The best ways to get around in Miami

Whether you are a tourist or a Miami resident, it can be hard to move around the city. The sandy beaches and beautiful weather are the reason people flock to Miami and you may have a hard time getting around the city. You may also have recently moved to Miami but always turn up late to meetings because you do not know how to properly traverse through the city. You can even ask your movers Coral Gables to give you some tips. They must know how to do it because they have to drive their trucks through this congested city daily! Therefore, this is why we have created an article to help you with that. You will never be late again if you read this article carefully! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

How to get around in Miami?

There are several ways you can employ to get around Miami fast. Some ways are cheap and some are not and you should choose the best way to do it according to your budget. So, let’s get down to it, shall we?

By car

Miami is a big city. It covers 55 square miles spread across the coast of Eastern Florida. This is why getting around is kind of hard. For this reason, you may have already started thinking of possibilities. Your best bet is getting a car. Getting a car means that you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. You will also have an easy time traversing from one neighborhood to another. It is really difficult to walk all the way from your house to your workplace in the hot and humid Miami weather.

get around in miami with a car or a taxi
Traveling by car or by taxi are by far the best options

However, driving a car in a big city has its drawbacks. You will have to start preparing early for every trip to the city because you need to find a parking space. And finding a parking space in a big city can be difficult. Especially in peak hours. You can also get in traffic jams if you drive during peak hours. So, make sure to experiment with your routes. You may even stumble upon some of the best theatres in Miami. You want to know as many possible routes to wherever you are going in order to avoid traffic.

Taxi is one of the most popular ways to get around in Miami

This is the same as using a car when it comes to mobility. However, the price will be much higher. You will also have to look for a cab before going somewhere. This can be hard during the night so make sure to get a phone number of a taxi company of your choice if you choose this method of transportation. So, if you do not have a car, and the price does not affect your budget, this is definitely the best way to go about.

But, what if we tell you that there is a similar option that is much cheaper? Well, there is! Uber! Uber is a great service many people use nowadays. The price of a taxi me be too high for you, especially after you have waved your interstate moving companies Miami goodbye. Uber drivers basically log into their app when they are going somewhere with their car, and you can hail them through the same app. They will then transport you because you are going in the same direction. However, you may feel a bigger impact on your wallet if you use Uber during rush hours. The fares are higher then so it may be better to think about other options.

By bus

This is the next option in the line. And it is one of the best ways to get around in Miami if you are near the beach. The bus lines are designed mostly for tourists and that would explain the lack of lines going into the city. The ticket price is very cheap, sitting at $2.25 and you have to pay in cash. So, if you are planning on using the bus, keep some change on you so you can pay for the ticket. In addition to the lack of bus lines, there is the fact that you have to sit in the sun while waiting for the bus. The Miami sun is unforgiving so make sure to check the schedule and be punctual in order to avoid unnecessary sunburns.

The bus is the cheapest option

By trolley and Metromover

Trolleys are that kind of transportation you want to use if you want to feel the old way of life. They have a lot of character, and on top of that, they are free! They are also pretty clean and usually empty so you will not have to worry about finding a seat. The trolleys are also likely to be late so do not rely on their punctuality that much. However, a form of transportation in Miami that is both free and reliable when it comes to punctuality, is Metromover! You can access Metromover in Downtown and Brickell. The idea of it being free certainly attracts a lot of people. They are usually crowded during rush hour. This does not mean, however, that they are dirty and unclean. One of the best ways to get around in Miami Downtown.

Metrorail is one of the best ways to get around in Miami

Metrorail is a great way to get around the city if you live in the suburbs. It goes directly to Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and South Miami. Many people use this to commute to their workplace, and for a good reason. The connections are good, and the price is reasonable, sitting at 5$ for a round trip. This is a great way to get to the city from the suburbs after your long-distance move.

Metrorail is a great way to traverse Downtown


These are your best options to traverse through Miami. Think about them and see which one fits you best. Good luck with finding your way through the city!