Pros and cons of moving to Washington DC?

Florida is a nice state to live in, but most people want to see something more. The great US has a wide array of states and cities in which you can try out and see what they are really like. And, what better place to start exploring the US then by moving to the heart of it. Moving to Washington DC seems like a good idea for many young professionals. Since NYC has become so crowded, other big cities, like Washington DC, have come into the spotlight. But, before you hire one of best interstate moving companies Miami to you move there, there are a couple of things you should weigh out. Luckily, we are here to give you a hand.

Pros of moving to Washington DC

Making Washington DC your new home can be a great idea. Many people have moved here in order to make their dreams come true. From the numerous universities to a thriving business environment, if improving your self and finding a place where people will value your hard work and intellect is important to you, Washington DC is the place to go. And, as most moving companies Miami can tell you, some people even consider it better than Miami.

Big city

It is hard to describe how it is like to live in a big city. Sure, you may have watched TV shows where characters comment on living in big cities. Or, you may have even visited one for a week or two. But, nothing compares to truly living in one. The biggest, and usually the most surprising benefit, of living in the big city is that nobody cares that you exist.

Moving to Washington DC can be awesome - view of park
Moving to Washington DC can be a great decision for a young professional.

Why is this an advantage? Simple. Only when no one cares about who you do you really have the necessary clean slate to make something of yourself. When you live in a small community everyone knows how you are what you are up to. In a sentence, everyone is in your business. Well, that is not the case in the big city. Here nobody will care enough to bother you. Which is why you will finally have enough room to find yourself and thrive.


While no city is as diverse as NYC, Washington doesn’t fall far behind it. Here you will find people from pretty much all walks of life. From poor to rich. From foreign to native. Everyone coexists there is a cultural mix pot. You will easily find restaurants form every cuisine imaginable. You will easily make friends with people from different countries and heritages. Truly, if you want to open your views and truly see how many diverse people there are in the US, consider moving to Washington DC.


The biggest reason why moving to Washington DC is a good idea are the opportunities. From numerous universities that you can find in the DC area to numerous job opportunities. If you are young and hardworking, Washington DC will be the place for you. Even if you are a bit older and are considering opening a hi-tech business, go to Washington. There are few places in the world where you will find such a rich pool of job seekers who are willing and ready to help your business grow. Just keep in mind that the competition in Washington DC is fierce. There is little room for error so you best bring your A game.

Studying at a DC university
Some of the best US universities are located in the DC area.

Cons of moving to Washington DC

Now we come to cons of moving to Washington DC. It is going to be crowded and no one will care that you exist. Yes, both of them have their advantages. But, there are some considerable disadvantages to keep track of. Especially if you are moving from a smaller town. If you are used to being surrounded by friends and easily finding time to hang out with them, you are in for a rude awakening.

Not a car city

First off, Washington DC is not a car city. Parking is expensive, the streets are crowded and there always seems to be a traffic jam. So, before hiring long distance movers to help with moving to Washington DC, you better get rid of your car. You will, as most people in Washington do, end up using public transport. Mind you, it is pretty good. But it can hardly replace the freedom that a car provides.

You better say goodbye to your car when you move to Washington DC.


Living in Washington DC can be really expensive. Sure, you can deduct moving expenses, but living there is still going to cost you. Most of the prices, including real estate, are usually 80% if no 100% higher than the national average. This will not be such a big problem if you manage to find a high paying job in Washington. But, until you do, you will have to pay a lot more then you are probably used to. And if you factor in that you will most likely spend at least six months searching for work, you better come to Washington with some savings.

Raising a family

While a lot of people still opt for raising a family in Washington, we opt against it. Not because there is anything in particular wrong with it when it comes to raising a family. We just feel that there are better cities in the US where you can move to with your family and have the same standard of living at a lower price. A smaller, quieter town is much more suited for raising a family. You will avoid all the stress and hassle that big city brings and will be able to instead focus your energy on your family. And once they grow up, your kids can freely move to Washington and experience all the benefits of it. But, before that, you are much better off raising them in a smaller community.