How to declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside

Storage units can be used for all kinds of purposes. Some people store everyday items while others their entire homes. While in some cases, people use storage space for workshops, gyms, or studios. As long as you keep it clean and clutter-free, you can use it for anything you like. But mostly storage units are used when relocating home. It is amazing when you can leave all excess items in a safe place. So, let us help you declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside. Your Miami movers will help you pack and relocate, and we will make sure your items are safe once stored. Let’s dive right in.

Do you have a unit or looking for one?

Do you have a storage space already or you must find one first? If you do, check the distance between the unit and your new home first. All the maintenance and cleaning are not possible if your unit is too far away. And it won’t be cheap to travel for hours to reach the unit. Nor it would be efficient and consistent. So, in case you are looking for one, browse storage units Miami online and find one fairly near your home. Maybe 50-70 miles away max. Keep in mind that units outside of the municipal area are up to three times cheaper than those within the city limits. For obvious reasons.

storage facility
Invest in a good storage unit near your home. It is a lucrative investment for sure.

And before you rent one, make sure it is exactly what you were looking for. There are indoor and outdoor storage solutions, as well as climate-controlled ones. You can have a guard on site and 24/7 surveillance if you want to. All perks are charged extra. Lastly, before you rent a unit, check all the wiring, piping, walls, doors, floors, and other surfaces. Everything should be in a good shape, especially the lock on the door. Although, if you already have a unit, simply decide if you want to move to a bigger and closer one. Or you are satisfied with the one you have already? Now, let us move on and declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside.

Declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside with a few tips and tricks

Whether you already have a unit or renting a new one, you must keep it organized. There are several ways to keep it clutter-free right from the start. But do not worry, we will declutter it once and for all and keep it tidy for years to come. So, the idea is to always leave a portion of the storage space to move around. People tend to stack their units to the rafters, especially if they use them several times a year only. But there are many downsides to this situation. Firstly, you can’t move freely through the unit and there are higher chances to break something. And to injure yourself as well. Then, all the dirt and dust that gathers fall on your items constantly.

If you create a path around your items or in the middle of the storage unit, you’ll be able to use the broom to clean everything easily. And finally, the shelving system is more than important. You can use the old piece of furniture instead or purchase shelves at Home Depot and assemble them yourself. Or your movers Surfside FL can help while on site. Either way, if you have shelves, you can organize your items much easier. If your belongings are stored properly, there will be less dirt and dust overall.

Packing for storage

Packing for storage is extremely important. The way you do it a turn your unit from a cluttered space into a more organized one. And yes, you won’t be keeping all your items stored on shelves like in a store. You are bound to have a sizeable box somewhere in the corner and a few items protruding here and there. But why not keep them organized and safe at the same time? To do so, you should use regular cardboard boxes. Like the ones, you are using for your relocation. The key is to close them tightly without any space for sunlight and dust to reach the items inside.

cardboard boxes
You are packing for moving anyway, use some of the carton boxes to store items safely inside the unit.

For this occasion, you can use plastic bins, metal containers, or wooden crates. Use whatever you have as long as it is meeting the requirement. And remember to label all items that are out of sight. You do not want to open each box individually until you find the item you are looking for. And remember, keeping items in proper holders will keep them safe and in perfect shape. Besides, you won’t have to declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside if it is always tidy and all items packed properly. And one more thing. If you are purchasing a complete white glove packing service, ask your movers to help you pack for storage as well. At least they can provide valuable tips and tricks on how to do it right.

Get right on it and declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside

You will declutter your storage unit in the same way you would your home. Simply browse through the items and sort them into categories. You should revisit all stored items at least once a year. Usually, the case is that we do it once in a couple of years but still. This is a perfect moment to do it so let’s declutter like pros. If the case is where you have smaller items stacked on top of the bigger ones, then you should start with small ones. It usually is, so take all the smaller and medium-sized boxes and check what is inside. Once you cover those, move on to the bigger items and review them as well. Once you are done, you will have a pile of items that are either outdated or broken. Or you simply do not have any use for them anymore.

make sure to declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside
Declutter before or after moving. Just make sure you do it right.

All the items you have found should leave your unit never to return. And there are several ways to get rid of them. You can donate to a local charity or a church. Or you can sell everything online or at the pre-move garage sale. Maybe you prefer better to give your items to friends and family. Or simply throw them away. Do whatever you like as long as you get rid of everything. This part can be emotional so it would be nice if you can bring a friend with you to act as a voice of reason. Once you remove all items, review what is left, reorganize, and categorize. Or leave it as it is. One thing is certain, you’ll have much more space now and you will soon introduce new items to your storage space.

Regular maintenance is important

As we have said before, decluttering comes easy when you must do it once a year. But regular maintenance is important if you want to keep your items safe. And if you do it right, you won’t have to declutter, downsize, or clean so often. Unless you specifically want to get rid of a few items, but that is a different story. So, clean your unit the same way you would clean your garage, basement, or attic. You’ll need basic home chemicals along with a duster and a broom. Sweep the floor once in a while and clean all surfaces each time you visit. Let the fresh air run through while you are inside the unit and that should be enough.

Keep scented baggies inside the unit as well as the air moisturizer. Although, if you have a climate-controlled storage unit, then you do not need any of that. Those units are sealed tightly and there is less dust while air is filtered occasionally. Hence, 20 minutes of cleaning each time you visit will solve all your problems.

Now you know how to declutter your Miami storage before moving to Surfside. We are sure you will find this guide helpful once you start cleaning your storage out. And remember, maintaining the unit is more than half the work done. Good luck.