Why should you move to Tampa, Florida?

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the sun all year long without having to worry about the weather? Are you tired of putting on a couple of layers of clothes? If the answer to this question is “yes” then you should consider moving to a warmer region. One of the best warm regions in the United States of America is, of course, Florida. And better yet, Tampa, Florida. It is one of those cities where people usually want to spend their vacations or even retire, so it makes it a perfect place for your move and your new life. Tampa is rated as one of the best cities to move to. Moving to Sunshine State offers a plethora of benefits such as low costs of living, the weather, many attractions and more.

In this article, we will talk about why should you move to Tampa, Florida. So, without any further ado, let us begin.

The weather

The weather is something most people think about first when asked about Florida. And who would not want to live in a state where it is sunny most of the year. The average temperature is high up, sitting at 73 degrees F. So when your relatives from your hometown say that it is snowing, you are probably in your shorts, enjoying the sun at the beach. This makes Florida one of the best places to relax and just enjoy life. It has a humid subtropical climate which boasts warm summers and mild winters. The bay consists of two bodies of water, Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay, both of which flow into the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is the main “culprit” for sunshine all year long. If you want a new life imbued with warmth and views of palm trees, Tampa is for you.

Sunshine all year long!

Costs of Living

Florida is famous for being one of the cheapest states in the United States of America. Tampa is no exception. The average rent price is $1,309 according to RentCafe. Downtown Tampa is the most expensive neighborhood, for all the right reasons, and the average rent price sits at $2,024. If you are well situated and want to be close to the action, this is the place to go. The average house price is $220,700 according to Zillow. If you want to buy a house, you should think about the neighborhood you want to live in and if it has everything that fits your needs. It probably will, this is Tampa, Florida, after all.


Recreation options are limitless if you move to Tampa. There are many theme parks you can visit with your family and enjoy some family time. If you are into sports, then you are in for a treat! The city has a couple of big league teams. One of those teams is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which compete in the National Football League (NFL). Another team is the Tampa Bay Rays, which compete in Major League Baseball (MLB). And last, but not least, something nobody expects, Tampa Bay Lightning which is a Hockey team. Yes, hockey! It is kind of strange having a hockey team in a state where snow never falls. This makes the game even more exciting for the fans! Other than that, there is a Grand Prix track, for all you Formula lovers.

There are also plenty of golf courses for you to choose from. If you are a basketball enthusiast, it is sad to say that there are not any NBA teams in Tampa, however, you can go to Miami, or Orlando for your basketball fix. It is just a drive away! Another great thing about a seaside city is that the beach offers a lot of recreational activities as well, such as beach volleyball, beach football, and everything else you can think of, provided you are creative enough.

Girl enjoying the ocean
The city is surrounded by some of the best beaches in Florida.

Job opportunities

Your move to Tampa is sure to produce a nice, well-paid job. The city is ranked number 4 in the fastest growing job market in the United States! Technology companies run rampant in this city. Healthcare is also something for which Florida is well known. Moving to Tampa is a safe way to ensure that you get a job. Other than that, there are many construction companies as the city is constantly growing, and also a lot of opportunities in the educational sector.


This is something that puts Tampa, Florida a step above the rest. The diversity of Tampa provides a lot of different meals and cuisines from around the world that you can enjoy as you please. Ranging from Cuban, Greek, Japanese, and Italian, just to name a few. There are also fusions of cuisines such as the Floribbean cuisine. This is a mix of Florida cuisine and the cuisine of the Caribbeans. In addition, something that makes all of this even better is that there are restaurants next to the beach which allows you to dine in a dreamlike setting, with an endless ocean on one side, and a delicious meal on the other.

Attractions in Tampa

Other than the myriad of beaches you can visit, there is a lot more going on in Tampa. Walt Disney World is just a quick drive away. Here you can relive your childhood memories and they even have a discount for Florida residents. Other than that, there are many museums here, such as the Tampa Museum of Art, Florida Museum of Phonographic Arts, Henry B. Plant Museum, the Dali Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts. A lot of ways to satisfy your artistic needs.

museum - something you'll be able to visit once you move to Tampa
Museums offer a fix for your artistic needs.

Yes, you should move to Tampa!

Your move to Tampa will yield a lot of great things. An opportunity to start a new life in a place that is ranked number 4 in the job market growth. This only makes the place more appealing. Of course, other than the fact that the warm weather and plenty of beaches and recreational activities are not enough to lure you in. If you decide that this is the city for you, good luck with your future move!