Top places for millennials in Florida

Whether you are married with a kid on the way, or a young individual looking for business opportunities, Florida offers an abundance of living opportunities. However, having that the millennials are especially struggling to find their place under the sun, we’ve decided to dedicate this text to them. In order to narrow your search for top places for millennials in Florida, we have carefully chosen three of the best cities and further concentrated on their neighborhoods. It is our highest hope that this article will help you make the right decision, choose your ideal home, live long and prosper.

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Spock is with us on this one.

Orlando, as you like it

Known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World”, Orlando is pretty popular with the Americans. It got the name after Shakespeare’s “As you like it” play, so that’s neat. It ranks as the fourth most popular city in America where people like to live. And it’s no wonder. If you are a millennial, we’re sure that the simple fact of Disneyland being in Orlando will put it right at the top of your list. And we are not talking that Frozen gibberish, rather the classic and magnificent Lion King, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Beauty, and the beast and others. Our neighborhood picks include:

Downtown area

Downtown is great for those of you who enjoy that suburban feel. You ought to know that most residents rent their homes, 81% to be exact. Other than that, Downtown is filled with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. It offers the best of both worlds since there is no lack of fun, as well as plenty of tranquility. You will find that your neighbors are mostly young professionals and retirees who are kind and welcoming.

Park Lake/Highland

This neighborhood offers that historic feel and a unique vibe. Brick roads will take you to some of the oldest houses in Orlando, quality restaurants and museums. It is also proud to have the oldest oak tree in all of Orlando. Abundant with art festivals and parades, there is always a way to have a nice time. Lake Eola is only half a mile away, making it perfect for nature enthusiasts.

South Eola

Some claim that South Eola is one of the top places for millennials in Florida, mainly for its quirkiness. Being modern, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, South Eola is walkable and good for bicycle enthusiasts. There are also free buses to bars on Orange Ave, for those who don’t hold soberness in a high regard. There is a variety of restaurants and bars, but only one grocery store, which makes you wonder. Millennials will be glad to have their name badly written on a coffee cup in Starbucks, while low maintenance residents will love the availability of 7-11.

A Starbucks  - Top places for millennials in Florida
Never consider a place for one of the top places for millennials in Florida if it lacks a Starbucks

Tampa temper

Not much to say about Tampa except that it is one of the top places for millennials in Florida, and it has quite the reasons for it. Having said this, we’ll cut straight to the chase. When thinking Tampa, think these neighborhoods:

  • Harbour Island. This neighborhood is definitely not to everyone’s taste. Conservative individuals will find it hard to adjust to this rather liberal area. If you value location over the size of your home, this just might be the place for you. Houses are small, but the downtown area is within a walking distance. Anyone who likes to live on the water ought to give this place a chance.
  • Historic Ybor. Many residents claim that this is the perfect place for 20-something people, putting it on our ‘top places for millennials in Florida’ list. It is one of the most unique and diverse areas in Tampa Bay. Each visit promises a whole new experience. Streets are filled with interesting events, street performers and some of the best food out there. Just try the Cuban sandwich and thank us later.
  • Channel District. A neighborhood that keeps getting better the more you look at it. Plenty of amenities such as Riverwalk, the Aquarium, dog parks, and numerous restaurants are just some of the reasons why this place sounds so promising. There is also the major neighborhood development projects that will skyrocket this area into the most desirable places for living.
A delicious looking sandwich
If a state of the art sandwich doesn’t get you to move, not many things will.

Welcome to Miami

Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America”, Miami was also named “America’s Cleanest City” in 2008. This goes to show that Miami truly puts an effort into making its neighborhoods into a pleasant, healthy and comfortable communities. Vast green spaces, clean streets, and citywide recycling programs are just some of the perks that Miami offers. And if you don’t believe us, you will surely put your trust into Will Smith’s words of wisdom.

Downtown will pique your interest

Located in the heart of Miami, Downtown is close to every other neighborhood, making its location super convenient. Being so diverse and filled with free events to go to, millennials are sure to find it attractive. It also offers an abundance of educational and cultural opportunities. People tend to complain about the traffic, but the neat thing about Downtown is that you can always find alternative routes and shorten your travel.

Brickel is one of the top places for millennials in Florida

This place offers a great balance of work and play. Residents enjoy the possibility of walking to their desired destinations, without having to use other means of transport. Lots of new buildings have sprung up over the years, providing plenty of space for everyone. Nightlife is praiseworthy, having that the area is filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants of high quality.

Super fun party
Nightlife is a good life.


What makes Edgewater one of the top places for millennials in Florida, you might wonder. Well, if the good community, friendly and polite people, are not enough for you, consider the closeness of downtown Miami and Wynwood. The former offers work opportunities, while the latter is a tasty treat for an artistic soul. By living in Edgewater, you will have the serenity of your home and the quirky liveness of adjacent neighborhoods.