Ways to pest-proof your home

One of the most irritating problems that you can have in your home is pests. No matter what size and quantity, they are the symbol of filth and you surely do not want to feel like that. People usually hire professionals to do this, but that comes with a price. Of course, you can do that but there are many ways to pest-proof your home without anybody’s help. Find out how to protect yourself from them and relax knowing that you will not see some rat walking through your kitchen.


The first thing that you have to do is to inspect your home for pests. You would be amazed by how adaptive these animals are, so you have to be thorough while doing this. There are some signs that indicate that you may have a problem with these creatures:

  • Rustling- Rats are very sneaky animals. They usually come out when there is nobody that can disturb them. That is usually at night. You can listen and try to hear any rustling that the pests can make.
  • Droppings- You may have a problem finding these so do not think that there is not any rodent inside your home if you do not find any.
  • Urine– This may be the best way to find out whether you have pests inside your home. The best way to find urine is to buy UV flashlight. The good thing about this is that urine will glow once you put light on it. This way you can be 100% that you have a pest problem inside your home.
See whether you have a pest problem
Inspect your home properly

Replace some things

There are some things that you use which can be very bad for you. In order to pest-proof your home, you have to throw them away and replace them with better ones. For instance, you have to avoid cardboard boxes. No matter how good the built is, rodents can still chew through it. The best alternative is plastic boxes. If you do not have one, you can contact any moving company Aventura and ask them for their help. You can be sure that they will have what you need. Of course, there are various sizes of these boxes so you can even ask for the size that you need.

Declutter your home

You may think that this is not that important but you are wrong. You may find pests anywhere in your home, even in your own bedroom. In order to be safe, you should set a date when you are going to declutter your home. This means that you should throw away everything that you do not need and leave only things you do. Of course, you can even give them as a present or do something else with them. The key is to reduce the number of items that could attract pests.

Seal entry points!

Pests do not just appear in your home. They have to come from somewhere so in order to avoid pests in your home you should seal every entry point. Of course, you can’t seal everything but there are some things that you can do. Repair any opening that you have on your home. It is natural things that your windows come a little loose during the time. But on the other hand, this is a perfect opportunity for pests to come in and make your life miserable. Pests come in various sizes so they can fit through any crack. Also, replace weather-strips on your entry points, like windows and doors.

Even minor cracks can be enough for pests to penetrate your home
Seal entry points!

Secure vents

This is one of the most favorite places for pests to be in. They are away from you and they can live in peace. A lot of things are located in your vents like bacteria, mold and other debris. This is a problem for you because pests love this environment. Clean your vents thoroughly! Yes, there is no chance that you can do a perfect job but you can still reduce the possibility for pests to come in your home.

This is a good way to pest-proof your home
Clean your vents

Use pests repellents

This may be the best way to pest-proof your home. There are a lot of products that you can use for this. You can even make some of them yourself! No matter what you choose, be sure that you spray in the places where you expect pests to be. You should not expect that they will disappear overnight but you can be sure that you will solve your problem. You can also use classic traps and poisons on strategic points in your home. They are efficient but there is no guarantee that you will solve your problem for good. It is best if you can use both of these solutions and get rid of these creatures. After all, this will add value to your home if you choose to move away. No one will ever buy the house with this kind of problem…

Hire a professional company to pest-proof your home

Of course, this is the best way to pest-proof your home. These are specialized companies in this area so you should not have any problems with your pests after this. It may be a problem for you to find this if you moved just recently. But it should not be that hard to find one of them online. Be ready for many people inside your home for one or two days.

How to know if the house you are interested in is pest-free?

Well, there are two ways. The first is to hire a real estate expert. The best way is to ask him directly. They are obligated to tell the true condition of the house you are interested in. On the other hand, you can even come yourself, visit the house you want to buy and see for yourself. This is not that secure because you do not have that much time to inspect the house. After you have convinced that there are no pests in the estate you are interested in, hire one of moving companies Sunny Isles Beach and move to your new home!


Pests are very sneaky creatures. They are very persistent so you have to be too if you want to pest-proof your home. There are a lot of ways on how you can do this by yourself but keep in mind that you may not be as successful as a professional company. If you have the money, it is best to leave this matter in the hands of a professional!