Fun things to do in Coral Gables this spring

Coral Gables is a highly desirable place to move to for many reasons, including its beautiful neighborhoods, excellent schools, and diverse cultural attractions. With its proximity to Miami, Coral Gables is also an ideal location for those seeking a balance of city living and suburban tranquility. However, simply moving to a new city is not enough to fully enjoy it. It’s essential to get to know the area and find fun things to do in Coral Gables. As one of the best moving companies Miami residents trust, we encourage new residents to take advantage of all that Coral Gables offers by exploring the city’s unique sights and activities. Whether attending the annual Coral Gables Wine & Food Festival, participating in the Venetian Pool’s Spring Fling, or strolling through the Fairchild Garden’s Spring Garden Festival, there are plenty of fun springtime events to enjoy in Coral Gables.

People in a park
There are a lot of fun things to do In Coral Gables this spring.

Exploring Coral Gables

Coral Gables, located in Miami-Dade County, is home to approximately 50,000 residents. The cost of living in Coral Gables is estimated to be about 37% higher than the national average, with housing costs being a significant contributor. According to Numbeo, a single person’s monthly costs, excluding rent, are estimated to be around $1,000, while a family of four’s monthly costs, excluding rent, are estimated to be around $3,700.

One of the best ways to explore Coral Gables is by walking down Miracle Mile, a bustling street filled with restaurants, shops, and cafes. Visitors can head to the Venetian Pool, a historic pool, for a refreshing dip. Another must-visit destination is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Here, visitors can stroll through 83 acres of beautiful gardens and greenery. Shoppers will love the Village of Merrick Park, an outdoor shopping mall. It’s home to high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus and Gucci. And for those interested in history and architecture, the Biltmore Hotel is a must-see. This iconic hotel, built in 1926, boasts Mediterranean Revival architecture and has hosted countless celebrities.

a man and a woman with a map exploring Fun things to do in Coral Gables after the move
There are a lot of fun things to do in Coral Gables after the move

Brief key facts of Coral Gables

There are fun things to do in Coral Gables after the move. However, before exploring the fun things, you should get acquainted with general life and work characteristics. Namely, after moving to Coral Gables, you’ll find it’s a city where the balance of life and work is evident in its living costs and quality of life. For an individual, the total monthly expenses, including rent, average around $2,809, while a family of four might see expenses up to $6,501. The breakdown shows that without rent, an individual’s expenses drop to $908, and for a family of four, it’s about $3,024. Housing and utilities present a significant portion of the budget, with individuals paying about $1,901 and families around $3,477. Food expenses average $666 for one person and $1,752 for a family, showcasing the city’s diverse culinary scene.

Transportation costs are relatively low, at $69.5 for individuals, making commuting affordable. With a monthly salary after tax averaging $4,249, residents typically enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The quality of life index sits at 73, reflecting a high standard of living in a community of approximately 49,200 people. Coral Gables offers a blend of affordability, a warm community atmosphere, and a high quality of life, making it a desirable place to live and work. Therefore, if these conditions suot you, schedule your high end movers and move without any stress.

Fun things to do in Coral Gables during spring

Besides these mentioned above, after moving with movers Coral Gables Florida provides, you can enjoy the following fun springtime activities:

  1. Food Tour of Coral Gables
  2. Attend a Show at the Actors’ Playhouse
  3. Take a Yoga Class at Casa Vinyasa
  4. Visit Fairchild Garden’s Spring Garden Festival
  5. Join a Group Fitness Class at Equinox
  6. Visit the Coral Gables Museum
  7. Explore the Venetian Pool
People on a food tour as one of the fun things to do in Coral Gables
Grabbing a bite is always a great idea.

Culinary delights: Embark on a food tour of Coral Gables

There’s no better way to enjoy after the relocation than to grab a bite. And Coral Gables is famous for its eateries. Namely, Coral Gables is a food lover’s paradise, with its diverse range of restaurants and events worth exploring. The city is home to many highly-rated restaurants serving local favorites and international cuisine. Some of the best restaurants in Coral Gables include the iconic Spanish restaurant Bulla Gastrobar, which offers an excellent tapas selection, and Yardbird Southern Table & BarY, which serves up delicious southern-style dishes. For a taste of Caribbean-inspired cuisine, visit Ortanique on the Mile, while Brasserie Central provides a French bistro experience.

Meet the local art scene: Attend a show at the Actor’s Playhouse

The Actors’ Playhouse in Coral Gables is a historic theater that has captivated audiences since its establishment in 1956. What started as a community theater has now evolved into a professional theater. It hosts award-winning Broadway musicals, comedies, and dramas. Some notable shows that have been staged in the past include Les Miserables, The Color Purple, and In the Heights. Besides, the Actors’ Playhouse has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Tony Awards for Best Regional Theatre and Best Musical. However, to ensure a memorable theater experience, check the schedule and book tickets in advance. Tickets can be purchased online or by phone. By attending a show at the Actors’ Playhouse, you can support the local arts scene in Coral Gables and enjoy a world-class theater experience.

