Why should you use moving insurance­­

Preparing for a move is not easy. There are so many things you need to focus on in a brief period of time. Your main concern is to move all of your items safely to the new location, whether it is just around the corner or across the country. People usually get rid of all the unnecessary items so that they can move only valuable, functional, and sentimental items that they will use. In order to avoid stress in case some accident happens, you should use moving insurance. Movers in Fort Lauderdale will make sure that your move goes smoothly, but if some of the items get lost or damaged, it is better to have insurance and get compensated.

use moving insurance in order to avoid stress. a woman holding her head above a desk with a laptop, notebook and a phone
One of the main causes of stress when moving is not having moving insurance, and this is precisely why you should use moving insurance and relax.

Use moving insurance smartly

First of all, moving insurance that you can get at your moving company, is not actually moving insurance. It is more of a valuation. The end result is the same as you will be compensated for lost or damaged items. However, there are several types of moving valuation that you should be aware of:

Released Value Protection moving insurance

Released Value Protection is something that you automatically get when hiring a moving company. The great thing when you use moving insurance of this type is that you do not have to pay extra for it. You automatically have insurance. What is not so great about this is that only covers the minimum of the damage. In case that an item gets lost or damaged, you would receive 0.60 cents per pound per item. So, if your new TV has 20 pounds, you would receive 12 dollars for it. And in reality, your TV is worth much more.

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When using full value protection moving insurance, you need to pay a premium, and the best thing to do is ask your moving company how much is the premium.

Full Value Protection moving insurance

Full Value Protection is the type of insurance that protects your goods on a higher level. You will receive more money for the damaged or items lost during the move. When you use moving insurance of this type, you typically have to pay a premium upfront. The premium is 1 percent of the total weight value. If your goods are assessed to be worth $10000, you would have to pay $100. This can be particularly suitable for your event setup Miami, as your high-value goods will be protected.

However, it is crucial that you ask your moving company what is their moving insurance policy. Furthermore, ask them how much is the premium before you sign the contract. Another important thing when using this type of insurance is that you will be reimbursed for the current market value of the item. This is different than the value that you bought it for 5 years ago, for example. Here are other ways in which you can be compensated when using Full Value Protection:

  • The moving company can replace the item with the same item of similar condition and value
  • The moving company can reimburse you for the current market value
  • They can pay for the repair of the damaged item

If your items are worth a lot, then it is a good idea to use full value protection moving insurance, and if you are moving interstate. On the other hand, if you are moving locally, and your items are not worth paying the premium, you can go with the released value protection moving insurance. The important thing is to use moving insurance as not having it is one of the main causes of stress when moving.

In which cases your movers will not reimburse you when you use moving insurance?

Moving insurance is only available under certain conditions that we will now cover. Of course, you should contact your moving company in case of any doubt and for additional questions.

  • You did not make a claim on time – When you use moving insurance, and you receive damaged items after the move, it is very important to make a claim immediately. Most moving companies offer a deadline of nine months for the claim to be made. However, it is best to immediately take photos of damaged items and make a claim as soon as you see the damage.
  • The moving company did not pack the items – When items are damaged during transit, it may occur due to improper packing. This is why the moving company is not responsible for the damage unless their professionals packed the items. Check if this is the case with your moving company.
  • Valuable items that are worth more than $100 per pound – Before you make the move, you need to inform your movers that you have items that are worth a lot, like jewelry, art, antiques, etc. If they were unaware of the high-value items they will not be responsible for the reimbursement.
  • Hazardous materials – There are some prohibited items that you Fl movers won`t move that you need to know upfront. Usually, those are hazardous items, and in case of the damage of this type of item, movers are not responsible for the damage, as hazardous items require special care and conditions of transportation.
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Thoroughly research your moving company, and only hire them if they are reliable.

When you use moving insurance, hire a reliable moving company

There is an easy way in which you can check all the claims related to your moving company. Go to the Better Business Bureau and check the claims, reviews, and everything related to your movers. Accidents really do happen even to the best of movers, but if your moving company has a large number of moving insurance claims, you should start seeking a new one.

Use moving insurance only with a reliable, and professional moving company. It may be time-consuming to find it, but it will definitely pay off in the long run. Your peace of mind is what matters the most, after all.