Ways to protect a vacant home in Doral after moving out

After you decide that it’s time to move, you will arrange all the relocation details. However, sometimes it isn’t enough just to move out of your current home. Instead, there are some things you should do to keep the property you’ve just left safe. Especially because an empty home is vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Hence, we’ve made this article to help you protect a vacant home in Doral after moving out. Read on and find out how to protect and safeguard an empty home.

Protect a vacant home in Doral after moving out by locking and securing all doors and windows

When it comes to moving home, you probably already know the importance of hiring the best movers Doral for the job. Then, after you are done with moving, you should commit to protecting a vacant home in Doral after you move out. Hence, first and foremost, you have to be sure to lock all windows and doors before moving out. While this step sounds so obvious, we guarantee that it’s very easy to forget to do it. Especially amid a chaotic and stressful move you are going through. Therefore, don’t let double-checking the locks fall to the bottom of your to-do list. Instead, make this step one of your top priorities for protecting your home after you move out.

Window with blinds near a plant
It is crucial to keep your windows and doors locked and safe to protect your vacant home in Doral after moving out.

Keep the information about moving to yourself to protect your home in Doral after moving out

Another thing that we find very important is not to be chatty about your move. We advise you to think carefully about whom you should announce that you’re moving and leaving an empty home. Sure, you can talk to your friends about Miami movers you’ve hired to help you with relocation. However, we don’t advise you to spread the word to everyone or post it on social media. Instead, you should be as discreet as possible to protect a vacant home in Doral after moving out. That is one of the steps to help you avoid any attempts of burglary or other incidents.

Give an extra key to your neighbor or friend to keep your vacant home safe

If you are moving long-distance, one of the things you should do is to hire the best long distance movers Miami. The other thing important for those moving to a new city or state is to leave an extra key with a trusted neighbor. Also, that reliable person can be a friend or family member who lives nearby. This step is quite convenient because if you need to let someone inside the house, such as a police officer or handyman, they can do it for you. Therefore, this is another way to protect an empty home in Doral after you move out.

Use the technology to protect the home after you move out

In today’s modern times, many technologies can help you protect your place after you move out. Also, you can get moving insurance to keep your items safe during the relocation. Here are our ideas to protect your empty home after moving out.

Keys hanging in a door lock
You should leave a set of keys to your home to a friend or neighbor.

Think about installing motion detector lights before you move out

In case you haven’t installed motion detector lights outside, we strongly recommend installing them before you move out. After all, chances are a thief is less likely to break into an empty home at night when there is a bright spotlight on them. Also, it is preferable to have a set of lights over the front door, garage doors, windows, and sides of the house. Then, these exterior motion-activated lights will turn on if someone walks around the property. Finally, don’t forget about the back of a vacant home, as well as any decks or porches.

Make sure to keep a home security system sign out front

Some people decide to disconnect their alarm system after they move out. However, we do not recommend this, as it will allow a potential thief to get inside the house undetected. However, if you decide to disconnect it anyway, we advise you to keep your security system signs out front. Because most burglars won’t attempt a break-in if they think the home has an alarm system. As for the security system signs, they include anything from yard signs to window decals. However, if you don’t already have a sign, we recommend contacting your security system company and getting it.

Keep your alarm system running after you move out to protect a vacant home

While we are talking about security systems, another great idea to safeguard a vacant home in Doral after you move away is this one. You should keep your existing alarm system connected after moving out of your home. We think that the price between $15 and $30 for most monthly monitoring plans is worth the peace of mind. Also, make sure that your home’s alarm system is connected to the police department. This way, if your alarm goes off, you will be safe because the police will come to the house to check the situation. Also, you might want to consider giving your neighbor or friend your alarm code. Just in case a situation comes up and someone needs to get inside the home to turn off the alarm.

Person holding a phone near an alarm system
Finally, we advise you to keep your alarm system running even after you move out.

More tips to help you protect your empty home

  • Before you move out, take care of your yard. So, if you have a yardman, you should hire them to mow your lawn on regular basis. Also, you can install an automatic sprinkler system to water your plants. You don’t want to show the home to prospective buyers with dead grass and dying plants, do you?
  • Another way to protect your empty home is to purchase vacant home insurance. If you do, you should know that most insurance plans will cover acts of vandalism, as well as certain disasters. However, make sure to contact your insurance provider to ask about your existing plan and their vacant home coverage options.

After reading our ideas to protect a vacant home in Doral after moving out, you are now ready for the job.