Things you should do right after you move

After all the hectic planning, packing and traveling, you are finally wearing your house slippers in your new home. Now that the dust has settled and you are waving your Pro Movers Miami goodbye, it’s time to shift your attention to the chores that await. Don’t frown just yet, since these minor errands will make your life simpler and easier. Let’s go over some basic things you should do right after you move.

Do major appliances have any major issues?

Stove, dishwasher, washer or dryer should be checked for damages as soon as possible. We can all agree that the absence of a working stove can make one’s life quite the ordeal. Make sure that all major appliances and electronics are working properly. This is especially important if your moving company has done the packing for you. Insurance policies that come with such service may have a limited time of lasting, so it’s best to act swiftly.

How about your other goods?

Next in line ought to be boxes and furniture. For starters, see that everything has indeed arrived. A moving list will be of great use in this situation. After finishing your house inventory, make sure that nothing has been damaged. In order to stress this point enough, we will repeat that you should contact the moving company if you have any statement of dissatisfaction. Failing to submit a claim on time may result in the company not reimbursing you.

A making a list in a notebook
Rather than remembering, it’s smarter to write the necessities down

Don’t want previous tenants moving back in uninvited?

If that’s the case, you ought to change the locks. All jokes aside, chances are you don’t know what previous tenants are like. They might have even given the key to some stranger you don’t want unlocking your door in the middle of the night. So, to avoid such unpleasantries, call a locksmith pronto. He can even install a deadbolt that may be missing. A home visit costs around $100. It’s best that you change all the locks that work with a single key.

While we’re at it

Moving to a new area carries a lot of unknowns. Who are your neighbors? How safe is your surrounding? If you want to give yourself a good night’s sleep, one of the first things you should do right after you move is install a security system. In a case where your new home already has one, the security company will take little to no time to activate it.

Do you fancy having electricity and running water?

A big gap between you and the previous tenants can result in certain utilities being shut off. Nothing worse than realizing that you will be spending the night in the dark just as the sun has set, right? So, upon moving to Miami, and into your new home, see that all of the utilities are set up. Call the power company, gas provider, and water company to have them turned back on. However, if they are already on, see that those companies have the utilities put in your name.

A lit candle in the absolute dark
Not an ideal first night for a new home you are not so familiar with

Things you should do right after you move that you hopefully won’t need

Find where the fuse box and propane and/or oil shutoff are. Same goes for the main water supply shut off. Having that this is a safety measure makes the subtitle clearer. It is useful knowledge for situations no one is looking forward to. So, it’s best to be prepared in case some accident occurs. You and at least one of your roommates, if not all, should know how to shut off the gas and/or oil, as well as the furnace and water heater.

Like receiving mail to your front door?

A reason as good as any to change your address. Besides, it’s really rather simple. Go to the U.S. Post Office’s website and update it. Or, if you like chatting with people waiting in line, take a stroll to your local branch for an address change done in person.

A gentleman in a park, reading newspaper
If you don’t want this gentleman reading newspaper you were supposed to get, one of the things you should do right after you move is to change your mailing address

Registering business

If you have moved states, provinces or countries, proceed with these things that you should do right after the move:

  1. Register your vehicle. You also need to get a new driver’s license, as well as tags or plates for your vehicle.
  2. Register to vote. See that you are the voter’s registration for your new local area. Also, make sure to update all important files and documents with your new address.

Are you keen on keeping your nice smile?

It might be time to find a new dentist. Not that we say the previous one was bad. It’s just that it might be more convenient for you to visit someone closer. A trustworthy doctor and a vet will also come in handy in a time of need. We know how bothersome it might be looking for experienced professionals, but it will pay off in the long run.


A woman showing a wonderful smile
We’d take good care of those teeth if we were you

Into making new friends?

How about your new neighbors? Some of them even might come knocking at your door, bringing welcome cookies and kind words. However, for those more reluctant to make the first contact, don’t restrain from inviting them over for a cup of coffee. Having a nice relation with the community will make you feel at home in no time.

Give yourself a treat

Not to take anything away from these previous points, but one of the most important things you should do right after you move is treat yourself with a takeout of your choosing, or a quality glass of wine. After all, a move is no small thing. What better reason to reward yourself than after a job well done. And you have done plenty. Start this new chapter on the right foot and in good spirits.