Make your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home with ease

Moving to Fort Lauderdale just might be the dream you had for a long time. And the time to move has finally come. Once the move is over, you are trying to make your everyday life as it used to be as soon as possible. And that is not always easy. Sometimes, moving into a new house comes with the feeling of alienation and you just don’t feel like you are home. This feeling is especially present as long as the boxes are not unpacked and all your belongings have their own place. So you will need some help with making your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home. Do not let this feeling of not belonging at first set you off. You will feel like home with ease if you just try to make it happen.

What are the best ways to make your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home?

There are many ways to do this with ease. You should start with your living room and bedroom since you will spend most of your time here. So, you can start as soon as the boxes arrive. Some of the easiest ways to achieve it are:

  • Display your childhood memories
  • Make the kitchen ready to be used
  • Hang your art
  • Make it green
  • Make your bedroom look as you like it
  • Adopt a pet
  • Make it smell delicious
  • Take care of your garden or terrace
  • Spa time is a must
 Fort Lauderdale house feel like home- a photo of a tree
Your childhood memories are the best for making a house feel like home

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful place and the climate is amazing so making home improvements will be much easier. If you take some time, you will be living in your dream home in no time. If you need help moving, get the best moving company Fort Lauderdale has to offer. All of these ways to work but combining them will give you the best result.

Childhood memories shot be at your sight

If you have some of your old photos and pictures, or dolls and objects that remind you of your childhood home, display them. Being able to remember those times will make you feel loved and warm, and these are just the feelings that your home should bring in you. If you are moving from far away, get the best long distance movers Fort Lauderdale has for you. These memories are very powerful and you will feel more like at home in no time.

Kitchen is important as well

One of the things you are most likely to do just at home is to cook, so cook and it will make you feel like you are home. Make your kitchen clean and all of your appliances ready to be used at all times, just like at home. Get wooden accessories to make your kitchen feel cozy and some house plants will do the job as well, like homegrown spices. It’s a great way to make your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home.

Fort Lauderdale house feel like home- a cozy kitchen
You kitchen should look cozy and ready to use

Art on the walls is a must

Nothing will make you feel more at home like the art on the walls will. Looking at the things and sights that you love as soon as you wake up will make your new home feel like a happy place for you. If you need to move your art, get new moving boxes or even professional packers. Better safe than sorry, especially if you have valuable or delicate art.


This is something you should do for a couple of reasons. First, you will keep your air cleaner, and second, green color and flowers will make you feel nice and safe at all times. You will make your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home in no time since. Fort Lauderdale is a great place to grow plants since it’s so warm all the time there.

The bedroom should be you

Your bedroom is your personal space and you should make it look just the way you like it. This is a great way to make your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home since you will be spending so much time in this room. Get your old photos and your favorite bedding, and then build from there. If you have some items that need to be stored, get yourself a reliable and safe storage space. Your closet should be neat and clean all the time as well.

a bedroom with a plant, bed and a mirror on the wall
Making your bedroom feel comfortable and bright is a halfway there

Get a pet

If you don’t have a pet, get one. Nothing can make you feel more at home like somebody being happy once you walk through the door. And pets are just best at it. It is amazing how a pet can affect your physical and mental health. Also, having a pet to walk and take care of will take some of your time and you won’t be thinking about the relocation as much.

Bake some cookies

Think about the smells that remind you of home. This will make your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home in no time since the smells have a huge impact on our feelings. Smells like food and cookies will do it with ease.

Garden in Fort Lauderdale? Great!

If you are lucky enough to get a house with a garden in Fort Lauderdale, you will be spending much time in it, since the weather here is amazing. Make the garden look beautiful by putting many plants and boho style ornaments.

Fort Lauderdale has a perfect climate, use the best of it

Spa time

A bubble bath is something all of us need at some point. This is the best way to relax. Light some candles and let your mind wander. This atmosphere will make you feel safe and warm, just like home

These are the baby steps you should take to make your new Fort Lauderdale house feel like home. Just make sure you combine them and you will see the results in no time. The most important step is to unpack completely and get rid of the moving boxes since they will remind you of the move all the time. Once you decide to start your new life here in Fort Lauderdale, you will have no trouble making it feel like home with easy steps of personalizing and decorating your living space. Just make sure you enjoy every step of it.