Prohibited items – the items FL movers won’t move

When you are moving, it is important to know every single detail of the move. For example, knowing what type of items you want to transport is crucial to the success of your move. Long distance movers Florida will probably be willing to assist you in every single aspect of your move. This is because they want to be trustworthy and to help their customers in every way possible. However, there are some things that reliable moving companies will not be willing to do. That is transporting different types of items due to safety or ethical reasons. This article is dedicated to prohibited items that your movers will probably not be willing to move. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Reasons why some items are prohibited

There are plenty of reasons why some items are prohibited and why moving companies will not want to move them. The first and most important reason is safety. Safety is usually the case when you hear that movers refuse to move someone. This is because reliable moving companies know the risks these items carry with themselves and will not in any way try to jeopardize the whole moving process. Transporting something hundreds or thousands of miles across the country is hard enough. There is no reason to add more risk to it. The key reasons why movers in Fort Lauderdale are not willing to transport prohibited items are the increased risk to their trucks and other property, their reputation, and of course, the rest of your cargo. There are cases when moving or shipping companies transport more than one person’s cargo. This is called consolidated shipping and they do not want to cause any unnecessary damage to their items, as well as yours, and as well as theirs.

Ethical reasons

Sometimes they may even refuse to transport something due to ethical reasons. This happens in the case when you want to transport something that can cause damage to the environment such as flammable liquids. If there is a leak, they will have to dispose of the container containing that flammable liquid and cause further damage to the environment. So, not only will your other items suffer, but also the environment and wildlife as well.

fire in nature
Flammable materials can cause irreparable damage to the environment

Further explanation

These prohibited items are different from one moving company to another. They all have their own list of items they do not want to move. This is also because some items are illegal to move. If there is a chance that they will run in trouble with the law, they will expressly refuse your attempt to pack that. If you try to conceal something prohibited, they will be able to take legal action against you because they have probably given you a list of items that are prohibited. In a case where they did not, make sure to request the list in order to avoid any unnecessary complications. You should ask them to give you a list as soon as possible because that will help you create perfect organization. If you do not, you run the risk of packing something and then having to unpack it when moving day comes.

What items will your movers refuse to move?

There are many kinds of items your movers will refuse to move and we will go through them now. The main idea here is safety and law. Let’s get to it!

Hazardous materials

Your movers, if they are certified, reliable, and reputable, will probably refuse to move most hazardous materials. Materials that are flammable or any other type of hazardous chemical are a danger to the whole ordeal and they will gladly decline your attempt. In addition, most flammable and hazardous materials are prohibited by law. This is a precaution because there have been situations when someone got hurt because of the negligence of moving companies. So, stuff like gas, fireworks, lighter fluids, deodorants, or any other type of high-pressure tanks are a huge risk to anyone handling them. High temperatures and bumping during the move can cause them to go off, and cause damage to your items, to the mover’s property, and, if the explosion is big enough, to the movers themselves. This is why they avoid and why you should avoid packing hazardous materials.

hazardous materials are on the list of prohibited items
Hazardous materials are forbidden

Guns and ammunition

This should be expected but some of you may not know. There are different gun laws in different states, and some states do not allow moving guns interstate. You need to do very detailed research on the topic if you want to have a convincing enough argument that your movers should take your gun cases. You will probably find that it is impossible to move your firearms along with your other stuff. This is a huge blow to any gun lover, but worry not! There are still ways to move guns across the state. One of the best ways is to find a federally licensed firearms dealer and ship through them. This will probably cost more than it would with your moving company, but if you compare that to the price you may pay in court, it is surely the better decision.

Moving guns is usually prohibited

Other prohibited items

There are still some items you should pay attention not to pack and move. One example is power tools. Power tools have gas tanks which can be dangerous on a move. That is why you need to empty the gas tanks before you pack them. If you forget to do so, your movers will not do the move until you do so. Furthermore, cleaning supplies are also not something you need to move. they are cheap and you can buy them when you arrive at your new home. These liquids can cause damage to your other items in the case of a spill. You should also check the laws about moving liquor because they vary from state to state.

With all that said, good luck with your move!