Things to know before buying a house in Doral, FL for the first time

Are you considering relocating to Florida? Well, you are, most certainly, not alone. The cold fact is that Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the United States. Why – you might ask? The reasons are countless – from sunny and warm weather to the fact that income tax does not exist. This brings us to our next dilemma – if you do decide to live in Florida, where should you buy a house and settle down? The most obvious choice would be Miami, but let’s take a look at some more affordable places, like Doral for example. In this article, we will show you what to expect when buying a house in Doral.

First, some of the other reasons that might persuade you to relocate to Florida are:

  • Mesmerizing beaches
  • A good deal of cultural diversity
  • Cost of living is quite affordable
  • Developed sports culture

    Bird's-eye view of one of Florida's many beaches
    Beautiful beaches will persuade you into buying a house in Doral

What is it that makes buying a house in Doral such a great idea?

First of all, it is its proximity to Miami, the state’s biggest city. Secondly, the city of Doral has become a place that is home to over 100,000 people who work in Miami. Like we said before Doral is only 13 miles away from downtown Miami. Coupled with lower costs of living and excellent schools, Doral is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. In fact, the number of permanent residents has seen an increase of over 53,000 people in the past six years. The nearby Miami International Airport has all but helped the influx of new residents and a rise of new job opportunities. If you do decide to move here on a permanent basis you can contact some of the local moving companies in Doral to help you with your relocation.

What you should take into consideration when buying a house in Doral

Deciding your permanent address is never easy, and when you are moving to a new town, this task can be downright daunting. Doral first saw the major increase in a residential building in the 1980s. The first wave of new residents discovered that the town lacked some basic infrastructure, like stores, schools, and parks. Today Doral has a diverse real estate market, with an average house pricing of around 334,000$. Browsing the local real estate market is always a good way to inform yourself. Websites like Zillow can help you in your quest. Also, be sure to hire a good agent.

Doral has a booming job market

Browse for a regular job before buying a house in Doral
Doral’s job market is on the rise in the last few years

Back in 2005, Doral had over 10,000 businesses. In the following years, that number has greatly increased. Sunny weather and Florida’s taxing policies are fertile soil for corporations as well as small businesses. Some of the main employers in Doral are Carnival Corporation, The Trump Organization, and television network Univision. Doral has a large Hispanic population and is, therefore, tempting for everyone interested in the Latin America market.

Doral has a great educational system

When it comes to education, Doral has a lot to offer. In this area, there are 14 public schools to be found as well as 2 private schools. Schools in Doral provide dual language programs with lessons held in Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Doral is fun!

One thing worth considering before buying a house in Doral is the entertainment factor. Does Doral have what it takes when it comes to amusement? The answer is yes!

With all those new workplaces, residential buildings and schools, people need to go somewhere to relax. Navigate your way through a plethora of authentic bars, book stores, coffee shops, and indie stores. Doral has also a fine selection of different restaurants, notably with Spanish cuisine. Shopping opportunities come in abundance in Doral. Miami International mall is probably the best venue to begin your spending spree. For some weekend leisure time, you can go to Sunny Isles Beach. Located on the barrier island north-east of Miami, this area is packed with sandy beaches and laid-back bars. This is also a nice place to live, and if you would like to move there contact some of the moving companies Sunny Isles Beach has on offer.

Safety comes first when buying a house in Doral

Being a middle class and upper-middle class town, you could expect that Doral is a relatively quiet and quite safe place. Extra safety can’t do you any harm, so when buying a house is Doral, look for ones that have surveillance cameras, intercom system or some other form of protection. But the best safety parameter for house owners is to choose the right neighborhood.

Find that perfect home for you

This will depend on your living habits and preferences. Will you rent or buy the property? Are you moving in with your family or are you living alone? What is your favorite neighborhood? What kind of schools would you like to have in your proximity? Is buying a house in Doral the only option, or will a flat satisfy all your needs? You should also make a list of features you would like your future home to have. For example: How many rooms will it have? Will it include a garage, gym or maybe a tennis court?

Big family house with a garage
Your family habits will play a big role in deciding what features your house will have

Make a good estimate of what you can afford

Make a list of your monthly incomes and planned expenses. This will give you a good insight into what properties you can actually afford. Also, keep track of your credit score and save for a down payment. Sadly we are not living in an ideal world and we have to make compromises.

So, these are some of the important notes to take into consideration when buying a house in Doral. Your habits and your lifestyle will largely influence your final decision. What you will get if you decide to move to Doral are sunny days, steady jobs and low tax policies. The proximity of Miami only adds to the appeal of living in Doral