How to declutter your home?

Whether it is due the upcoming relocation or a constant lack of space you are dealing with, you’ve finally realized that you own too many items. Fewer things tend to make life simpler and easier more often than not. After all, we do not say that ‘the things that you own end up owning you’ for no reason. So, how does one go about this issue? Well, a good idea would be to declutter your home. A minimalist interior is convenient in more ways than one. It’s cheaper and easier to maintain. If you desire a change, shifting a few pieces of furniture does the trick. Any small addition is highly notable. Now that your mind is settled, you wonder how to approach this task. For starters, go through the text that follows.

In order to declutter your home, go room to room

It is important to be honest and firm with yourself. Give some thought to the matter of priorities and necessities. Some items you truly need, but you are surely keeping most out of habit. If you want to declutter your home, you will need an objective approach.

A women looking in the mirror
If you want to declutter your home, you need to be adamant about your decisions


Begin with clearing out your medicine cabinet. Check for items that are out of date, such as makeup, medication and skin care products. Everything that stays ought to be organized so that the most used items are at your eye level. Move onto the cabinet drawers, setting aside everything that is old and torn. Frequently used items should take up the top drawers. Proceed to the bath/shower and apply the same procedure. All that you’ve deemed redundant should be either tossed or donated and gifted, presuming that it’s in proper shape.


It would be smart to first make your bed if you haven’t previously done so. Not doing this will make the feel of any progress unattainable. Clear the nightstands of any items that don’t belong there. These include finished books, pens, paper, broken eyeglasses and such. When you go through your dressers, chests, and bureaus, resist the urge to simply leave everything where it is. Anything that you haven’t made use of for over six months is unnecessary.

Living room

This one tends to be the biggest challenge, having that people tend to use it on a daily basis. There are two key rules that can help you solve this issue:

  • Declutter this area frequently
  • Commonly used items should have their permanent storage spaces

Empty your coffee table, bookshelves, and all other storage units. Once everything is in front of you, decide what stays and what goes. Return the lucky items to their designated areas. When it comes to electronics, anything that doesn’t connect to your television or home theatre system should find its place in a drawer. These include chargers, gaming equipment, and other gadgets.

A minimalist living room
Keeping only the essentials


Your kitchen probably holds most items, making it one of the bigger ventures. We suggest that you go top to bottom, emptying every storage space that it offers. Sort the items by categories such as cutting boards, glassware, utensils, pots and pans and so forth. After you’ve separated the needed from the dispensable, proceed with leaving only the most commonly used on the countertops. Continue filling the freed space according to the frequency of use. Nowhere is this rule as important as it is in the kitchen. Having the needed tool at hands reach can be seen as a blessing in a time of need.


Clearing out your closet may be the hardest part of decluttering your home. Parting from clothes can be emotionally difficult for the majority of individuals. Just ask Pro Movers Miami. They’ve packed and moved so many clients that keep a rather large amount of clothes, who just couldn’t find it in them to get rid of the unnecessary. The easiest way to handle this issue is to sort every piece of clothing and footwear that you have. Seeing that you have three virtually identical pairs of jeans will make keeping only one pair abundantly easier. Once you’re done with the sorting, you can proceed with putting what you want to keep to its proper place. Other items are probably meant for cleaning or repairing. Lastly, make sure that you donate items which are in good condition.

A girl trying to declutter your home
Donating items that you no longer need is considered a good deed 

Your bread and butter for the future

  1. Think quality rather than quantity. Before buying any new addition to your long list of belongings, think about its long-term value. Opting for certain cheap versions that are frequently replaced can cost you more than investing in a quality product.
  2. One-time use really means no use. If you are thinking about spending money on an item that will be used once, in the best case twice a decade, think again. Do you really need to buy moving boxes? If you plan on keeping them for storage, it would be a good idea. However, having no use of them later makes renting a better option.
  3. One goes in, two come out. It’s a simple rule to abide by in order your declutter your home. Before you purchase anything new, two items of the same nature ought to be either tossed, donated or gifted. If you plan on buying new jeans, two pairs should go out. Once you’ve achieved your desired balance, you can adjust the rule and make it one for one, so that order is maintained.
  1. Keep the better version, toss the duplicate. Any kind of item that you have two of, consider choosing the superior one for keeping. Two bottle openers, scissors, screwdrivers, pens, and such work just fine in a single number.
  2. Shop when you really need to. With black Friday, season sales and free gift cards at every step, we know how difficult it can be to resist the temptation of opening your wallet for all kinds of seemingly cheap items. If you really want to declutter your home, before putting money on the counter, ask yourself the following ‘am I buying this because I need it, because I like it, or because it is on sale’. This ought to put things into perspective and lessen the contents of your shopping bag.