Simple Miami Tips for Packing Your Kitchen

Moving Tips for Packing Your Kitchen

When people think about packing up for a move they typically just think about it in fairly general terms. For example, one might say that they need to pack up their house for a move. The reality is, however, that each room of the house is going to require a different approach in order to get it done quickly and safely.
When it is time to start packing up your kitchen, the following tips can be very helpful. This will not only help you to avoid breaking any of your items, but will also make it easier to unpack when your things get to your new house. Whether you’re hiring a team of Miami movers to help with the move or you are doing it on your own, these tips should be taken into account before starting on your kitchen.

Using the Proper Boxes

There are many different types of things that are kept in a kitchen so you may need to have several different types of boxes. For example, when you are packing up your dishes you will usually want strong boxes that are smaller so that you don’t put too many in each box. This will keep them lighter, while still providing the dishes the protection they need.
Small appliances like toasters, blenders and others can be packed up into general moving boxes in most cases because they aren’t too heavy or too large. Depending on the specific appliances you have, you may be able to put multiple in one box to save some space.

Keeping Silverware Organized

If you have a silverware organizer in your drawers you can save time on the move by simply wraping it up with plastic food wrap. This will keep each item in place so that when you get to your new home you just have to put it away in your drawer. The wrap will help keep the silverware safe, clean and ready to be used so you have one less thing to worry about in your new home.

Safety First

When in the kitchen there are a lot of potentially dangerous items. Knives, of course, but also the blades from food processors can cause people to get cut if they grab them without care. With this in mind, make sure you wrap up the sharp ends so that people don’t accidently get cut while moving them. Even if they are in boxes, knives can poke through the sides if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Larger Appliances

If you will be taking larger appliances like the oven, refrigerator and even microwave with you when you move, make sure you take care with how they are moved. Never try to lift these extra heavy items on your own and when possible always use a dolly or other moving tools. Of course, the best option when moving any heavy appliances is to have your team of professional Miami movers take care of the work for you.