How to pest-proof your storage unit

If you want to store your items for a long term, you better pest-proof your storage unit. Storage units are popular gathering places for different kinds of pests. Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, are main inhabitants of unattended storage units. And that would be such a problem if they weren’t using your items as a food source. But they just can’t help it. Your old sofa is just so delicious. That is why, if your goal when you were renting a storage unit was to keep your items safe and in good condition, you need to be aware that there are dangers inside the storage unit as well. And that you will need to protect your items additionally. So, the best way to do it is to pack your items properly.  And movers Hollywood FL offer professional packing services that you can hire to protect your items the right way.

Rat is a reason to pest-proof your storage unit
Rats are the most common pests in Florida

Most common pests in Florida

Florida has very exotic wildlife. And thanks to its humid and warm climate it is a home for many home-invading insects and rodents. They will invade any unprotected space in no time.  And that includes unattended storage units. Luckily, there are many ways to protect your items and to pest-proof your storage unit. Unfortunately, you will need to invest time, effort and money to do it properly. Here are the most common pests that are waiting for you in Florida.

List of Florida pests

  • Rats are the first pest that will come into your mind when you are thinking about why to pest-proof your storage unit.
  • Mice are also a problem in Florida
  • Florida is home to many species of ants, and they can cause troubles, too.
  • Termites like to chew your furniture, and if your storage is infested, say goodbye to your wooden items.
  • Spiders are not causing any damage, but if you leave them for a long time unattended you can have real trouble to get inside your storage unit.
  • Roaches are also not causing any damage to your belongings but they are so disgusting to see, that some people have real nightmares about them.
  • Fleas can be a real menace if your storage unit is infested. They are hard to get rid of, and they can transmit all sorts of diseases.
large storage facility
If you find a good storage facility you will not have to pest-proof your storage unit

If you find good storage facility you won’t have to pest-proof your storage unit

The first and most important thing to do when you are storing your items in a storage unit is to find a good storage Miami. With pest-proofing your storage unit, it is of great help if the storage facility is well maintained and clean. So, you really can’t rent a storage unit online and hope that everything will be ok. When you are searching for a suitable storage unit for your belongings, you need to go there and check the facility for yourself. See if the storage facility is well maintained, clean and that there are small rodent bait stations or traps placed on the floor.  If you see them, do not worry, that is a good sign.

Every storage facility has rodents and insects. And it is just a matter of how they are handling their pests. If you don’t see any traps around or inside the facility, that means they are not treating the problem. That is a place where you will certainly have trouble with defending from pests.

Pest-proof your storage unit on your own

If you have found a clean and well-maintained storage facility it is time to visit your unit. Take a good look at your unit and try to find cracks and holes that pests could use to get inside your space. You can usually find them at floor and ceiling corners. Or around the door or windows, if there are any.  When you identify all pest routes, find an appropriate way to seal them. After you have sealed all the cracks and holes, take a look around the entrance and make sure that the door is well sealed when closed. If there is a space, especially under the door, use a wooden board to cover the hole.

Next, you should do some cleaning. Make sure that you clean the floors, walls, and ceiling from any dirt and spider webs. Pay special attention to corners, and don’t be afraid to push a broom little bit harder there. After you clean the space, it is time for some pest control.

Get some insect repellents to pest-proof your storage unit

Even though your storage facility already has pest bait stations and traps installed, it wouldn’t hurt you to do it in your unit, too. Prepare some insect repellents to spray around the corners of your unit. It should stop anything from crawling in for some time. Use cockroach poison baits and place them on their possible routes. Usually closer to the door and around the corners. And place rodent traps and baits. That should be enough for a storage unit to be pest-proof for a long time.

Dog in a blanket
If you have some blankets that your dog used, check them for fleas before storing

Check your items before storing them

After you have pest-proofed your storage unit you need to prepare your items. The first and most important thing is to clean them. What was the point of all that work around your unit if you bring in termites or fleas inside with your belongings? That is why you need to make sure that everything is pest-free before you pack it for storage. Pay close attention to older wooden furniture pieces. Especially at the bottom. Because that is where the termite infestation will usually strike first. If you have some clothes or blankets that were used by your pets, make sure that you shake them well and wash them before they are packed. If you are packing a mattress, make sure that is free of bed bugs before storing it.

Pack your items well

When packing your items for long term storage, you need to think about the time your items will be stored. If you know that your items will be stored for a long time. Make sure that you pack them properly. If you don’t know how to do it, local movers Miami have excellent packing service that could ease your troubles quickly and professionally.

You will have to put some effort

As you can see, there are ways to pest-proof your storage unit, but you need to do some work. If you are just moving to Florida, check if you moving insurance covers your storage unit, as well. If not, then you have to give your best to pest-proof your unit properly.