Fun things to do in Coral Gables this spring: Take a yoga class at Casa Vinyasa

Spring is a great time to start fresh and try something new, and practicing yoga is an excellent way. One of the best places to take a yoga class in Coral Gables is Casa Vinyasa, a welcoming studio that offers a variety of courses for practitioners of all levels. Yoga has numerous benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving flexibility and balance, and promoting overall well-being. The instructors at Casa Vinyasa create a supportive and non-judgmental environment that fosters a sense of community among participants. Casa Vinyasa’s classes include Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. We recommend trying a few lessons to find the best fit for your goals and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, taking a yoga class at Casa Vinyasa is a fun and healthy way to enjoy the spring season in Coral Gables after the move.

a woman doing yoga as one of the Fun things to do in Coral Gables after the move
Take yoga classes in Coral Gables nature.

Visit Fairchild Garden’s Spring Garden Festival

One of the fun things to do in Coral Gables in spring is definitely visiting the Fairchild Garden’s Spring Garden Festival. This festival, which happens in March, celebrates the arrival of spring with a colorful display of flowers, plants, and gardening exhibits. Visitors can enjoy workshops and lectures on gardening and horticulture, explore the garden’s many trails and exhibits, and purchase plants and gardening supplies at the plant sale. The festival also offers fun activities for families. They include a butterfly exhibit and a children’s garden. Admission prices vary depending on age and membership status, with discounts available for students and children. Therefore, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the beauty of spring and learn more about gardening and nature.

Join a group fitness class at Equinox

Joining a group fitness class at Equinox is a fantastic way to get fit, meet new people, and have fun in Coral Gables. This high-end gym offers various courses, ranging from yoga and Pilates to cardio and strength training. Members can also participate in specialty classes like cycling, dance, and martial arts. With so many options, finding a class that suits your fitness goals and interests is easy. Trying a few different courses is a great way to find your favorite and meet new friends in the Equinox community. Besides, the knowledgeable instructors create a supportive and motivating environment that helps members stay on track and achieve their fitness goals. So, joining a group fitness class at Equinox is a great investment in your health and wellness. Also, it is a fun way to enjoy the Coral Gables lifestyle.

Women doing exercises
Doing exercises is both fun and healthy.

Visit the Coral Gables Museum

Visiting the Coral Gables Museum offers an attractive experience for those interested in art, culture, and history. Located in the heart of Coral Gables, this museum presents the architectural elegance of the city. It also provides a deep exploration into the local culture and history. Visitors can enjoy a variety of exhibits that change regularly. The museum also organizes educational programs and tours that enrich the visitor’s experience, making it a great place for learners of all ages. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the museum offers a peaceful and informative escape into the rich cultural backdrop of Coral Gables. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to explore this unique area’s artistic and historical nuances.

Fun things to do in Coral Gables after the move: Go to the Venetian Pool

Exploring the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is a delightful experience for anyone looking to enjoy a unique blend of history and leisure in a stunning setting. Carved from a coral rock quarry in 1923, this historic pool is a masterpiece of Mediterranean Revival architecture, complete with Italian-inspired loggias, porticos, and a signature bridge. Its spring-fed waters offer a refreshing dip in a pool that changes its water daily, sourced from an underground aquifer.

Visitors can marvel at the lush landscape, waterfalls, and caves that make swimming here a magical experience. The Venetian Pool is more than just a place to swim; it’s a piece of living history that reflects the elegance and vision of George Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables. Perfect for families, couples, and solo adventurers, it provides a serene escape with its cool, clear waters and beautiful surroundings. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone wanting to experience a unique part of Florida’s cultural and architectural heritage.

Things to do before moving to Coral Gables

Before searching for find things to do in Coral Gables, it’s essential to prepare for the move. However, you don’t have to do this alone. Pro Movers Miami has got you covered. We provide numerous useful moving services, such as packing even the most fragile and valuable things, such as instruments. And, when it comes to the instruments, you can always rely on piano movers Miami residents entrust their pianos. Thus, wait no more; schedule your movers and enjoy fun things to do in Coral Gables.

What services to use before moving

To be able to enjoy the fun things to do in Coral Gables after the move, as soon as you relocate, you should organize the move itself. The question pops up: What moving services should you use? Alongside those general moving services, such as packing and heavy lifting, consider using the following:

  • White glove moving services: White glove movers offer exceptional services, handling all aspects of your move with utmost care. They pack, load, transport, unload, and even set up your belongings in your new home, paying close attention to detail. Ideal for those moving high-end furniture or items requiring special care.
  • Fine art moving services: Specializing in the transportation of art, these movers understand how to protect and preserve artwork during a move. They use custom packing materials and techniques to ensure that paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces arrive safely. This service is essential for art collectors moving to Coral Gables.
  • Antique moving services: Antiques are valuable and often fragile. Antique movers have the expertise to transport these items safely using specialized packing and handling methods. They ensure that your precious heirlooms are protected throughout the move, making this service crucial for anyone with a collection of antiques.

These services should be considered when hiring moving companies Miami Dade has to relocate you to Coral Gables.

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Hire our movers and enjoy fun things to do in Coral Gables immediately after the move

Discover fun things to do in Coral Gables after the move

Discover fun things to do in Coral Gables after using the moving services Miami offers to move. Explore the city’s unique sights – attend a show at the Actors’ Playhouse, join a group fitness class at Equinox, take a yoga class at Casa Vinyasa, enjoy a food tour, and visit the Fairchild Garden’s Spring Garden Festival. All in all, Coral Gables has something for everyone. Enjoy this new chapter in your life.


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