Pros and cons of moving to Kendall, FL

So you are thinking about moving to Kendall and you are wondering is it a good decision. Like every other place in the world, moving to Kendall, FL has its pros and cons. That is why you should take a look at this article before hiring Kendall movers. It should help you to get a better look at life in this place and make the right decision.

Kendall FL is becoming a popular destination

Miami is one of the prime targets of people moving to Florida. However, there are people who are considering other places as well. Kendall FL is one of those places. That is why more and more people are looking for information and advice about moving to this place. Here are the pros and cons of relocating to Kendall FL.

Pros of moving to Kendall FL

  • Affordable housing
  • Good schools
  • Safety

Cons of moving to Kendall FL

A traffic jam
Bad traffic is one of the cons of Kendall FL

Affordable housing is one of the advantages of moving to Kendall FL

Florida is not famous for affordable housing. However, there are places that are different. Kendall is one of these places where you can find cheap properties for your family.

Kendall is known for its schools

If you are moving to Florida, with your family, surely you are looking for a place with good schools. Kendall FL is one of the places that are well known for this.

Safety could be one of the reasons for moving to Kendall FL

When you are moving with your family, safety will be one of the most important things. Even though it is close to Miami, Kendall doesn’t have a high crime rate. And it is considered safe by its residents.

Bad traffic as one of Kendall’s disadvantages

More and more people are realizing that Kendall is a good place to move to. Of course, more people mean more traffic. That is why one of the cons of relocating to Kendall is bad traffic.

Beach is not close

Even though you are not so far away from the coast, you will have a feeling that you are. If you are planning to visit the beach daily, maybe Kendall is not the perfect place for you.

A bench on a beach
If you are moving to Kendall know that the beach is not going to be close

There isn’t much to do in Kendall FL

Kendall FL is a family place. If you are looking for a place with good nightlife, maybe you should consider moving somewhere else.

Those are the most common pros and cons of moving to Kendall FL. Hopefully, this article shed some light and you will have an easier task deciding whether to move here or not.