Best beaches in Miami

One of the first things that you should do when in Miami is going to the beach. You will enjoy endless shores lined with palm trees on one side, and a beautiful bright blue ocean on the other. This is the place for fun and games. It can also be for relaxation, and just getting away from the rush of city life. A great thing about Miami is that all the beaches are open to the public. Some beaches have a lot of palm trees and provide great cover for relaxation, while others are open to the sun rays and great for sunbathing.

Also, most beaches in Miami have bars and other types of relaxation facilities. If this article convinces you to move to Miami, Pro Movers Miami got you covered, the most professional and versatile movers in town! In this article, we will talk about the best beaches in Miami. So, let’s dive in!

South Beach

This one is considered as a must go for anyone who resides in Miami, or just visiting. The area is famous for the Art Deco style architecture located in Ocean Drive, a huge street with bars and nightclubs. This attracts many celebrities and regular people alike. This is a go-to beach if you want to be seen. Be wary of staying in accommodation in South Beach, because it can be quite expensive. If you are wondering about moving to Miami, check these guys out, they will provide the best service! However, you can always go to the beach and relax and enjoy the ocean without spending a penny. There is also a beautiful park nearby that goes under the name Haulover Park, which is great for extended walks, bicycle rides, and just plain relaxation.

Shore with houses
Visit one of these beaches. You will not be disappointed!

Lummus Park Beach

The Lummus Park Beach is also located near Ocean Drive and it is filled with parks lined with palm trees. It is a great place if you want some shade and an excess of relaxation. Many grass fields, beach volleyball courts, and a plethora of other recreational activities. This was a location for many TV shows and if you visit it, you will surely realize why. There are many restaurants by the beach if you want to grab a meal during your day. You will not have to worry about any trouble as there are many lifeguards stationed in Art Deco style stations. The parks have paved walkways which are great for jogging or walking.

South Pointe Park Pier

This one is located in Downtown Miami, and it is a great place to get away from the rush of city life. In its 17 acres of land it has a fishing pier, after which it got its name, playgrounds, and many picnic areas. The views are fascinating and the whole area breathes life into the surroundings. You can enjoy a nice meal in many restaurants that are lined alongside the beach. The abundance of playgrounds and picnic areas are something that makes this beach a great place for kids. It is surrounded by the Government cut channel on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. This gives it a picturesque feel and it is no wonder why many professional and amateur photographers choose this area as their canvas.

Sunny Isles Beach

This beach is located beyond the Haulover Park and it is a beautiful place to spend your day. It is lined with many expensive hotels, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. This is an amazing place if you can afford it. However, you can always choose not to visit these places and just unwind at the beach! That choice is free! There are many museums as well, sports and recreation centers, shopping malls and more. There is also an only public fishing pier and it is historically known as the most popular fishing beach. The area is also attractive to many divers, and you can join them if you like. Explore the beautiful turquoise water and marine wildlife. Nevertheless, It is all at your fingertips if you visit this beach!

Miami panorama
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Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is famous for its natural look. The location of this one is in a beautiful Miami neighborhood called Coral Gables. The feeling of being in nature, far away from the city life can be very beneficial for the hard working person. It has a man-made circular attol pool, perfect for relaxed swimming and enjoying the surroundings.  There are several hiking trails that lead to the Red Fish Grill where you can have an amazing meal. Walk on the beautiful picturesque marina and then think about some recreational activities which are plentiful here, such as kiteboarding. A must visit if you want a piece of nature in a big city!


This beach is has a small city vibe to it. If you want to feel like you are a part of a community, go to this beach! The community always gathers annually to celebrate the beginning of summer on the first Friday when summer starts. They gather and listen to music, eat and enjoy other festivities. It is great for those who want a quiet and relaxed beach experience without much commercial activity. The Surfside Community Center is located here, and it offers many recreational and entertainment activities for visitors, including one of the best water parks in Miami.

small beach huts
Some of the most beautiful beaches in Miami are waiting for you!

Crandon Park – one of the best beaches in Miami

Crandon Park is one of the most beautiful beaches in Miami. The water is shallow and it is a perfect playground for your children. There are many built-in grills which you can use to make your own delicacies. Show everyone who is the best barbecue maker in town. Accompanying the beach, there is an 800-acre park with many bike and hiking trails. The entertainment portion consists of paddle boarding, kayaking and beach volleyball. The possibilities are endless!

Whichever beach you choose, there is no wrong answer. All the beaches have their own unique character intertwined with Miami’s vibe. Relax and enjoy!