Moving from Kendall to Miami – pros and cons

When you’re thinking about moving to a different place, you have to weigh out its pros and cons. Normally, if there are more cons, the town or city that you are looking for may not be suitable for you. These are also very subjective aspects, as some cons may be pros to others. When you’re moving from Kendall to Miami, you’re not going so far away. Your Kendall movers won’t even have to travel that far. It’s about a 30-minute drive from downtown Miami to Kendall, and that’s if there is no traffic. However, the differences between the two are many. Here are the pros and cons we think might influence your relocation to Miami. 

Is moving from Kendall to Miami the right step for you?

First of all, you have to think about your own needs. If you want to move to Miami, you should consider if that’s the right choice for you. Technically, some people consider Kendall to be just another one of Miami’s suburbs. So, the change isn’t going to be as drastic as if you were moving from another part of the country. 

But, there are still aspects of living in Kendall that are different than Miami. First of all, it is further from the shore. If you love hanging out on the beach with your family and friends, then you should definitely pick an area close to the ocean. Kendall is, unfortunately, not a good choice for this situation. That’s our #1 pro for moving to Miami.

palm trees on a beach
Living in Miami means you’ll be minutes away from the beach every single day.

Pros of moving to Miami

Of course, we aren’t going to stop with one good side of living in Miami. Here are just a few more that you are bound to hear from your movers in Miami as well:

  • Better schools for your children are in the Miami area
  • Great nightlife options
  • More public transportation options
  • If you’re looking for a job, you’ll have more luck finding one in Miami than in Kendall
two girls in school
If you’re looking for an area with better schools for your kids, Miami is the city to move to.

Cons of moving from Kendall

Kendall isn’t a bad place to live in at all. There are many great things that you might miss if you begin moving from Kendall to Miami. Some of them are:

  • Housing is far more affordable in Kendall than in Miami
  • Crime rates are lower
  • Traffic is not as bad as it can get in a bigger city
  • It’s a much more peaceful and family-friendly area
  • Finding a parking spot in town isn’t a nightmare like it is in Miami
aerial shot of a suburban neighborhood
Kendall neighborhoods are not only much safer than those in Miami but are more affordable as well.

Overall, the final decision is up to you. If you’d like a peaceful day-to-day life and don’t care about the commute, then living in Kendall is great for you. However, for many, this is not the case and they would like the option of having things to do in Miami.