How to declutter your storage unit properly

Storage facilities can be a very useful asset and that is exactly why so many people get them at least once in their lifetime. Storage units are also a lifesaver for people who want to upsize their homes by storing away some of the items they don’t use on a regular basis. But, no matter how useful storage units are, they can also be a real pain when it comes to organizing and cleaning them. And, trust us – you will want to keep your storage unit well-maintained so don’t even try to avoid cleaning it! Since this is such an important matter, we, at Pro Movers Miami, have decided to write a couple of tips on how to declutter your storage unit the right way. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this topic, make sure to keep reading!

Get ready for decluttering your storage unit

If you are like most people, then you probably hate cleaning and you are always searching for excuses to postpone this task. But you know what? We are here to help you handle this task like a pro! One of the first things you will want to do before you declutter your storage unit is to prepare yourself. Here is what we have in mind.

A note in a planner to remind you to declutter your storage unit
Prepare mentally for the task you need to take care of
  • Get in the right mindset. It is no secret that most people find decluttering boring. If you are one of them, you will need to prepare mentally for it. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than doing something you don’t want to do while being tired, angry, or frustrated. This is why it is so important to get in the right mindset before you start to declutter.
  • Call in the troops. No matter how big your storage is, you will want to have someone by your side to help you declutter faster. You should ask a couple of your friends or family members to help you out, but make sure to ask them in advance.
  • Start early and take your time. Even if your storage unit is the smallest one you could get, you will still spend a couple of hours on decluttering it. Unless you need to do last-minute decluttering, take your time and do one step at a time. Oh, and remember to get up early so that you can take care of this task before it gets dark!

Use a four-box method

If you want to conquer the clutter in your storage unit, you will have to use a four-box method! Trust is, this method makes decluttering a piece of cake! So, if you are thinking about storing your clothes long term, learn this method and be ready when the time for decluttering comes. But, what is exactly this four-box method?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple. This method is so great that you can use it before moving to Florida to declutter your home and here is why. For this method, you will need to find four boxes of the same size (go for bigger ones). And, you are going to label them like this:

  • Keep
  • Sell 
  • Donate 
  • Trash 

After doing this, go through all of your boxes to remind yourself about all of the items you have stored and place them in one of these boxes. Even though this might sound silly to you, but people tend to forget what they have inside storage units especially if they are storing for a longer period of time. This is why having an inventory list is a lifesaver. But, let’s go back to the four-box method. You have labeled these four boxes and you are inside your storage unit, now what?

Hands on an American flag
Helping someone in need is what all of us should do whenever we can.

Now, you will have to decide whether you are going to keep all of the items that are stored. If you are not in a bad financial situation currently, consider donating some of the stuff you don’t need anymore instead of trying to sell them. There are many donation centers in Miami where you can bring all of your belongings that you have placed in the donate box.

Organize your boxes

After you declutter your storage unit, you will need to organize it once again. Use this chance to organize it better! We will help you do this, so there is nothing to worry about. Here are a couple of tips that will help you keep Miami storage facilities organized.

Open storage units
Keep your storage unit tidy and your stored belongings will be safe and secure
  • Leave a path. If you want to have access to all of your boxes, you will need to leave a path so that you can reach them. Doing this also makes cleaning of the storage unit simpler.
  • Place heavy boxes at the front. By doing this, you won’t have to carry them a lot. And, we all know that lifting heavy items is one of the most common causes of a back injury.
  • Lift your boxes. Even though you have rented a storage unit of the finest quality, you will still need to be cautious. Use wooden pallets and place your boxes on them. This will keep them safe from dust, dirt, or unwanted guests.

Keep your storage unit well-maintained

There you have it, these are the most important steps you will want to follow in order to declutter your storage unit. What you will want to do is to keep it clean as much as possible. Remember, a clean storage unit will keep the mold and unwanted guests, such as rodents, away! Oh, and one more thing! Whether you are storing on a longer or a shorter period of time, you will want to check on your storage unit from time to time just to make sure that everything is ok. Because of these regular visits, try to find quality storage facilities that are close to your home so that you don’t have to travel a lot.