Room-by-room packing guidelines when moving out of FL

Packing represents one of the most boring things that you have to do in order to relocate. It takes a lot of your time and everything is the same. We understand your urge to procrastinate but there are some problems there as you may know. The key is to be punctual and start on time. Only like this, you will have time for room-by-room packing guidelines. Also, you will be ready for the moving company you have picked. Let’s see how to pack properly and how to save time by doing this!

Where to start your packing?

There are a lot of thoughts on this matter. Some say that it is better to start from bedrooms while others say that it is better to start from the garage and other rooms. It all depends on whether you live in an apartment of a house and it also depends on the size of your home. On the other hand, we advise you to start like this:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom


The kitchen should be the first room in the house that you are going to pack by this room-by-room packing guidelines. The reason for this is simple. The kitchen is usually the room with the most things that you have to pack. Silverware, glassware, electrical appliances are certainly enough to create a headache. In order to pack your kitchen for the move, start with little stuff. They usually take the most out of your time and are usually the most annoying. After that, move to bigger stuff until you stay with electrical appliances. It is very important to pack them properly. They can cost significantly so any damage can make you lose a ton of money.

the kitchen - room-by-room packing guidelines
Start your packing with the kitchen!


Even though it sounds like you can pack your bedroom in a split second, think again. There is not that much stuff that you have to pack, right? Just clothes… Well, just think about how many clothes you have stacked in your bedroom. It can be quite a lot so that requires a significant amount of time to pack properly. In order to do this, you need proper moving boxes. Even though clothes are usually light, if you put many things there, the box may not survive. That is it is why always better to rent new moving boxes from moving companies Davie FL. You can be sure that the quality of the boxes is good and that you will not have any problems whatsoever.

the bedroom
The bedroom should be the second room to pack

Living room

This is the room where we probably spend the most out of our time. Everything is located there and that is the room where we put all of our friends when they come. That is why many people leave this room the last for packing. Room-by-room packing guidelines also suggest that this should be the room that you pack last. The only problem is that if you pack the living room at the last moment, you may have a lot of trouble actually doing it. As you already know, the living room is filled with furniture. Furniture can be quite hard to pack, especially if it is old. If it can’t get through the door frame, you will have to disassemble the furniture.

It sounds easy but how are you going to do it without manuals that you get from the manufacturer? In order to avoid any problem when you actually start packing your living room, get the manuals and follow them. Only like this, you can be sure that you will be ready when the moving day comes.


You will probably use this room until the last day. You have to maintain hygiene so naturally, this room is going to be packed last. It should not be too hard, though. There are not that many things there that would make your job harder. Just be sure that you bring a couple of personal things with you on the move. We all know how long moves can be so you will need some of the stuff on the move itself.

the bathroom
The bathroom should be the last room to pack

Room-by-room packing guidelines – final things to take care of

Yes, you have finished packing your home but there are still some final items that you have to take care of. There is a high chance that you will not relocate everything at your home. That means that some things are ready for disposal and you should do that prior to the moving day. It would be really bad for you to leave them there. You do not even have to throw them all away. You have multiple choices to choose from. Donate them or organize a yard sale where you can even make some money out of your old stuff.

What if you have still a couple of days before the move?

It is always good to be prepared so that you can have time to correct any mistakes that you may have made. Your house may be completely full of boxes and other stuff so it is always better to store them somewhere until the moving day comes. There are a lot of Miami storage facilities where you can rent your space and relocate all your packed stuff. If you live in the part of the city where it is hard to get to and have a proper exit point, then it is better to rent a storage unit where the movers can easily come and load your stuff for the move.


As this room-by-room packing guidelines suggest, the key is to start early so that you can properly plan and pack everything. Also, it is always better to follow these steps because they can save you a ton of time. It is always better to start with the hardest thing. This way your level of stress will decrease once you start going to easier rooms of your home. We wish you an easy move and hope that this room-by-room guide will help you maintain happiness in the house!