What is the best way to pack and unpack porcelain

We’ve always seen boxes saying “Fragile” on them, whether we helped someone move or it was us moving. When trying to both pack and unpack porcelain, this meticulous task requires a lot of attention to detail. Bubble wrap only won’t do the job this time. This all sounds very scary now but, don’t worry, if you take the right precautions – everything will work out like an oiled new engine. Porcelain can be transported in many ways, make sure to hire good Miami movers, to do this job for you. This way you won’t have to worry about your precious pieces being broken. Professionals will take care of your valuable pieces and make sure they arrive safe and sound. Now in this guide, we will provide you with a few handy tips that will help you out.

Never forget to plan out packing and unpacking porcelain ahead

If you are either moving your whole place or just your valuables, you should always plan it out ahead of time first. Talk to the people in your household first. Tell them your plans, how you want to pack, unpack and when you want to do it. This is very important, you want to make this process as easy as possible for yourself. If you are insecure to do this process on your own, reaching out to local movers Miami to help you is always a smart option. Because of porcelain’s fragile nature, you want to write things down, such as:

  • What items to get from the store
  • What day you want to do this
  • Write the steps in order on how to do it
  • Make sure you have enough space to unpack at your new place
Tiles with "Make plan" text on them
They say smart people always write everything down

As it is important to plan out how you pack, it is also important to plan out how you unpack. You want to do this in a clean area, with nothing slippery or sticky near you. Also, don’t forget to ask your friends or your family to help you with the packing and unpacking process.

Get the right accessories first!

Nothing can be frustrating as finding out you’re missing a tool or an item for your packing process. Having to backtrack is annoying for everyone, even for us writing this guide. By following this packing and unpacking porcelain guide you will find out everything you need to know before you start. Check what you have from these items, and whatever you are missing, head into the store and get those. You will need:

  • Most important are the scissors
  • Get some bubble wrap
  • You will need some foam or styrofoam
  • Don’t forget the boxes!
  • Strapping tape instead of normal duct tape

These items will help you make the porcelain fit tight and comfortable in the boxes. Getting boxes is an easy task, ask nicely for them in any retail store or restaurant. They will happily give them away to you. If you also have original boxes of the items you bought you can pack them in there as well. if not, well, time to improvise!

What is the best way to pack and unpack porcelain?

Being extra careful with fragile items never hurts. Especially if they are of any worth to you, sentimental or material. You should prefer getting the strapping tape instead of duct tape, it holds on stronger and for a longer period of time. Make sure to cover any folds on the box with tape before you put anything in. The box should be a couple of inches larger than the item you are packing. Take a good look at the boxes before you put anything in them. Are they damaged? Do they have any holes in them? Have they been wet before? Anything like this can be a big deterrent to your packing and unpacking tasks. Avoid putting more items in the boxes and avoid overloading it, is better to move them in a larger quantity of boxes, this way you won’t risk porcelain hitting each other in transport. When you hire packing services Miami this is one of the questions they will be asking you, how did you pack?

Boxes, how to pack and unpack porcelain
Don’t forget to label the boxes

Pack the porcelain comfortably

Now when you put the item in the box, you will see how much leftover space there is. You should afterward take the item out, cut out some foam and fill in the blank space. After you put the item back in over the foam, cover any open space with bubble wrap. By doing this you will avoid any extra movement inside the box during the transport. The process of when you pack and unpack porcelain can take longer than you expected, but, it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t be afraid of investing your free time into carefully packing these porcelain items, in the end, it will be worth and you will be glad you did it. Now when you packed up the box and closed it up, take out your marker and write “Fragile, do not turn upside down”. Things like these can let the professional moving company you hired know to handle these boxes with extra care.

Finally, after packing and moving porcelain, comes the unpacking process

Now that you are at your new place, waiting for your white glove moving and storage company you hired to come, be sure to clear the path in front of them so they have enough free space to maneuver. If there are any extra steps let them know, after all, these are fragile items they are carrying. Point them to place these fragile boxes in a certain spot at your place. Categorizing your items can save a lot of time when unpacking. The important thing to note is that you should always unpack porcelain items on a table or a desk. Find yourself anything with as much space as possible in your current situation. Now don’t forget to bring scissors with you, and never rip apart the tape with your hands with these types of items as it can get out of control and easily break.

Porcelain vases on a shelf
It’s not scary or stressful moving these, there is always a safe way!

Last but not least

We hope this guide gave you a general idea of how you should pack and unpack porcelain items. Which precautions to take and how to plan it out? Although this may seem like a stressful task, when you focus, put on some music, and invest effort – you will be done in no time. However if you don’t know what to do with these boxes, you can always give them away to your neighbors who might need them or just recycle them.