its money.

2. A community that is health-conscious

The vast majority of people who reside in this city highly value their health. You will see them working hard in order to maintain it as well. If you are moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, you will be blessed with favorable weather, further allowing you to enjoy all the outdoor adventures. There is a lot of family-friendly activities you can try, and even get your young ones to be more active. You can try inline skating, biking, jogging, beach yoga and so much more. Simply take a stroll along the beach and pick and choose what suits you best. There is really no excuse for being in bad shape when you live here. Besides, with plenty of options and a supportive community, it will be hard to inactive.

3. Plenty of artists all around the city

Many argue that the art districts of Miami have lost some if their flair due to the overtaking of commercialized restaurants, bars, and overpriced “boutique” retail hotspots. However, Fort Lauderdale has its Flagler Village, a true sanctuary for creativity. Both MASS District (Music and Arts South of Sunrise) and FAT Village Arts District (Flagler Arts & Technology) home a lot of innovative and bold artists. Best time to stop by would be at on the last Saturday of any month when they have their Art Walk events organized in the neighborhoods. Other than that, all art enthusiasts can also enjoy in the abundance of art galleries, fashion boutiques, museums, and other places Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

A girl painting on a wall
Fort Lauderdale welcomes all artists with its arms widely spread.

4. A lot of events to choose from

The beautiful weather in Fort Lauderdale naturally comes with a lot of outdoor events. Some of Florida’s greatest festivals and events include Tortuga Music Festival, Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival, and Las Olas Food and Wine Festival. Another event you shouldn’t miss is Friday Night Sound Waves. It includes live and free music at the Beach Hub and is taking place every Friday, no matter the weather. And, if you are looking for some family-friendly fun, try visiting Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon, Florida Renaissance Festival, and the Family Fun Week, to name just a few. Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale also means that you have to be a regular at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. In addition, try your best to catch Lauderdale Air Show, as well as the Hollywood Beach Latin Festival.