The best dog parks in Miami

So, moving to Florida? This may be the best decision you made your whole life! A land of sunshine and the ocean, palm trees and beaches, there is no way that you are going to feel anything less than amazing every day. Pair all of that up with your dog (or dogs) being there with you through all those great moments in your life. Furthermore, we believe it is time to take some time to talk about our furry friends and how do they fit in the Sunshine State? Well, the answer to that is: they fit perfectly! Dogs make the world a better place and everyday hardships come off easier when you have a canine in your life! But the dogs also need some places to go and hang out with other members of the same species. Therefore, we have created an article about the best dog parks in Miami. Let’s see what Miami has to offer!

dogs exercising in dog parks in miami
Your dog needs some exercise as well!

Dog parks in Miami – what’s to know?

Miami is a great place for taking walks and relaxing. There are many well-made parks both for people and for dogs. If you can put that together, it is a perfect combination. Let’s go in-depth about these dog parks in Miami, and let’s see where can you take your furry friend to stretch its legs. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

North Shore Open Space Park

When you arrive in Miami with one of the best moving companies Hollywood FL, it is time to hit the dog parks! One park comes to mind when you start thinking about dog parks and many locals are probably going to tell you the same, and that is the North Shore Open Space Park. It is located in the North Shore district of Miami and it should not be a problem finding it. It is a great place for you and your furry friend to hang out during the day.

There is also an enclosure where you can set it off the leash and let it run to its heart’s content! There is a lot of parking space around the park so that should definitely not be a problem. Furthermore, the park can get a bit dangerous during the night so avoid it after dark. Still a great place to play with your dog during daylight!

Washington Ave Bark Park

As the name suggests, this is a dog park! It is located on Washington Avenue in Miami and you will never get tired of it. This is a place with a very distinctive style. There are many high rise condos, nightclubs, and high-end beaches fitting your elite lifestyle! Therefore, why should the park not be constructed in the same manner? It has one of the things many dogs love in their parks, and that is dog runs and drinking fountains. Being able to run with other dogs until they are exhausted and then refresh at the drinking fountain is a game-changer when it comes to your dog deciding what their favorite park is!

Miami is a huge city filled with dog parks!

If you are wondering what are you going to do while your pup is flying around the park, you can sit on one of many benches and start talking to one of many dog owners. They may even point out another great dog park. Not like you need it after finding Washington Ave Bark Park, but still. It is good to have variety in life, and your dog is probably going to thank you for it.

Flamingo Park

Another park on our list is a park both for humans and for dogs. And we know that every park is for both humans and dogs, but bear with us! The difference here is that this park Has everything a dog would like, with dog runs and off-leash areas, but it also has swimming pools and tennis courts for your human recreational needs! It is located on South Beach and it is really worthy of visiting if you are adamant on having a good time with your furry friend! A great place to come after your long-distance move!

Kennedy Park

Kennedy Park is one of those waterfront places where you never want to stop strolling. If you go there at the right time, you will be able to catch the sunset and enjoy the majesty of the sun throwing its rays towards you and making everything shine in a different light. And this different light is an amazing place for you and your pup. You will feel the salt from the ocean in the air and your dog will do so as well. Salty air is very healthy and that is why people in the ancient times went to the seaside when they were feeling ill. However, you do not have to feel ill to enjoy the atmosphere of Kennedy Park. Furthermore, the park features two dog enclosures, one for small ones and the other for big boys.

Nature, trees, grass, what more could you want?

Hobie Beach

And the last park on our list is not a park. It is a beach, and a Miami list would not be complete without at least one beach. Going to the beach is one of the best ways to de-stress after a move. And as any beach, it is filled with people sunbathing, having fun, doing a plethora of recreational activities such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, running around with their dogs and just relaxing, drinking cocktails under the palm trees. Well, if people are doing all these fun things, why should dogs be excluded? Bring your furry friend here and enjoy all the fun and exhilaration a beach presents and do not feel a second of boredom!


Well, that concludes our list of the best dog parks in Miami. There are, of course, many more, but our list has to end somewhere. We hope that this article was helpful and we are looking forward to seeing you in one of these parks! With all that said, good luck with your dog park search!